Do You Need Double Strap Cycling Toe Cages & Straps?

Never have been one for double-strap toe-clips…

Larger images…HERE!

But as soon as I heard someone was making them in plastic, I knew I had to try them. Been riding them now for about a month and definitely have some likes and dislikes.


They are light-weight.

The toe-clip is quite tall…allowing larger profile shoes to fit nicely.

Have proven to be quite durable over the last month(but remember a month is not a year).

Can run double-straps with MKS GR9 pedals without having to zip-tie the front strap to the pedal.


Ugly and very chunky compared to most toe-clips.

The toe-clip is quite tall…causing smaller profile shoes to fit poorly.

Size large is a little big but this probably because they only have two sizes(I should probably be riding mediums).

More Options:

I have on order a pair of All-City Crayton Double Mountain toe cages (in pink because they’re on closeout) and All-City Standard Double Toe Straps (in white because they will look awesome with the pink cages)

I waffled back and forth about which set of cages to get, the Swan Road Doubles or the Double Mountain Doubles. I chose the mountains thinking they’ll be the more complicated style to work out and hopefully the one design will also work with the Swan’s middle bar.

Make sure to get options with practically waterproof material if you live in a region like my region. If you ride with toe cages and straps, velcro these nifty covers around your strap and you will arrive with dryer feet than you have in ages. Also great for colder climates…

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