Best 3 TaoTao 50cc Scooter Review 2022 – 50cc Gas Scooter Quality

If you need a car to get to your neighborhood or city, then the best 50cc scooters in this overview of Taotao 50cc scooters might be the one you’re looking for.

Anyone who has ever driven a car knows how uncomfortable it is to drive during rush hour. The noise is almost unbearable, the atmosphere is humid and instead of saving time fuel is lost. Cars are great too, but if you want to move effortlessly and quickly, we have another solution for you. You can solve all these problems by owning a 50cc scooter.

Since most scooters are in the price range of $500 to $1000, it can be difficult for someone to commit to such a high price. At some point you will use this scooter regularly. Assuming you use it to meet family members and people who love scooters, or to commute to work or manufacture your products, it is important that you choose a reliable scooter that will not let you down. Read this review of the Taotao 50cc scooter for important information about these products, so you can make informed decisions.

Top 3 TaoTao 50cc scooter overview

TaoTao ATM50-A1 50cc Scooter

  • Our choice

The TaoTao ATM50-A1 is a famous versatile scooter with a sleek design. It has been considered one of the company’s bestsellers for almost 10 years and you will understand why in this Taotao magazine atm50-a1. Some features of this model were missing in previous products. If you want to look good and save gas, the handle of one of these scooters helps.

This will save you both money and a lot of time. With that in mind Taotao started the scooter very easily. The Taotao scooter is a high quality product at an affordable price.

  • Model

The Taotao 50cc dispenser is available in five colours: pink, blue, black, orange and red. It is very well constructed and contains no debris or chips. The design will certainly attract your attention, as well as that of the people around you.

  • Characteristics

This is a fully automatic scooter. Just turn the accelerator and you can be out of here in seconds. No frustration, no hassle and no fuel consumption in traffic.

  • Speed

On normal roads this Taotao scooter has a cruising speed of about 30 MPH. But this 50cc scooter can ride up to 40 megapixels on a flat and straight road.

  • Safety

This scooter is equipped with a rear drum brake, which will certainly help you to stop safer and faster. Always follow a safety course before you buy your first scooter.

  • Engine power

The engine power of this 49 cc/50 cc scooter makes it ideal for city trips. It effortlessly moves the scooter forward and allows you to reach a safe but satisfactory speed.

Because Taotao knows that technology can be unpredictable, he has added two functions to the ATM-50. These functions are shock and electrical start. Shock start helps you to start, even if the battery is flat. This feature will be very useful when you are locked away from home and need to return.

TaoTao ATM50-A1 with TRUNK

  • Our choice

The TaoTao ATM50-A1 scooter is the ideal product for those looking for a cheap model. You can travel around the area or go to work without spending a lot of money. With its fully automatic functions, the ATM50-A1 helps you get where you want to go quickly and easily.

  • Model

This model from Taotao is available in three colours: The white wine is white, emerald green and quite pink. Personally I like the white version of Blanco Roller, because it looks smoother. It is very well designed and able to attract the attention of the people around you.

  • Characteristics

This is a fully automatic scooter. Just turn the accelerator pedal to start the engine. With this scooter you can let someone go with you, because it has double seats for 2 adults. And to give you even more comfort, it has plenty of legroom. It also has a safe in which you can store your essentials.

  • Speed

In general, it easily reaches a speed of 30 MPH. However, it can reach speeds of up to 40 megapixels.

  • Safety

It’s a street scooter. In most states you don’t need a driver’s license, but in some states you may need one. It is also approved for users in California.

  • Engine power

The engine power is 49 cc/50 cc, which makes it ideal for city driving. This prevents the scooter from driving at very high speed, allowing you to ride at a safe speed.

TaoTao Thunder 50 Gas Street Scooter Legal

  • Our choice

The TaoTao Thunder 50 is one of Taotao’s most popular models. It should look sporty and help the driver to feel confident and safe while swimming. And it encourages the owner to take better care of the model.

Thunder bands are thicker and wider than those of some other Taotao models. It will help you feel safe on the road, just as you can feel safe on the field. Another commendable feature of this scooter is that you need a key to open something on this scooter. Whether it’s a tank cap, a simple starter or an underground storage tank, you need a key. This is a great precaution that allows you to keep a key for everyone, wherever you go.

  • Model

The Taotao Thunder Gas Street legal scooter is black in style, giving it a bold and durable look. If you like black paint and you like sports scooters, this would be a good choice.

