Monowheel Test – Best Electric Unicycles 2022

Every electric unicycle has its strengths and weaknesses.

The electrical transportation movement is growing faster and further than ever. This includes bicycles as well as cars. E-bikes have been on the streets for a while now, but a new category has been emerging as well – monowheels. These are battery-powered motorcycles that rely on balance to operate. By putting weight on the ball of the foot, the unicycle is accelerated. Conversely, the monowheel is braked by putting weight on the heel.

We have summarized the most common unicycles – both electric and manual. Today’s overview will teach you all about these popular models:

  • Freestyle unicycle
  • Racing unicycle
  • Trial unicycle
  • Off-road unicycle
  • Touring unicycle
  • Monowheel

Being mobile is important. This is especially true now that people are taking on longer commutes to work in metropolitan areas. Cars often lose their practicality in big cities, making electric unicycles the perfect alternative, especially when the travel distance is not too far. Monowheels are extremely portable and are often taken on vacation by their owners. The handy unicycles are completely electric and easily charged via a socket. Not only is it extremely fun to explore new areas with monowheels, but it is also environmentally friendly. Take a look at our monowheel comparisons and test reports to decide which electric unicycle is best for you.

General information about the Monowheel

No matter your intended purpose, the most important criterion of a unicycle is its stability. That is why you should choose a provider that offers easy returns should the electric unicycle not meet your expectations. Look for a seal of approval from reputable institutions for an indication of high quality.

Monowheels averages 20 inches (50.8 cm) in size. Depending on the model, you can cover about 18-35 km with one charge and tackle inclines up to 15%. The maximum travel time is about 1-2 hours.

The low 9-12 kg weight is also impressive. When fully discharged, the battery is ready for use again within two hours. Depending on the product design and battery capacity, you can expect a service life of 10,000 km and tire lifetime of 5,000 km.

It is also important to note that the specified manufacturer ranges are calculated using a bodyweight of 60 kg. The minimum weight is 30 kg and the maximum weight is 120 kg.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Strengthening of the back muscles and fine motor skills


  • Cannot be locked

What are the reasons for a monowheel?

Fun is always a top motivation driving monowheel purchases. Monowheels are often seen as more innovative and future-oriented over inline skates or skateboards. As you become a more experienced rider, the addiction factor only increases – plus, you get to enjoy fresh air as you travel.

Short distances that can be tedious and long on foot are quickly reached with the monowheel. Go to work, go shopping, or go for a walk in comfort. The monowheel is particularly popular with young people with a rapidly growing user base. The constant starting and braking is great for muscle development, especially in stabilizer muscle groups. These modern unicycles are also ideal for both huge commercial areas or vacation exploration!

Technical information about electric unicycles

Construction/body: When buying an electric unicycle, pay attention to the stability of the construction/substructure. After all, the construction is the basis. High-quality models are usually constructed from more durable materials than cheaper monowheels.

Accumulator: Keep an eye on the battery power, or battery capacity. This will control how far you can drive without external power. Keep in mind that different factors influence the battery life/performance. These include the quality of the battery itself, the driver weight, road evenness, etc. The following often applies: higher-quality mono wheels usually have a higher-quality battery over cheap ones.

Lithium batteries are typically higher quality accumulators. This category of batteries has a longer service life and can withstand more charging cycles.

What is the range of a modern monowheel? How many kilometers can be driven with one charge?

They type of accumulator is a limiting factor in terms of range. Cheap unicycles rely on lead-gel batteries with a more limited range instead of lithium batteries. A disadvantage of the lead-gel battery lies in its heavier weight compared with lithium batteries. Check out the video towards the end of this post to see all the monowheel functions.

How expensive is an electric unicycle?

Unicycles have a broad price range. Expect to pay € 500 – € 1000 for a decent monowheel. Although you can purchase a cheaper model, we do not directly mention them in our guide due to their various disadvantages.  

Where is the best place to buy an electric unicycle?

We clearly recommend buying online! You can really save a lot of money, choose from a larger selection, and shipping or delivery is usually free!

There are countless product videos and tests of the different unicycle models, so you can get almost as good of a product impression as if you were directly at the local dealer. Product availability is always better on the internet, plus there are no delivery bottlenecks and and the delivery fees are often low (or free)!

Monowheel unicycle electric balance scooter sample video

What does the law say about monowheels?

As of now, e-bikes and other electric vehicles are now allowed to take part in public road traffic without displaying a car or moped. However, the rapid development of different modes of transportation may lead to updated laws that will permit monowheels in road traffic.

Why should you buy a monowheel?

A monowheel is the ideal means of contemporary transportation. This clean energy source is especially appealing to ecologically-minded people. Save yourself time and stress during your work commute and simply do without the car!

Monowheels are also a great way to explore an area with the whole family while on vacation without the hassle. Even areas that are inaccessible for some by bike or on foot can be comfortably explored with the whole family on a monowheel. Maybe electric scooters are ideal for you too!

Conclusion – the test winner!

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