18 Best Pro Scooters Compared And Revised in 2022

We know it’s not always easy to find the best professional scooter, especially when you don’t have much time. There are many alternatives, each with its own characteristics. That is why we have decided to help you by collecting information from experienced users and former customers and finding the right answers. After a careful study of what the most popular scooters on the market have to offer, we came to the conclusion that the first model we should pay attention to is the Fuzion X-5 Pro. This scooter is designed for riders who are new to motorcycling or in between. It is equipped with an aluminium wheel core and an extremely strong IHC compression system. In addition, the steering wheel is made of steel, while the handles are made of Fuzion’s own composite material. If this model is not for sale in your area, you should consider the VOKUL S2 as an alternative.

You need to know the products of the best brands of professional scooters to find a model that will be your partner for many adventures in the park. Here you’ll find a selection of our most popular options with the best reviews, with detailed reviews to help you make your choice.

Fuzion X-5 Pro Scooter Trick Scooter Beginner’s Scooter

When it comes to good scooters, Fuzion is one of the brands that comes to mind, especially when it comes to products for experienced riders. The manufacturer is known for the quality it offers, and the X-5 model is no exception. This scooter contains several adaptations that are usually found in more expensive alternatives.

If you’re wondering what makes the difference, the answer is a light but robust construction that comes straight out of the box. You won’t have any problems for a few minutes, just tighten a few screws and you’re done.

The X-5 is suitable for both beginners and experienced riders and its innovative design will also develop skills. In addition, this professional Fuzion scooter has an aluminum deck and a 100mm wheel with an aluminum core that can withstand different ride intensities.

  • Plus

Thanks to the special nylon and steel brakes that come with this model, the X-5 offers a robust and quiet ride that is sure to attract other motorcyclists.

Any experienced rider will appreciate the 6,061 cast aluminium core spoked wheels with high resilient polyurethane spokes, as they are specifically designed for control and speed.

You’ll enjoy a smooth ride thanks to the heavy duty IHC compression system with threaded headphones and sealed bearings.

Not to mention the comfort of the driver, this model is equipped with a V-shaped steering wheel, specially designed for scooters, made of steel and with composite rubber grips from the manufacturer.

  • Other

Depending on the intensity and frequency of driving, the tape may start to go off.

The brake can be a bit hard in the beginning, so it takes some time for the rider to get used to it.

Vokul S2 Tricks Pro Stunt Scooter with stable performance

If you need one of those cheap professional scooters that can help your child improve his or her skills, Vocal might have the answer. The S2 is a freestyle scooter specially designed for beginners. It ensures stable performance while young riders learn tricks and develop their skills.

With an aircraft-grade aluminum deck reinforced with forged plates, this scooter can carry up to 140 lbs while offering a light yet sturdy construction.

It is important that the scooter is easy to handle, especially for young people between 7 and 14 years, therefore the aluminium construction is very useful.

In addition, the carbon steel steering wheel has certainly been a success for previous customers because of its strength and comfort. Since this is a scooter made for touring, stability and safety are important aspects and the manufacturer has taken this into account when developing the S2.

  • Plus

The bale truck is equipped with a triple clamp that gives the operator stability, so he does not have to worry about safety.

Because the S2 scooter is specially designed for learning, it has a strong but light construction that allows children to develop their skills.

Since this is a freestyle scooter and children generally like to ride it as soon as it is delivered, the assembly is child’s play and you only have to tighten the screws.

The manufacturer offers an efficient after-sales service, so you can be sure that you will get the help you need in every situation.

  • Other

From time to time it may be necessary to adjust the scooter helmet, especially if the journey is tough.

Since this model is meant for beginners, it doesn’t work very well for complex tricks, so don’t try it.

Fuzion Z300 Pro Complete Scooter

If you’re looking for a cool pro scooter when you look at the reviews, the Fuzion Z300 deserves more attention. Because the Z300 products are designed specifically for young riders who not only want to improve their skills, but also look and feel like professionals, you can try the Z300.

