EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter Review 2022

The infrastructure of the big cities will probably not change, even though we are now in contact with them. In the United States, for example, almost 70% of the population lives in cities. Besides, they all have to move. Electric scooters offer cheap and environmentally friendly alternatives to get to work without having to put more cars on the road.

The Razor EcoSmart Metro electric scooter is such an alternative. It is an affordable device and is produced by a well-known brand from the United States. The quality of the construction is excellent and it is very easy to adjust once it is out of the package. It is also light and agile on the pavement with a fairly impressive top speed.

The Razor EcoSmart impresses with its simple but attractive appearance, especially the bamboo deck. Tyres are standard bicycle saddles that can be upgraded for a more comfortable ride.

If you are already looking for such a product, we advise you to stay a bit longer on our site. The details we just discussed are just a few things about the electric scooter in question.

In this article we describe the Razor EcoSmart device as one of the most important aspects of the product. Then you can say you know almost everything there is to know at this point. So if you like what you read, you might even conclude that the electric scooter is right for you.

Key features

The rear disc brake system is one of the features of this model. The Ecosmart Metro is not equipped with a front brake system, but with an equally effective rear brake. It is important to be very careful when driving this model, because it can be a bit difficult to break it if something suddenly jumps in front of you.

A shorter braking distance is not the best point, but the rear brake reacts very well and makes it possible to stop in a few seconds. However, the rider must have good reflexes. In addition, the rear brake is operated manually and can be used wherever the driver deems it necessary. This is a good feature because it allows you to control the situation when you need to stop quickly.

It’s convenient enough that the brake is on the adjustable steering angle, so if you need to stop, just press the correct steering angle.

Another distinguishing feature of this model are the air-filled tubular tires, which are fitted with robust tubular tires on the spokes of the wheels. Each of the wide tires is 16 inches wide. This format is ideal for everyday travel. They also adapt well to different types of terrain and you won’t get stuck in small bumps on the road.

However, be aware that you may get a little excited if you decide to drive on bumpy terrain due to a lack of suspension. In fact, the tyres can be compared to normal bicycle tyres available on the market. This model is ideal for city trips and is a great way to get around.

Thanks to the construction of the spoked wheels, you can easily change the wheels. It is easy to find spare parts and replace tyres at the same time.

Other characteristics of this model are power and silence. These are important factors when training and moving the crowd. This is made possible by a chain motor, high torque and 16-inch air tube wheels for a perfect ride.

The Razor Ecosmart is designed to get you to your destination pretty quickly. Depending on the driver’s weight, this model can reach speeds of 10 to 15 miles per hour, and even 20 miles per hour on flat terrain. Of course, gradients allow for faster acceleration. Wearing a helmet is therefore recommended as a precaution.

Another feature of the Razor Ecosmart is its manoeuvrability and low weight compared to similar products. What’s more, acceleration on the sidewalk is quick and easy, which is an impressive feature for such an affordable product.

Battery information

The normal service life of the Razor Ecosmart scooter is about 40 minutes, but can last up to an hour. The weight of the driver, the gradient of the road and the type of terrain affect the working time.

This model is equipped with a lithium-ion battery, which is mounted under the bamboo deck. This can be a problem because it can get stuck when turning in rocky areas or around sidewalks. On the other hand, this special construction offers a faster route and faster operation.

Another advantage of this model is that if your battery is flat before you reach your destination, you can push the scooter like a scooter hit. The charging time for this product is 6.5 to 8 hours.

Speaking of charging, you have to keep in mind that depending on where you buy this scooter, you might have to buy the charger separately. Therefore, please read the product information carefully before ordering to ensure that the charger is also included.

Who is it for?

This model is an excellent choice for travelers. It is ideal for young people going to university or for adults looking for work. It is also a good option if you want to go shopping in the city.

The Ecosmart electric scooter is recommended for anyone aged 16 years or older, but can also be used by younger teenagers. This product is suitable for anyone looking for such a product at an affordable price.

Height and weight

The Razor scooter weighs about 67 pounds. It is a very light device compared to similar scooters. The product dimensions for mounting are 59.5 x 20.25 x 41.5 inches.

In addition, the scooter can support motorcyclists weighing up to 220 pounds.

Is there an age limit?

As mentioned before, the Razor Ecosmart is designed for people aged 16 years and older. Sometimes, however, it can also be used by younger young people. It also depends on the size of the driver, as this is a full-size machine.

How do I add?

According to customers, the scooter is very easy to ride. When you get it, you will notice that the rear wheel and battery pack are already packed together. Just mount the front wheel, the steering wheel, the seat support and the basket.

