10 Best Electric Surfboard 2021 Guide

Kids love their Electric Surfboards. They are so fond of them, that one of them is known to sleep beside his surfboard. These boards are a favorites of adults too!  Many adults simply become kids right after looking at the board.  In general, all people are excited to try electric surf boards out.  Once you’ve decided to get one for yourself, the challenge is obvious to find the best Electric Surfboard. It is never easy to settle for just any product available online.

A Buying Guide

We all have bought many products and each one requires a level inquiry to ensure you get what you want. There are hundreds of surfboards online and they all are good the quest will be to find out the perfect one. There are some really cool gadgets and boards for surfing ranging from do-it-yourself builds to turnkey products.

Not every surfboard can be used by an adult especially the mini ones. Below are things to consider.

Size of the Electric Surfboard

The size of an electric surfboard for an adult should be adequate to hold the weight and balanced. Mini-boards are not very broad and they can just endure the weight of a kid. On the other hand, an adult size water surfboard comes in a larger board size which is spacious and allows you to adjust your stance and weight over the water board. Size matters a lot when it comes to an adult board. You can just start by looking at the board size.

Weight of the Board

Another thing that matters while looking for the best electric surfboard for adults is the weight. It should be able to support 200 lbs or more to control the weight of an adult. To be on the safe side ensure you get a surfboard that can endure extra weight, unless of course you are a pro and can handle the agility required for smaller boards. In general, the heavier a board is, the more easily it can carry weight.

Price Considerations

The next important thing is the price. For this product, price should be a secondary consideration.  It is a bitter truth that a gadget that is too low of a price it will reveal why it costs less very soon. It is rare that cheap products are ever reliable. There is a possibility that some of the lower cost products are good  reliable, but your main focus should be on quality, reliability, and excellent features.

Editors Choice Products

s Choice Products

ZERF Fusion Board Hybrid Surfboard: Best Economical Electric Surfboard

Here comes the first electric surfboard in a long list that we have for you. ZERF Fusion Board Hybrid Surfboard is a simple and very exciting electric surfboard. Due to its dynamic design, it works as surfboard as well as a bodyboard. The body of the surfboard is very strong, therefore, it is also very reliable for beginners. ZERF electric surfboards always come with something new. No two forums are alike in color development. The surfboard comes at a retail price of $149.

Features of the ZERF Fusion Board Hybrid Surfboard:

ZERF Fusion Board Hybrid Surfboard is made in one piece. Due to this solid one-piece construction, the board is very strong and is virtually indestructible. It does not delaminate, bubble, or get waterlogged. The board is a crossover between surfboard and bodyboard. This makes it very desirable. The board is modeled with tentacle grip traction. Due to tentacle grip traction, the surfer enjoys greater stability while surfing. The grip traction is helpful both while lying on the board and standing.

ZERF Fusion Board Hybrid Surfboards are made with 18-step PE foam. It gives the surfboards a unique design development. No two boards are the same in their development. The surfboard is 48 inches wide. The wide deck gives surfer stability whether standing or prone. The surfboards also come with two detachable fins. It surfboard works well with a net weight of 200lbs. The ZERF electric surfboards come with dimensions of 22” X 2”.

The surfboards come with a lifetime warranty for three things:

  • Delamination: The surfboards get unglued or the pieces get detached. However, with ZERF electric surfboards this does not happen because of the single-unit body.
  • Heat bubbles: The surface makes water packets or bubbles. ZERF electric surfboards do not form those water packets hence always work perfectly.
  • Waterlogged: The surfboards absorb water and become heavy, therefore, it becomes difficult to surf with them. The ZERF hybrid electric surfboards are made under intense pressure and by unique PE foam. Hence, they do not absorb water even if they get gouge.


Each board has unique color development.

The fins are detachable, therefore, you get to decide whether you want them or not.

The surfboard comes with a lifetime warranty.


The lifetime warranty is through one of the most desirable features. However, it only covers three main problems. If the board has any other manufacturing flaw, the company would not accept it to fall under the warranty.

Wavestorm Classic Surfboard:

Let us introduce you to a new release in electric surfboards. Wavestorm is the most recognized soft surfboard brand in the United States. Wavesoft Classic Surfboard is made in the US. It is one of the best selling and performing surfboards. This is a learn-to-surf board. It comes with a charger. The extensive manufacturing experience of the company can be seen in the formation of Wavestorm Classic Surfboard. It comes at a retail price of $183.

The feature of the Wavestorm Classic Surfboard:

Wavestorm Classic Surfboards are soft foam constructions surfboards. The core is made of molded EPS with a triple strings Water Barrier Skin (WBS-IXL). The bottom surface is made with High Density (HDPE) Polyethylene which ensures greater durability. The triple-layered soft skin makes it more ideal for tough treatment. The deck of the surfboard is colored through used of different graphic arts. This makes it very attractive.

The surfboard comes with dual removable bolt-thru fins. Additionally, it provides with ankle traction pads, which makes the surf real fun. However, since the fins are removable, you can detach them at your will. The dimensions of the surfboards are 8’ X 22 ½  X 3 1/4. Net weight of the surfboard is 11.5 g. The weight helps the surfboard maintain balance. Moreover, traction on the deck gives the surfer a more firm grip. It supports a net weight of 200 lbs.


Wavestorm Classic Surfboard is light weighted. This gives it more balance. Beginners can benefit a lot from starting with this surfboard.

This surfboard comes in different and attractive colors.

HPDE in the lower surface makes it more durable as the board experiences greater fraction on the lower side.


The board does not come with a warranty.