This scooter is designed for young users who want to develop their talents. The manufacturer develops its products in collaboration with experienced runners and industry experts. That’s why the Z300 has been upgraded with individual components that take the ride to the next level.

As we also mentioned the cool factor, this Fuzion scooter also features new graphics and colours, so the rider can choose the combination that suits his style. If you want a cool scooter that won’t let go, the Z300 is definitely a good choice.

  • Plus

The aluminum box plate is the base of this scooter and has a 3 degrees concave top and bottom which is very suitable for sanding.

The deck is specially designed to distribute the landing forces evenly over the outer surface, which means it is both light and strong enough to work.

Fuzion has expanded this model with parts normally used in scooters at higher prices, such as the IHC compression system or sealed integrated helmet bearings.

The chrome-plated bars in the kit are 23 inches high and 22 inches wide, while the handles feature the brand’s unique rubber compound and are 155 mm wide for added comfort.

  • Other

This scooter is mainly meant for children, so if you are looking for an adult model, others can work better.

In rare cases it comes with missing parts, such as pliers, but in these situations service representatives can provide immediate assistance.

Fuzion X-3 Stuntcooter

When it comes to selling professional scooters with a cool design, Fuzion’s X-3 model is one of the first to come to mind. The product is ideal for beginners, as it is well designed and has high quality components that allow young riders to prepare for tricks and stunts.

One of the first things you should know about the X-3 is that it is designed to be used both on the street and in a park. Since the manufacturer redesigned and modernised its models, this model has gone through the same process.

No wonder it has a light but strong 6061 aluminium deck, which is concave, box-shaped, 4 widths and therefore ideal for towers. And since we have already mentioned the upgrade, it is good to know that some parts of this scooter are usually part of scooters in higher price ranges.

  • For

Single steel and nylon brakes provide durability and quiet operation, so the X-3 offers a smooth ride when other scooters mess around.

The included IHC soft compression system is designed for heavy duty use and comes with a threadless helmet and sealed bearings.

Since the installation has to be sold, Fuzion has taken this into account and all you have to do to prepare the scooter for the first ride is tighten a few screws and everything is ready.

The steel steering wheel, with composite grips, gives the driver more control, safety and comfort.

  • Other

Depending on the rider and driving style, it may be necessary to replace the wheels with new ones, as they can crack in very rare cases.

Depending on the frequency of use, the handles may also wear out over time, requiring replacement over time.

Lucky TFOX

If you look at the ratings on the scooter, you may wonder what makes Lucky models different from other similar models.

This is another brand known among experienced cyclists for the high quality of the products offered. Fortunately, the TFOX model is an excellent example of the manufacturer’s know-how in this sector.

One of the first proofs of this is the fact that the TFOX scooter was developed in collaboration with professional stuntman Tanner Fox.

He turned his vision into reality and created this model, which offers everything the rider needs to improve performance and take it to the next level.

The brand and the rider have worked together to develop a scooter that helps the rider achieve the agility and speed that professional riders possess. The recycled Huracan HIC and KinkBar forks also go this way.

  • Plus

The TFOX scooter is one of the lightest models in the competition and weighs just 7.9 lbs, which means it’s easy for the rider to handle even in heavy stunts.

Since all parts supplied meet the highest production standards, the aluminium aircraft deck supplied will come as no surprise.

The rider can use a robust and safe scooter capable of handling the toughest tricks while providing a smooth and general driving pleasure.

Since it’s important to add a freshness factor, it’s worth mentioning the killer graphics this model offers, which will surely captivate the heads of friends in a skate park.

  • Other

If you want to buy this scooter as a gift, make sure that the brand name is clearly on the packaging, which can ruin the surprise when you receive it.

When replacing the rear wheel, it is possible that the axle profile is not wide enough to fit the wrench and do the work.

Madd Gear MGP VX8 Freestyle Pro Scooter

Because we make a list of the most popular models on the market, it was impossible that the Madd Gear pro scooter did not find its place in the selection. In this context we look at the MGP VX8 model and what it has to offer.