  • Characteristics

It has a double seat, so you can travel with family or friends. It is designed for two people, so you can be sure that the double seat does not affect your comfort or that of your passenger. Thanks to the automatic gearbox and the electric start functions, you can enjoy the ride carefree.

  • Speed

This 50 cc gas moped is not negligible. This thunder can reach about 35-45 megapixels. Although the total speed only depends on the road, your total payload and the type of oil or gas used. This scooter is perfect for following city traffic.

  • Safety

This 50cc petrol driven streetcraft is CARB approved, it is a roadcraft and can be driven in California without any problems.

  • Engine power

This 50 cubic centimetre gasoline road scooter is equipped with a reliable 50 cubic centimetre engine that can travel more than 100 miles at about 35 megapixels and consumes about 1.2 gallons of fuel.

TaoTao 50cc Scooter buying guide:

What should I pay attention to when buying a 50cc scooter?

Buying a scooter is not easy, especially if you buy it online. Modern scooters aren’t cheap either, they’re between $500 and $1,000, and that’s a lot of money you can invest online. But there is a tendency to save on aspects such as fuel consumption. You’re more likely to use your scooter for everyday travel, which means you need to buy a reliable product that won’t let you down. We would like to help you make this important decision with our scooter sales guide.

  • Engine power

Scooters come on the market with engines of different sizes. Different engines serve different purposes. In our article we specified scooter engines with 49 and 50 cubic centimetres, so that’s it.

These two engine sizes are ideal for those who want to move around freely in the city. They can handle traffic without any problems and do not differ significantly from each other.

Usually companies change the size of the 49 and 50 cc engines in the name for marketing reasons. The 49cc scooter is a qualified vehicle in many states and does not require a motorcycle license. Above 50 cc it is generally not possible to say, because anything above 50 cc on mopeds and 50 cc on bicycles requires a permit.

In general, scooters with such bikes can be bought for less than $1,000, and if you drive a 49cc scooter, you don’t have to worry about your driver’s license. Whatever size you choose, the 49cc and 50cc engine is ideal for a scooter used in city traffic.

  • Speed

Most 49 and 50 cube scooters don’t have much power and don’t go very fast. The average speed of this type of scooter is about 25-35 km/h, which is the normal speed limit in the city. That is why they are used to moving around in the city, in traffic, in the city and on the road.

Normally the fastest scooter can ride with about 45 MPH. However, all these statistics depend on many aspects. These are mainly your weight, the type of road you travel in a scooter, the payload of the vehicle, whether or not you want to transport a passenger, and so on.

If you are looking for a scooter that can go from city to city, the 49er and 50er scooters might not be for you. These models are generally designed to facilitate your work, they can be used 24 hours a day, for meetings in the shops, for food collection, etc.

  • Characteristics

Scooters have different characteristics. Some scooters have double seats, others have lockable brackets and not everyone should have all the functions.

The double seats are perfect if you want to ride with a family member or another passenger who loves scooters. The double seats offer a separate space for the rear and front scooter and make travelling safe and comfortable.

You also have to find one with an electric scooter and a footstarter.

  • Safety

In general, today’s scooters have a variety of safety features built into their design. The most common of these safety devices are mirrors, rear drum brake, shock absorption and electric start.

The electric start helps you to start the car effortlessly, while the shock-absorbing start is useful if the electric start fails.

Most companies also offer warranty documents for your scooter, so you can return a defective scooter that could cause an accident. And of course you can invest in reliable safety equipment for extra safety. Some of the recommended protective equipment : Helmet, gloves, goggles, waterproof blanket.

50cc Scooters FAQ:

  • How fast do 50cc scooters go?

Normally a 50cc scooter is circled at 25-35MPH. But they can drive up to 45 megapixels on a clean road.

  • What is the best Taotao 50ccm scooter you can buy online?

Taotao ATM50-A1 50CC petrol engine scooter is one of the best 50CC scooters you can buy online, and it is also legal for the road. And he has a choice of five colours. It is one of the most reliable scooters on our list, and the price is very reasonable.

  • 50cc Scooter Street is legal?

Short answer Yes. However, this may vary from state to state, so you should ask before you buy.


Reliable 50cc scooters really are an incredible tool to get to your neighborhood and city.

If you have trouble choosing a scooter, you can also contact your local shop. This gives you an idea of how you feel about the product and its size, whether it is comfortable to sit on the chair, how you feel and whether the handles are positioned at a sufficient distance from the chair.

If your choice is certain, it will be easier for you to buy a scooter online because you already know what you are looking for. However, we hope that you will find the Taotao 50CC scooter you are looking for in our test report.

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