Best Brands Of Scooters – Guide & Comparison 2022


Razor is one of the best-known brands in scooters, and its reputation makes it possible not to lose face in the eyes of its customers. His vision stems from the conviction that if computers and mobile phones can be reinvented and become more fun, so can scooters.

It is known for offering countless hours of exciting and fun rides for children and adults of all ages. This broad coverage and market orientation is one of the key elements of the company’s success.

Razor is committed to innovation in the scooter market and uses its new designs, technical technologies and newly invented wheels to produce a wide range of scooters. The Model A scooter, which was the first to see the appearance of a new type of wheel, immediately became a worldwide phenomenon for many generations of customers.

Another disadvantage is that the company produces everything from hand scooters to hoverboards, electric skateboards and even turbo heels.

Their goal is to retain the customer, usually forever, because the products are designed to grow with them. The fact that children can become teenagers and then adolescents with the opportunity to move on to the next Razor scooter is a great benefit to society.


Lucky is one of the first companies to reach the professional scooter stage. Following in the footsteps of this tradition, the company continues to support motorcyclists and retailers and even participates in industry events to promote the sport and discover new talent.

Happy’s vision was, especially in the beginning, based on the production of tailor-made scooter parts, and he soon succeeded in becoming a manufacturer of high-quality parts. With a large number of fans, Lucky now supports a number of riders in the United States and around the world.

The next generation of Happy Scooters continues to focus on innovation and ride comfort, just like everything else. Freestyle scooters are at the centre of the company’s interest, proving that the team has several world champions.

Lucky was the first company to introduce a CNC scooter bed and solid forks to the aftermarket. It has gradually managed to surround motorcyclists with some of the world’s best manufacturers, designers, urban illustrators and engineers.

The company continues to focus on its products in some ways, with the aim of developing scooters that are great to ride, technologically superior to anything on the market, and look good on the whole road.


The district is proud to be the first company to offer customized replacement parts for freestyle scooters. By writing a play on this subject, the neighborhood really has a reputation to uphold when it comes to setting standards for scooter design, performance and even production.

The company’s mission is to maintain its globally recognized brand and create the best freestyle scooter in the world. The company’s product range belongs to the only manufacturer that is 100% focused on the development of this range of scooters. Ultimately, it is about permanently influencing the art of free riding.

In 2007 District was the first brand to introduce belt bolts, further improving the rider’s experience on new types of scooters and giving them a competitive edge.

The company focuses on all types of riders, from the toughest riders who shine in the competition to the baby who just kicks in the bucket and wants to have fun with his friends, because he believes that everyone can experience freestyle.

The county has offices in Europe and the United States, where it is proud to support a diverse and international equestrian base that builds on the brand’s reputation.


Phoenix is a company that wants to offer affordable scooters that you can use on the streets and in skate parks all over the world. Although he is not as valued as some of the most prestigious names in scooter culture, a man who moves with the times can look no further than that.

Phoenix creates different types of scooters and strives for a product for everyone. In its quest for innovation, the company has moved with the times and now offers tailor-made scooter parts in combination with engine plates and clamps for the do-it-yourselfer.

The quality of these objects is evidenced by the fact that one of their warmest objects is one of the bridges, which serves as a symbol of the Phoenix’s willingness to remain relevant in times of change. The company is proud that it has made no compromises in the development and construction of scooters and that it continues to make progress.

Another thing that stands out is that while Phoenix strives to offer something for everyone, it really focuses on high-end scooters designed for professional riders and is constantly improving these models to make them bigger and better.


Envy is one of the companies that has truly earned its place as a top competitor in the economy. Because the company has recently redesigned many of its products, it is always looking for innovation and strives to modernise existing models instead of just building new ones.

Another welcomes a strong and constant presence in social networks. Of all the pages already considered mandatory to stay in touch with the scooter world magazines, Envy has really stepped up its game, not only in terms of design and technology, but also by staying in the limelight.

It is known for the use of high quality materials, combined in a multitude of expert colors to satisfy the most unusual tastes. As it should be in today’s market, Envy offers a complete range of scooters, from beginners’ scooters to professional products.