It is one of those scooters that set a high standard in terms of specifications and quality, as each component included is specifically designed to meet the needs of young riders preparing for a professional level.

Therefore, the parts of the scooter that come with the package are greatly improved, such as the 4.5-inch tray, which has a recess at the front and inserts at the front.

This Madd Gear model has been developed for motorcyclists aged 6 years and over and is one of the best freestyle scooters on the market according to many critics. Thanks to the artisanal production, durability is guaranteed, so you don’t have to worry.

  • Plus

Designed to meet the needs of riders of all levels, the VX8 scooter is lightweight and allows the user to test and learn a few tricks.

The 110 mm alloy wheels provide the stability needed for safe driving, as this is the key to smooth learning.

The bridge distinguishes itself both by its aluminium aircraft construction and by its large dimensions, given its length 19.5 and its width 4.5.

The flexible composite brake, another safety feature, allows the user to perform turns and trips and ensures that all risks are reduced to a minimum.

  • Other

In rare cases, and depending on the style and frequency of sailing, the band may detach from the deck.

The same goes for the handle strap, as it starts to loosen depending on various factors, but you can easily replace the handle if necessary.

Happy Complete Professional Stunt Scooter

The Covenant model is another example of the high-quality scooters that Lucky offers. You can be sure that it works as well as it looks, because that was one of the goals of the manufacturer when they developed this product. And now that we have talked about appearance, let’s talk about one of the most important aspects that distinguish this scooter from other similar options.

Because the brand wanted a scooter that looked cool as a professional, he worked with a graphic designer from Seattle’s Shogo Ota on this model.

So you can choose your favourite colours and amazing patterns and turn your head while skating.

In addition, this model has been specially developed for tricks and for riders who want to be successful in this process. So don’t be surprised that it is versatile, light and can withstand any terrain.

  • Plus

Since all components meet the highest production standards, including the scooter wheels that provide extra stability during 110mm stunts, the result is a smooth and safe ride.

The large 20.5 long and 4.45 wide bridge is made of aircraft aluminium, which together with the iron rods and bearings provides the necessary rigidity for difficult tricks.

With a total weight of 8.65 pounds, the Covenant model is the right choice for those who want to train for demanding tours. Thanks to the included HIC aluminium compression system, the user benefits from a smooth ride on all types of terrain.

  • Other

In rare cases the scooter may have minor damage as a result of the delivery process, but this can easily be repaired by contacting the seller.

There may be some confusion when it comes to colors and patterns, but this is rare.

Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter Trick Scooter Dealer and Beginner

Fuzion offers another great scooter with this Z250 model, which has been completely redesigned and now features six colours, two new graphics and other elements that take the riding experience to a new and improved level. When it comes to building professional scooters, this manufacturer also knows how to do it.

For this reason the Z250 has modified components and contains a completely new deck with a 3 degree cavity at the top and a flat bottom.

These properties make it ideal for towers and loops because the deck and neck ensure an even distribution of landing forces on the outer surface.

This means that the Z250 has one of the lightest and strongest axles. In addition, the daggersticks are made of chrome steel for extra strength and contain 155 mm long handles wrapped in the manufacturer’s compound for extra safety and comfort.

  • Plus

The Z250 contains elements and components commonly used in high-end products, such as the IHC compression system with sealed helmet bearings.

The steel chisel fork and double bolt clamps made of aluminium alloy ensure rider safety and the 110 mm wheels provide good stability.

Thanks to its design and the combination of its components, the Z250 is an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced riders, as it is an excellent introduction to the world of professional equestrian sports.

As the unit is already packed on delivery, all you need to do is tighten the two screws to start it up immediately.

  • Other

Depending on your driving style, the pins may become damaged over time, so you will need to replace them over time.

The front and rear wheels sometimes need to be raised, but it also depends on your driving style and the tricks you try to use.

