Buying Mini Scooters As The Ultimate Toy For Your Toddlers And Children

Mini Scooters are quite popular among kids. If you ever visit your local park, you will come across tons of children riding their scooters. Maybe it is their colorful nature or the ease of portability that makes these scooters a favorite among children. Whichever the case, kids adore them and will carry them anywhere possible. 

Mini scooters come in various sizes and shapes for kids of all ages and that’s why I like them so much. You could get one for your toddler or one for your eight year old kid. And it’s not just the different models that make them interesting. They come in vibrant colors as well, and you can even customize the scooters according to your kid’s preference, such as with bags, ribbons, bells etc. Besides, one of the major advantages of buying mini scooters is that they are compact and very easy to carry. You won’t have to haul it around for your child, in fact, they can carry it themselves! These scooters are that light!

What is the best mini scooters for your kids?

Razor A Kick Scooter 

This beautiful and sturdy two wheel scooter is definitely a good buy whether it’s for your kids or your teenager since it is made for anyone over the age of 5. It is built of strong aluminum making it strong enough to withstand many years of use. The best part about it is the fact that it is foldable and easy to carry around. It also reduces the chances of it being stolen as your child never has to leave it outside where someone can easily steal it.

Mini micro scooter

Also known as the mini kick, this three wheel scooter is for kids between the age of 3 and 5. This is the perfect starter scooter for your child. Made of strong material, the mini micro scooter is definitely suitable for everyday use.This scooter is also mum friendly because it can be used inside the home without leaving any marks since it is made with non-marking wheels. It comes in several colors including aqua, blue and pink.

Razor Lil Kick Scooter

This three wheeled scooter which comes in both pink and blue is suitable for kids under the age of 6. It has a low deck for easy stability as well large wheels which provide a much smoother ride for your little one. If you are scared of your little one slipping and falling off the scooter, this is the scooter for you because it comes with a slip resistant deck that keeps your little one safe.

Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter

This scooter which is suitable for kids between 2 and 4 years is a great starter scooter because its’ features are geared at ensuring that your child has maximum stability. It is also built with a foot brake that provides extra control.This particular scooter comes in two colors, pink and red.

Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter 

This scooter is recommended for children aged three years and above. It is quite stable as it is made with a wide slip resistant deck. It is also fold-able and this makes it easy to store and transport from one place to another.

Razor A3 Kick Scooter

This scooter made with airplane grade aluminum comes in a variety of colors. It is suitable for kids of 6 years and above and can be folded for easy transportation and storage. It also comes with a unique fender break that makes it suitable to make a quick stop and a spring less shock absorbing system.

Razor 12 kick scooter 

This scooter comes in black, purple, blue and red. It is suitable for anyone above 5 years. Just like the A3, it comes with a fender break which is really great for making an emergency stop. It also has a spring less shock system that makes rides on bumpy paths feel much smoother.

Micro maxi kick scooter 

This three wheel scooter is definitely one of the best scooters that you can get for your child at the moment. It is made of superior materials and it is very durable yet surprisingly lightweight making it easy for your child to handle.It is made with superior engineering making it easy to control and use no matter the quality of pavement that the child rides on.

Now, if you are thinking of buying one for your kid, know this: it can be quite difficult to choose from the plethora of products that are available in the market. But there is one particular mini scooter that I am quite fond of: the Razor Lil’ Kick Scooter. It is suitable for kids aged under 6. It sports a 3- wheel design, which is great as it makes it easier for your child to ride it without fear of falling over on his/her side. 

Apart from that, its deck is very low. With higher decks, you will notice that kids have a harder time scooting. But with the Razor Lil’ Kick Scooter, kids do not have much difficulty as the deck is placed relatively low.

Plus this product comes with large wheels which ensures a smooth ride for your child while ensuring safety. The wheels are made of rubber, which is an added advantage as it does not make noise when your kid will ride it.

My experience with the product was really satisfying. Firstly, it was very easy to assemble. I could do it on my own without bothering my husband. And, to my pleasant surprise, it was pretty durable. My kids used the scooter for 2 years and it was still in a reasonably good condition and I could gift it to my niece the year after.

Though you probably won’t have any complaints with the product, some kids may initially face trouble steering it. It is just a matter of time before they learn to get used to the scooter. Other than that, you are guaranteed to not face any other kind of trouble with the scooter.

If you ask me if it is the worth the money, my answer is a definite yes! This product is, without a doubt, worth the time and effort. If you are looking for a quality product that won’t break your budget then you might not want to wait. You can be absolutely sure that your child will love it.

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