Another advantage is that you can find fully customized scooters that are also suitable for beginners. The company has also taken a step forward by offering accessories and clothing and expanding the brand to a specific lifestyle, not just the production of scooters.


Grit Pro Scooters is one of Australia’s best-known brands in scooter riding and is quickly making a name for itself in the world. Although the company is well established on the Australian continent, its headquarters are located in Europe and the United States of America.

Grit offers a wide range of complete scooters for almost everyone, from enthusiastic newcomers to experienced veterans who still participate. To follow the trend, it also offers spare parts and accessories for scooters, which have the advantage that they can be mixed with other brands on the market.

The company devotes a great deal of attention to CAD technology and receives continuous feedback from its drivers around the world. The combination of this method with the highest quality raw materials results in a huge recipe in the production of the most advanced complete scooters and scooter parts of the customer.

Design is also very important, because it is one of the most important features that distinguish old school scooters from the modern use of the word. Grit is committed to ensuring that its products are always at the top and that its customers never fall short.


This is another Australian brand that is beginning to impress worldwide with the quality of its products. With a huge collection of scooters, Sacrifice has become the reference brand for many of your neighbors.

This quality also guarantees that every client, regardless of his budget, can buy something from Offer if he wishes. Scooters are also available in a wide range of colours, so you’re likely to find something to suit your needs.

It is always useful to know what others say about the quality of the product before you buy it. If you are looking for quality and durability for your scooter, then you have come to the right place. Although Offer does not pursue all types of people in the market, Offer has made it a personal goal to continuously improve and perfect its high-end scooters.

This is an excellent strategy, which is in line with their vision and offers professional stuntmen for professional scooters who can help expand the brand. He also attaches great importance to his artistic creativity, which is why most of his products are beautiful.


It seems that Australia is turning the world upside down with the number of successful scooters that have been made there. Apex is another of these companies, specialized in the production of lightweight and high-quality products.

Apex is proud that its production facilities are located directly on the Gold Coast, so all of its scooters are 100% Australian made. The components are also manufactured on modern multi-axis CNC machines and then tested and inspected by a team of experienced specialists from the company.

Another interesting advantage is that Apex offers you the possibility to customize your Pro Scooter Deck directly on your website, with a choice of colors, accents and engravings.

Although Apex is proud to be Australia’s leading professional scooter company, Team Apex has fewer riders than other teams of its calibre. This is a different expansion strategy, because these engines are so talented and intelligent that they can perfectly represent the brand on their own.

This is evidenced by the fact that the company remains the leader in the Australian scooter market, despite the fact that peak prices are slightly higher than those of its competitors.


Globber was founded in 2014 by experts who dedicated their lives to the entertainment and scooter industry. Thanks to the quality of its products, it quickly established itself as a major player on the market. Globber offers a wide range of scooters for babies, children, teenagers and adults.

The company has set itself the goal of transforming a traditional scooter with its elegant and innovative design and reliable functionality.

Globber always strives to create a global brand by promoting fun and healthy lifestyles together, while making scooters a more enjoyable part of everyday life. This approach has led many customers to want to teach their children the benefits of active living.

Innovation is ingrained in the company’s DNA, as it is now the only product on the market with a patented locking button for the steering wheel, which is a great help for children learning to drive for the first time. Globber also introduced the first three-wheeled folding scooter and actively promoted the one-second folding mechanism, intended to be the scooter’s best friend for cycling.

In general, the company’s products are available in more than 73 countries around the world and are generally sold in high-quality specialist sports stores and several large specialist department stores.


Swagtron is a company that prides itself on its mobility. Everything it does there is focused on mobility and it is an innovator and market leader in the field of electric attractions. Swagtron specialises in everything from hoverboards to electronic bicycles, scooters and skateboards, and is truly a company that threatens to devour the entire market for non-motorised vehicles.

With such a customer base, one of the challenges for Swagtron is to be successful in all types of products and to successfully cope with the competition, which focuses only on the scooter market, for example.

