Be A Stylish Cyclist: How To Choose Bike Clothing? Bike Clothing Guide In 2022 | Cycling Under COVID-19

Bike-specific clothing makes for a comfortable ride—whether you’re on the road, hitting the trail or commuting to and from work. These styles can help you perform better and ride longer!

REI’s new collection of urban cyclewear adds some city styling to your clothing choices. Here’s what to consider.

Wearing Uniquely

Cycling Jerseys, Shorts and Tights: You don’t need to squeeze into skin-tight spandex covered with corporate logos just for a trip to the grocery store.

A bike jersey of Lycra® spandex or another form-fitting material reduces drag when you ride. Their technical fabrics enhance performance by wicking away sweat to keep you drier.

  • Stand–up collar to shade your neck in summer.
  • Front zipper for ventilation when your temperature rises.
  • Shoulders cut wider for arms–forward comfort.
  • Sleeves specially shaped for forward lean.
  • Back pockets for easy on–the–go access.
  • Longer cut in back for coverage when riding.
  • Reflective trim or highlights for night riding.

Riding In Winter

  • Long sleeves for more warmth and coverage.
  • Denser, heavier fabric weaves and a brushed lining to add insulation.

Looking Like A Lady

After spotting a photo of actress Famke Janssen riding a bike in a floral frock and red ballet flats, we were stunned at how perfectly ladylike — and comfortable — the star looked. Our idea of bicycle attire has always been limited to T-shirts, shorts, and sneakers. But alas, there’s no reason to sacrifice our feminine style while taking a spin.

For example, Vogue’s Creative Director for Digital Sally Singer is the epitome of “cycle chic” — wearing designer duds and stilettos when she bikes around New York City. After a few quick searches on Instagram, we discovered that she isn’t the only one. There are plenty of other gals out there riding pretty.

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