Mongoose Rise 100 About the Freestyle Scooter Trick Kick

If you need to prepare for a skate park and are in the market for your next scooter, this Mongolian model may be the right solution.

The Rise-Roller has many special features, such as the aluminium deck, which offers more parking space. In addition, the bridge is also light and easy to handle, allowing the rider to try out new movements every day.

Experienced manufacturers know that with scooter T-bars, it’s not as easy as it sounds to guarantee both comfort and durability.

For this purpose, the Mongolian contained a sturdy welded steel T-bar and bicycle-like handles. In addition, the anodized tensioning clamp provides clear and precise control.

Specially designed for cyclists over 8 years old, the Rise scooter can carry up to 220 pounds. As far as the wheels are concerned, the 100 mm alloy wheels supplied with this model provide stability, while the ABEC 7 bearings are very good for a smooth and safe ride.

  • Plus

Thanks to the one-piece welded steel T-bar, which also includes handles of the bicycle type, the cyclist benefits from a great combination of comfort and safety.

The four-sided anodized pliers are the perfect solution for precise steering wherever you are in the world.

Thanks to the design of the bridge, the driver has more parking space.

As this model is equipped with 100 mm high strength alloy wheels, you don’t have to worry about stability and durability.

  • Other

Some previous buyers would like to have adjustable steering wheels for users of different sizes, although this may involve sacrificing some strength.

This model cannot be folded for storage. So, if you know you need this job, you’d better know.

Vokul K1 Full Pro Scooter for Kids Teenagers Girls up to 7 years

If you don’t want to look for cheap parts for your scooter, choose a high quality model such as the BZIT K1 from Vokul.

The first thing you should know is that this scooter is specially designed for advanced and intermediate riders. If you are looking for an alternative suitable for beginners, this may not be the best solution.

However, for experienced riders this is definitely a product to consider because it is made of 6061 quality aircraft aluminum and the deck contains forged T6 plates that have been heat treated before being part of this scooter. This means riders benefit from durability, stability and lightweight construction, all in one package.

In addition, the lower deck has a specially treated smooth surface that is very suitable for sanding. For extra safety and stability, the scooter is equipped with a triple clamp with a concealed FSA helmet.

  • For

The 110 mm wheels are made from durable 88A polyurethane, which significantly improves stability and durability for the rider, even when performing difficult tricks.

The ABEC-9 bearings ensure a smooth ride at high speeds.

Because effective braking is essential for experienced pilots, Vokul has added a steel rear wing to improve performance in this area.

Thanks to the TPR’s comfortable, non-slip handles, the user has better control throughout the journey.

  • Other

In rare cases, the units have been delivered with scratches, but you can contact the dealer if you experience such a problem.

Depending on the frequency of use, the wheel stickers may peel off after a certain time, but this has no effect on performance.

Madd Gear VX8 Team

The VX8 Team Edition Roller is actually the second model Madd Gear has ever made. His goal has always been to give riders what they want and need.

The product has therefore been modernised over time and now has many features, such as the 120 mm brand polyurethane wheels.

If you’re wondering why this particular material adds value, it’s good to know that it offers both power and speed, which means you can drive anywhere and any way you want.

Because Madd Gear knows that when it comes to scooter forks, the manufacturer must install high quality components, they have added an HIC alloy to this unit. In addition, the 4.8 inch deck offers plenty of space and is equipped with the distinctive Madd Gear headtube cutout and centerline inserts.

  • Plus

Since the cooling factor should not be neglected in this product, the VX8 Team Scooter is available in a wide range of anodized colors and new neocontrast coatings in a limited number of copies.

Because this scooter is specially designed for motorcyclists as the best choice for freestyle, according to the manufacturer it contains parts of the highest quality.

Although high quality components are included, you can also count on the lightweight construction of the scooter, as it weighs only 8.66 pounds.

Comfort is another important aspect to take into account, which is why Madd Gear has equipped this model with 150mm TPR softgrips that also allow for better control.