The company strives to make every experience entertaining and useful for the rider. So designers spend a lot of time coming up with products and developing creative ideas to make them accessible to everyone.

One of Swagtron’s key advantages is a vertically integrated business model that encompasses all aspects of the business and significantly reduces the need for outsourcing. Swagtron designs, develops, manufactures, sells and distributes.

This way, the customer can be absolutely sure that when placing an order for Swagtron, he gets exactly what he wants. In a world full of replicas and outsourcing to the East, this is a major competitive advantage.


Fuzion sells itself not only as a company, but also as a family. What distinguishes this rather large family from the others is the obsessive attention to detail in the creation of each scooter.

From the contours of the bridge to the appearance of the wheel profile, the racing car is at the epicentre of every design team meeting. The advantage lies in the collaboration between industrial designers and top athletes from all over the world, resulting in high quality products that have made the company very popular.

Fuzion’s mission is to claim that it is not able to compromise with the needs of the riders and always do its best to offer them fun, a variety of options and a brand they can live with. The company is also very well represented in the online community, with its drivers at the forefront of every page and article.

Another thing that sets Fuzion apart is the fact that even novice scooters look like professional models, which makes for a more pleasant experience for the customer. It also promotes it by selling spare parts in the aftermarket so that drivers can express their own vision.


Crisp is another company that has made a name for itself in the Australian extreme scooter scene. In addition, the company has recently become one of the fastest growing scooter brands in the world.

One of the brands of the scooter is that it offers a full range of scooters that can appeal to all categories of customers in the market and it has also created a lifestyle by selling scooter parts, scooter accessories and even clothing.

The fact that you can mix and match Crisp items with other brands on the market is another reason why drivers and potential drivers seem to like this brand so much.

When it comes to technology, the company uses computers to achieve beautiful design for its products and can produce some of the best complete scooters and even scooter parts on the world market.

Companies looking to conquer a larger share of the market often have difficulty getting a top position, but Crisp seems to be doing a good job with a variety of products that are consistently popular with runners in Australia and around the world.


Blunt is Envy’s sister brand and both do an incredible amount of work in the Australian scooter market. The advantage that Mr. Blunt had early on was that he realized that it was difficult to find complete, affordable and reliable scooters, so he started looking for a way to sell them: A complete experience on a scooter!

Thus began the creation of Blunt Completes, which can be delivered in many colour combinations and are ready to please everyone. They also have brand handles that are between too hard and too soft, so they’re just perfect. The blunt 3-bolt pliers is a modern example of what it should be.

The company constantly strives to remain innovative in the way it produces and designs its products and has succeeded in taking a step forward in what would otherwise be a highly competitive market.

Blunt has always stressed the desire to use high-quality materials in the construction of each of its many scooters in order to influence the biker community with increasingly diverse demands.


Phases is a brand born out of the desire to present new ideas that can change the face of the motorcycle company and the experience of its owners. Brandon Smith, one of the leaders in the world of scooters, has managed to collaborate with one of the largest manufacturers in this field and to implement chamfers.

It’s the same experience as the company, because the chamfers are built around what Smith wanted and what he thought scooters could do better. He also felt that a more mature brand would suit him and maybe other riders who shared his feelings.

The company benefited from Brendon’s expertise, while the manufacturer brought the latest processes and technologies to the company. With such means, the final results will certainly be excellent, and so far they have not been disappointing. Chamfering is an integrated mix of style and power that makes you feel good while driving.

The designs focus on a sleek, minimalistic finish combined with a futuristic look, which makes this option stand out from many other shiny scooters. Thanks to this approach, the products are generally light and productive.

Madd gears

Madd Gear (MGP) of Melbourne, Australia, was founded with a unique vision: to make Australia’s outdoor culture accessible to a wider world. MGP has focused most of its efforts on the rolling stock department and was and still is a fundamental player in the pro-motive market, which has now exploded in the multi-million dollar industry.