The use of EPS makes it light, however, EPS is very difficult to mold and settle into each molecule. This leaves the board slightly vulnerable to damage, as the chunks of the core can detach from the board if it falls.

THURSO SURF Fish Soft Top Surfboard:

THURSO SURF is a very uniquely designed electric surfboard. The fishtail of these electric surfboards makes them very desirable and appealing for the surfers. These surfboards are made in the United States and are one of the best choices for kids and beginners. The surfboard comes at a retail price of $159.

Features of THURSO SURF Fish Soft Top Electric Surfboards:

THURSO SURF Fish Soft Top electric surfboard has a soft top surface, as evident from the name. High-density EPS has been used to make the core of the surfboard with a focus on stability and easy riding experience. High-density EPS makes the surfboard very light and stable. The EPS literally makes it very easy to maintain balance and surf flawlessly. Two wooden strings have been added for added longitudinal strength, rigidity, and greater control. The surfboard also has dual detachable fins to make the surf easy.

This surfboard comes with 6’ high-end double stainless steel swivels. These add to the strength of the ride. Additionally, the surfboard has triple rail saver ankle leash made with strong recycled plastic to give the surfer greater stability. High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) has been sued to make the lower surface of the board. It helps maximize the board’s speed. Moreover, the HDPE gives added protection and durability to the lower surface. A heat laminated High-Density IXPE made deck makes the board well-cushioned and anti-delamination.

The dimensions of the THURSO SURF Fish Soft Top Electric Surfboards are 5’10’’ X 22.08’’ X 2.76’’ and it has a net weight of 6 lbs. It supports a weight up to 200 lbs and comes with a charger. Finally, the fishtail gives it more swipe and speed.


Having read all the features for safety and durability, it is great for kids and beginners.

The board comes with swivels and wooden strings, which give support, speed, and greater control.

The board is easy to carry as it is very light weighted.


Besides all the great features, the board was not made for adults with too much weight or people who are already good at surfing. Therefore, it can only work great for beginners and kids.

Gold Coast Electric Surfboards:

Here comes one of the most desirable and best electric surfboards of all. Gold Coast electric surfboard is a Los Angeles, United States made a high-quality surfboard. The board works well for both beginners as well as experienced surfers. These surfboards are one of the most durable and uniquely designed boards and always get the best reviews. It comes at a retails price of $329.

Features of Gold Coast Electric surfboards:

Gold Coast Electric surfboard comes with very desirable features. The top deck is made of High-Density IXPE material which is fingernail textured. This gives the deck more durability and unique design. The core is made using High-Density Extended Polystyrene (EPS) which makes the surfboard incredibly lightweight. Moreover, to make the board completely resistant to damage, High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) has been used to make the lower surface of the board. These layers make the board very durable as well as lightweight helps with the speed.

Additionally, the board has been covered with layers of Resin, top-to-bottom, to give it extra durability and rigid surface. The surfboard has 2 wooden stringers in addition to a Fiberglass Rod Center stringer of 2/3’ length. The deck of the surfboard is wax-free and has added traction for better grip. The surfboard comes with dual detachable fins and ankle leash. The surfboard features Rounded Out Nose and Pulled In Squash tail shapes for extra stability and better performance.

Gold Coast Electric Surfboards have Hands-free Heat Release Valve which releases extra unwanted heat from the core of the surfboard. It also has PVC Lines Fin Holes to prevent water from entering. The surfboard is 8 feet 8 inches long, 23 inches wide, and 3.25 inches thick. It supports a net weight of 230 lbs. The purchase package includes:

  • Foam Surfboard
  • Rounded Safe Edge Screw-In Surfboard Fins
  • 2 inches Fin Screws (5)
  • 2 inches Leash Plug Screw (1)
  • 9 feet Surfboard Leash

The surfboard comes with a 30 days guarantee. You can surf it for 30 days and if you do not like it, you can return it back. However, you will have to pay the re-stocking fee.


It is one of the most desirable surfboards with all the qualities that it has.

Everything is best about it starting from design to features. It gets great reviews.


The price. It has only one drawback which is the price of the surfboard. However, if you invest in this surfboard, we are sure you won’t regret it.

RAYSTREAK Soft-top Surfboard:

We are presenting you the final surfboard in our list of desirable electric surfboards. RAYSTREAK Soft Top Surfboard is one of the good ones which do not disappoint its surfer. This surfboard has a unique design and well-adjusted cost for the features that it has. It comes at a retail price of $249. However, you’d see in the features that it is not costing you more than it offers you.

Features of RAYSTREAK Soft Top Surfboard:

RAYSTREAK Soft Top Surfboard is made of heat-processed IXPE skin on the deck which gives it more durability and strength. The core is made of High-Density Extended Polystyrene (EPS) foam. The EPS core makes the board incredibly light and helps with stability and speed. The base is made of High-Density Polyethylene to keep it safe against traction and heat. The design is further strengthened by the use of textured anti-slippery Crocskin. While the IXPE is already strong against dings and scratches, Crocker makes it even better.

The surfboard comes with dual 7 feet high swivels Leash which boosts the speed. Moreover, it comes with 3 Rounded Safe Edge Fins. The deck has been graphically designed with enduring ink to make the design last longer. The surfboard is 7 feet 2 inches long, 22.8 inches wide, and 3.2 inches thick. It supports a net weight of 170 lbs.

RAYSTREAK offers 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the surfboard, you can return it back. However, it is highly unlikely that you would ever want to return it once you have enjoyed your first ride.


The surfboard offers greater protection against dings and scratches with added layers on deck and the lower surface.

It works great for beginners and kids since the net weight support is less.


The surfboard might seem a little expansive as it only works for beginners and kids. Net weight support is not much.

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