  • Other

This scooter is designed for riders aged 8 years and older, so keep this in mind as it may be too big for some children.

For some riders the bridge may seem a bit heavy, but this depends on experience and physical strength.

Merger Z350

Fuzion is one of those versatile brands that offers the right solution for runners of all levels. The Z350 is undoubtedly an excellent example of a well-designed scooter, specially designed for advanced and experienced users.

The secret of this model is that it has been carefully designed and built to easily overcome almost any parking or road obstacle.

In addition, we are talking about a product made for runners who want to ride in a higher gear and therefore have certain characteristics. One of these is the antidote bridge, which offers a longer (19.5) and wider (4.75) platform because it is designed for aerial figures.

The improved 120mm rims offer superior performance and a more stable, smoother ride. With these wheels and a stronger, more attractive bridge than ever before, one can safely say that the Z350 pushes the boundaries of technical and design expertise.

  • Plus

With an aircraft-grade aluminium deck, the Z350 offers a durable and robust platform that can withstand the toughest tricks.

The side guides are optimised to facilitate arm placement for laps with large handles and to lock long loops.

Because the scooter is equipped with 155mm hexagonal handles made of a patented rubber compound, comfort and control are guaranteed.

After the transformation, this model is lighter, stronger and faster than ever.

  • Other

In rare cases the device is delivered with some missing parts, but customer representatives can help you in such a situation.

According to some customers, the bearings of the helmet at the factory can be a little tight, so they have to be loosened.

VOKUL Pro Stunt

This multifunctional scooter is designed for advanced and experienced riders from 8 years of age. If you are looking for an alternative that is suitable for a teenager or young adult who likes to ride and wants to improve his or her skills to become a pro, you may need a scooter to achieve this goal.

The Pro Stunt is custom made and is equipped with 120mm alloy wheels for extra stability and quiet braking, so you don’t have to beat the scooter in the park.

On the contrary, this model is both stylish and cool, so you’re sure to have an impressive experience with your friends and other riders.

What’s more, the aluminium deck allows you to work on any lathe, even the toughest, without having to worry about durability, while the ABEC-9 bearings ensure high precision during the race.

Since we’re talking about comfort, you should know that this edge roller is equipped with wide and light aluminium handles with 145 mm rubber grips.

  • Plus

One of the nice features of this scooter is that you can assemble it within a few minutes after delivery, because the clamp, which contains 4 screws, has to be tightened and everything is ready.

The manufacturer will take all necessary measures to ensure that you do not receive a damaged scooter, so that they use a more reliable packaging system.

This product is suitable for both teenagers and adults because it can carry up to 220 pounds.

You can be sure that everyone will think that the scooter looks very cool thanks to its fresh graphics and stylish design.

  • Other

In rare cases, the product may be slightly damaged, but you can get help if necessary.

This is a model for advanced riders, so it can be a little heavier.

Madd Geer Kaos

Available in a variety of bright colours that can make young riders very proud of their scooter, the CAPS model can take the riding experience to a new level and work to improve their skills.

The product has been developed with the needs and experience of professional cyclists in mind and has been tested for use in different riding styles and conditions.

You should bear in mind that this model of Madd Gear is designed for users aged 8 years and older. If you are looking for something suitable for a younger child, you can look for other possibilities, because this can be very important. In that sense, he’s a very good stuntman who absolutely must be watched.

The manufacturer has ensured that the right balance between durability, quality and performance is maintained by using manually selected components and materials that work together to achieve this goal.

  • For

Thanks to its balanced design, the KAOS scooter is ideal for improving the skills of young and aspiring cyclists who want to work at a professional level.

You don’t have to worry about the installation, because the device comes straight out of the box. So it only takes a few minutes to prepare for your first trip.

Since it only weighs 2.5 kg, you don’t have to worry that it’s too heavy for some tricks. The soft 150 mm clamps together with the supplied nylon straps provide a comfortable yet powerful grip.