The company wants to bring quality and design, combined with an affordable price, into the daily lives of children and even those who still feel like children from the inside. The portfolio varies from 18 months to the length of time you want, but one of the features is the feeling of quality you get when you control a PGM product.

Madd Gere is a worthy ambassador to the country. This is easy to see as the company has sales and technical offices in Australia, New Zealand, England, Germany, Canada, the United States and China. The company also supplies its products to more than 80 countries around the world.

In addition to the quality of its products, Madd Gear has also made a name for itself by regularly contributing to local charities and events like this, in an effort to make the next generation dream a little more.


Slamm Scooters is trying to break the monopoly of the Australian brands, because it is one of the few European companies that really gets to the top of the business. Thanks to the many years of experience of its experts, Slamm fully internalises its design and development areas, thus succeeding in maintaining high standards.

The goal of the company is to push the boundaries to produce the most competitive scooters in the world. Creating high quality products at affordable prices is part of its mission, as is giving new riders the chance to participate in a high-end scooter show without spending a penny.

Slamm constantly strives to expand its offering with new technologies and materials and to use customer feedback to create better options for tomorrow. The fact that he stays in contact with his riders and the shops all year round is a very good advantage and allows him to make regular changes and updates to the scooter model.

Another advantage is that Slamm customers get full service whether they have a problem with the wheels or even a loose clamp. Because the company is there to help and advise, it is in fact about building relationships with riders.


VertX is an American company that has really started in the world of professional scooters lately. The company focuses on rigged scooters that like to be explosive on the road or even on a spit. So this business scooter is not really the most suitable for beginners who want to feel in the game.

That’s why VertX can afford to offer only the highest quality products and the best scooters to our customers. Accessories are also sold, which of course are not too worn out, as the VerX Scooter Plug is widely regarded as one of the best and strongest ever made. In fact, they are so good that many websites have taken the initiative to sell these parts separately.

The company’s goal of equipping powerful scooters with tricks seems to coincide with the development of the modern world of scooters, in which freestyle scooters quickly pay off. That’s why most VertX products are designed to give the rider maximum freedom and enjoyment without worrying about the possible impact on the equipment.

The scooters are available in different colours and models, which is further proof of the company’s plans for continuous innovation.


Since 2011 Royal Scooters serves riders of all types, sizes and ages, capacities and budgets. This is a competitive advantage that other brands have tried to exploit as well, because a customer who can never live without one of your products is likely to come back to you when they are satisfied.

The company’s mission is to take you to places you have never visited before, which says a lot about the strategy the company follows. Both beginners and advanced shoppers are likely to find something to their liking when shopping at Royal.

Through the merger with the world famous mountainboard brand MBS, the company was able to create a highly productive dirt scooter, very different from what other companies can offer, and was deliberately sold as such.

The all-terrain scooter, which allows the rider to go anywhere and withstand fairly strong impacts from the ground, opens many places for those who feel adventurous, and serves as a demonstration of the quality of the Royal to others. With this product he hopes to advance the future of the industry a little faster.


Enter the world of Mongoose, one of the most aggressive brands when it comes to broadening your driving experience. The company was founded about 40 years ago and literally originated in the industry, especially in the American market.

The mongoose went higher and higher, in the mud, with slopes and paths to push the limits of what the rider can do. Compared to other companies, it also focuses on the urban jungle, not only on parks, slopes and competitions. This gave him an advantage and gave him a lot of fans in the city.

Since the company began working out of a garage in Southern California in 1974, it has served a wide range of racing drivers. It strives to create durable products for real runners, so even if beginners can still handle them, it can be harder for them to handle its products. La Mangouste builds everything from scooters and BMX’s to ATV’s and sidewalks.

The company strives to give its riders the chance to develop their creativity to the fullest, whether they are on the smoothest track or on one of the most beautiful descents or mountain trails that seem endless.

Fox Pro raw

Almost ten years ago, Fox Pro was founded in China to produce high quality scooters and parts for them. What she took with her was a new approach to precision and lighting technology and the desire to start this trend. It was a complete success, as many companies around the world now follow this model.

