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Electric bikes are coming of age. With the new batteries coming on the market, this will breathe new life into the electric bike market as well. Some electric bikes can be bought as such off the showroom floors. Other regular bikes may use kits to be electrified for an even cheaper price.

We thank you for visiting our electric bicycle website and see what information there is to be had here. Since you’re visiting this page, it is likely that you are ready to move on.

That said, there are several other electric bike websites worth visiting on the Web as well as ours so let us assist you in this. We have compiled a few complimentary partner sites as resources so that you may further your education on electric bikes, accessories, and services. Please check out our partner sites and then check back with us often as we will be updating this site regularly.

Electric Vehicles – U. S. government site talking about cars powered by electricity.

New and Alternative Vehicles – Canadian government page talking about electric bikes, motorcycles, mopeds, and other modes of transportation.

Index of our favourite brands:

Electric Bikes

  • ElecTrec
  • Electric Sierra
  • Ezee
  • Giant
  • Machine X
  • OptiBike
  • Panasonic
  • Prima
  • Schwinn
  • ThunderStruck

Electric Scooters

  • E-Cruiser
  • E-max
  • E-Runner
  • E-Ton
  • Eco-Glide
  • eGO
  • Evader
  • EVT
  • Kasea
  • Oxygen
  • Skeuter
  • Vectrix
  • ZAP

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