  • Other

The height of the control is not adjustable. So if you’re wondering whether or not it works for a particular driver, please contact your dealer for more information.

For young riders with less physical strength this can still be quite difficult.

Swagtron ST045

If you are looking for the right way to free your inner driver, this Swagtron scooter could be the solution. The ST045 is made of high quality materials, is specially designed for tricks and freestyles and meets all ASTM F2264 standards, which means it’s fun and safe.

In addition to its stylish design, which includes bright colours, the ST045 helps beginners master a variety of tricks, such as jumping with a tail, rabbit or nollie.

Thanks to the universal design of the Taurus deck and tiller, the possibilities for less experienced and enthusiastic users of this activity are almost unlimited.

Whether you’re still learning the basic movements or starting to develop a unique driving style that you can bring to the park later on, this scooter is there to support you in all your efforts to reach your goal.

  • Plus

The deck, 19.5 meters long and 4 meters wide, offers enough space for the driver to feel comfortable, but without problems.

With its 22-inch bar, steel and aluminium reinforced shaft and braking system, it can withstand the toughest impacts.

Although the ST045 is lightweight, it can carry up to 260 lbs, which means that an adult can mount it without any problems.

The sturdy 100 mm wheels are made of polyurethane and have a polycarbonate core, which guarantees their durability at all times.

  • Other

Depending on the frequency and driving style, some reports suggest that the wheels may need to be replaced.

In rare cases the device is delivered with scratches. So, if you are facing a similar problem, the seller can help you.

Phoenix Pilot

Another well-known brand in the professional scooter community, Phoenix, offers a wide range of products, including improvements and upgrades for the rider.

The Pilot model is no exception, as the manufacturer is determined to provide the next generation of motorcyclists with high-quality products to support their passion.

Designed for beginners and advanced users, this product has a lightweight and durable design that allows users to work on their skills and master a wide range of tips and tricks.

Because the manufacturer is constantly improving its designs, the Pilot model is equipped with a chest protector, 110 mm wheels and a new fork.

With a fully integrated aluminium deck, every aspect and detail has been carefully selected by the Phoenix team to ensure a safe and exciting experience.

  • Plus

With an extended deck length of 19 inches and a width of 4.25 inches, this Phoenix model is well balanced to train the thighs that will take the rider to the next level.

The T-pillar bar is sturdy, 22 inches high and 20 inches wide, and can be upgraded as needed to allow drivers to grow as their needs change.

Due to the simplicity of the assembly process and the fact that the scooter has already been assembled and delivered ready to use, the operator can take the scooter for a ride within a few minutes after delivery.

Each part is manufactured in accordance with industry standards, which means you can easily replace parts and upgrade your scooter if you wish.

  • Other

The pilot scooter is most suitable for users who are 5.5 feet tall. If you are not at this height, you can look at other models with an adjustable steering wheel.

Although this is rare, it can happen that the wrong colour is delivered, but the seller can help in this case.

Pro RDS Razor

This professional scooter from Razor proves that you can have just as much fun and be safe off the beaten track. So if you live in an area where this activity is possible, you should try this model and fight the land for some excitement and adventure.

Not only is RDS no longer limited to the road surface, but you can also count on its durability thanks to its sturdy aluminium frame.

Because mudfights aren’t always easy, the wheels and tyres are designed to do the job with less effort and more fun.

This is where 200mm tyres with an aggressive tread pattern come into play, as they are specially designed to provide both grip and stability.

And while this model includes custom components that may be larger than conventional scooters, the overall design remains light, at 11.5 lbs.

  • For

The BMX tube fork is made of steel for greater strength, while the triple stacking head clamp provides additional safety.

This scooter is equipped with a conventional brake on the rear mudguard, so you don’t have to worry if you have to stop.

Because comfort is one of the aspects to take into account, the Razor is equipped with soft rubber handles and a continuous coarse strip for better control of the scooter.

For a normal driving style, the RDS can handle up to 220 lbs, while for an aggressive driver it can handle 120 lbs.