The company strives to offer affordable quality features for its products, as well as good value for money. Another thing that distinguishes Fox Pro is that it is not a for-profit brand. In fact, the company’s designers and engineers are constantly focused on innovation, based on feedback from riders around the world, as a result of the overwhelming desire to improve the sport.

As far as customers are concerned, Fox Pro produces all kinds of products, from entry level to the highest and most professional level of driving. One of the most popular models, for example, is the Fox Pro Raw Zest, which is suitable for riders of all levels and can incur severe penalties in the park.

This product can serve as an example of what the Fox Pro is, with its affordable price, high quality, lightweight aluminum alloy decks and the overall impression of durability.


Vokul does not take advantage of the fact that some large scooter companies have no influence or reputation, but does actively try to do so. Instead, you get a brand that tries to expand its customer base by offering quality products at affordable prices.

Vokul sells a full range of scooters and accessories in a price range that is sure to attract many newcomers. His vision was defined almost ten years ago in China, when the company founder wanted to meet local demand for children’s scooters.

Vokul has grown into a sports equipment company that produces waterfall scooters and tries to sell them at affordable prices to a wide range of customers. Therefore, most of its products are designed for use in fleets and are not suitable for off-road vehicles.

Design is also a plus, because Vokul’s creative team has a clear focus on creating high quality products. The company also pays particular attention to the type of aluminium that is strong and light, which undoubtedly helps to reduce production costs. In general the vocals are a great place for beginners who want to learn the basics of riding a scooter and discover what they like.


Dominator is an example of a company that started on a small scale and today has become one of the most recognizable faces in the professional scooter industry. In fact, the Dominator was one of the fundamental brands in the industry when it all began and has become a recognized brand of scooters in terms of value for money.

When the first series of Dominator scooters was launched in 2009, the company soon received praise and recognition for its quality. However, it soon became clear that a gap had to be filled because customers needed complete, high quality scooters, designed and classified according to their level, whether they were novice or advanced scooters.

That’s why, having started as a brand of spare parts, Dominator entered the game and now sells complete scooters for riders of all levels. The company’s products range from light products for beginners to heavy products for veterans, and the general body frame gives an excellent feel because it is normally made of military grade aluminum.

Dominator has always received high marks for his excellent and friendly customer service, which is always helpful in solving any problems.


Aprilia is one of those names that have gone into racing history thanks to many professional victories in motorsport. With 294 victories in Grand Prix races, the company has set a record for the number of victories of all European manufacturers, which in itself is proof of its greatness.

Since joining the Piaggio Group in 2004, the Group has continued its historic progress and innovations. But the whole experience is not only embodied in motorcycles, as Aprilia scooters are rightly considered to be one of the best in the world.

The company really focuses on the balance between strength, design and sportsmanship, which must be combined with performance. April’s vision of the world of scooters is defined by two words: performance without compromise, and that is what the designers have in mind.

The brand is really part of the experience, because the scooters are reminiscent of the Aprilia Superbike with their elegant styling and sharp aesthetics. For racing fans, this is a very strong business point and a competitive advantage that the company inevitably exploits. Such a famous brand is associated with a huge price, but first-class quality is certainly worth it.


The Vespa has long outgrown the boundaries of a simple scooter company. Launched in 1946 and first presented at the Rome Golf Club, it has become a national and international brand that identifies itself with the Italian tradition, quality and elegance inherent in it.

The range of the Vespa is so large that today, with more than 16 million units produced worldwide, it is one of the great icons of Italian fashion and style. Although the company is now under the control of the Piaggio Group, its name is still synonymous with passenger transport, which has become synonymous with freedom in today’s busy world.

The Vespa style is hard to ignore, even in a market as competitive as this one. The scooters have soft, refined lines, eclectic colors and a unique choice of styling, such as the original position of the play light. The collaboration with Piaggio has taken safety to a new level by combining the standard ABS braking system with the exclusive ASR traction control system.

Vespa now uses its image to go far beyond scooters and offers clothing, gadgets and accessories that really make the brand a bigger part of the lifestyle and a smaller company.

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