  • Other

Some users want the scooter to be equipped with a longer fork tube so that it can be adjusted in height.

Depending on factors such as terrain, driving style and frequency, it may be necessary to replace the wheels after a certain period of time.

Golf of Chilean mowers

The Chilli Reaper Wave is one of those 31 inch high scooters. It is designed for less experienced and advanced riders from the age of 6 years and comes partially assembled. This way you don’t have any trouble assembling it before it’s ready to take a turn.

In fact, it’s only a matter of a few minutes, because all you have to do is use the tool supplied with the scooter to attach the clamp and the steering wheel.

In addition, the scooter is equipped with a stable but light aluminium deck, made of 6061, which offers the driver sufficient space thanks to its length of 19.75 cm and its width of 4.5 cm.

Although the parts and materials used to make this scooter are of the highest quality and strength, you don’t have to worry about the total weight of the scooter, which is about 9 pounds. Most bikers should have no problem riding this scooter and learn complex new tricks with it.

  • For

With a weight limit of 220 pounds, every cyclist over 6 years of age can enjoy this scooter and the skill benefits it brings.

Thanks to the super-strong chrome-steel T-bar, you don’t have to worry that it won’t take a beating.

The manufacturer has added the Spider HIC compression system, which is adjustable and lightweight, and an improved aluminium fork.

Because the Reaper Wave is equipped with ABEC 9 bearings and 110 mm wheels, there is little to stop the user from driving at full speed in the park.

  • Other

This model is intended for beginners and advanced users. If you already have experience, you should look for more advanced options.

After some time it may be necessary to replace the handles, especially if the scooter is used a lot.

Annual management and annual report

It doesn’t matter if you’re already looking for something specific, like a Vault pro scooter, or if you just want to know more about these products because you’re buying one, in the end you go through the process of choosing your next scooter.

Before doing this, it is important to understand what the elements and components make up such a device, and especially how each of them works. Each of these elements offers the ultimate driving experience and you must of course strive for excellence.

So, if you look at the many reviews you can find on the market, you know how to choose between a medium sized product and a large product, such as the Rainbow Pro scooter. Let’s see which one’s most important.


According to many experienced cyclists bars are somewhat personal, because they determine how your scooter feels. Size is also a matter of personal preference, as is the type and style of the bar. The standard diameter of these parts is 1 ¼, but many scooters choose for larger versions with a diameter of 1 ⅜.

In terms of materials, the rods are usually made of steel tubes, but a popular alternative is aluminum tubes, so it’s worth trying both and finding the one that suits your needs. The advantage of the bars is that the rider can customize them by choosing specific pins, end bars or colors to personalize the scooter.


In the case of forks for professional scooters, it is easy to understand that these components make a direct connection that goes through the helmet and forces the axle, boom and front wheel to work together and connect. The compression system is also an important part of this system, because the fork is so firmly connected to the boom of the scooter.

If you can choose between forks with or without threads, it’s good to know that premium scooters contain the latter because of their improved performance. Also think of wheels with a certain fork size, because these two components have to fit and work together.


If someone told you that the bridge is the most important part of the scooter, that person didn’t lie. As you probably already know, there are bridges in different shapes, sizes and styles. It is therefore wise to choose a deck that is well adapted to your specific needs. The standard deck has a solid body and head tubes.

However, most scooters are equipped with a deck with a non-integrated or integrated helmet. Although it is possible to use integrated helmets without installing another helmet, as the bearings are already installed (which is a recommended alternative to freestylers), the same cannot be said of the analogue sound.

Non-integrated helmets are suitable for riders who want to change the type of helmet and adapt it to their preferences. However, keep in mind that the bridge is the part around which the rest of the scooter is built.

His job is to deliver high performance and a sense of balance without hindering the rider in stunts, but with the strength to cope with the tough daily routines of freestyle.

That’s why most scooters come with aluminium decks for aviation, a material that offers both the necessary reliability and a lightweight construction.

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