In addition, the package contains all the tools needed to assemble the scooter, as well as very detailed instructions. Many owners indicated that the process of assembling a scooter is simple and that no technical skills are needed to assemble the scooter.

What space is needed for this?

The Ecosmart scooter measures 59.5 x 20.25 x 41.5 inches when mounted. It should also give you an idea of the space it will take up. For example, you can’t put it in the trunk of a car unless you’re driving something bigger, like an SUV.

You should also bear in mind that the device is not foldable. Since he also weighs about 67 pounds, he is also too heavy to be lifted by one person.

Taking care of your EcoSmart Scooter

One of the great features of such a device is that it requires no maintenance, as is the case with more complex options such as motorcycles and cars. But he can take you wherever you want. Of course you can make sure you can use this scooter as long as possible.

For example, if you are not using the device, make sure it is switched off. This way, the battery will not be drained so quickly. It is also advisable not to store the scooter at very low temperatures. Some customers indicated that they also use their razor in the winter, but that they have to make sure that it stays dry afterwards.

It is also not recommended to use this scooter in the rain. The battery has no seal, so if too much water comes in, it can be damaged. If you have to lift Ekosmart, it is best to let someone else help you, because it is too heavy and you risk dropping it or even hurting yourself.

Additional functions

The Razor Ecosmart offers an elegant way to cross the city. It has a modern design and has a bamboo deck and a silent engine. It’s a good choice to go to work, go to the supermarket or just walk in the neighbourhood. You can accelerate up to 18 miles per hour, and the speed can be up to 40 minutes. The frame is made of steel and the deck of bamboo.

This model is equipped with a 500 W motor and high torque chain drive and offers variable speed by controlling the acceleration when the flywheel is turning. With the manual rear brakes you can stop at any time and the 16 inch tyres take you to almost any terrain.

According to most customers, the soft seat is very comfortable and the removable case and basket are practical additions. A retractable shock absorber makes it possible to leave the scooter upright without putting it on the ground or leaning against a wall.

More and more people are now trying to find ways to reduce pollution. Razor offers a version with the Ecosmart scooter, which requires no petrol and is environmentally friendly. The combination of a soft and comfortable seat, hand brakes and a powder coated frame makes this scooter not only comfortable but also fast and efficient.

Choosing this option to move around the city has many advantages. It is best to avoid busy buses or heavy traffic.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other product on the market, it has both positive and less positive aspects. The following points are positive: The scooter can go up to 20 miles per hour and can travel up to 10 miles. This means it can work from 40 minutes to 1 hour charging time.

This model has a soft, large and comfortable seat, as well as a detachable suitcase and basket. In addition, the scooter is equipped with a 500W high-torque engine and 16-inch tubular tires. The speed control and rear disc brake system are also very popular with customers.

On a less positive note, the fact that, according to the seller, the shipper has to buy separately may be somewhat annoying for some potential buyers.

Positive reference

To provide you with a full description of this product, we have also decided to share the opinion of owners who have already bought and used this model. For example, most customers are happy that a scooter can travel between 8 and 12 miles for the same price. Of course, as we said before, it depends on the weight of the rider and the terrain.

Another aspect that customers appreciate is that you can give your car a break, if only occasionally, but you can use it for most races. It also saves fuel and therefore money. Speaking of money: Indeed, some buyers mentioned that the levy for electricity is hardly visible on the electricity bill.

In addition, the charging time is not important if you insert the battery after each use and it is not recommended to fully discharge the battery as charging takes longer. The chair is also appreciated because it is very comfortable.

Some customers indicated that this device also attracts a lot of attention and that, compared to using it for walking your dog, it allows you to get to know your neighbours better.

The fact that it is so easy to assemble and that you get all the tools and detailed instructions is a big advantage, because many owners have given positive feedback. Finally, you get everything for a very affordable price, making it the right option for people on a tight budget.

Negative verification

If you look at things from a different angle, not everything that has to do with this model is appreciated by everyone. To access the on/off switch, for example, you must lean low enough, and the same goes for a load connection.

The scooter is too heavy to be lifted by one person. So, if you have to go up several levels, it’s a pretty difficult task unless you have someone else to help you. Some customers would have liked this model with front suspension and brakes.

Other buyers have expressed concerns about the lack of an anti-theft system. Several customers also indicated that they would like the scooter to have more traction in the hills.

in two words

The appearance of the Razor EcoSmart electric scooter has something very attractive. The sleek frame of the one-piece scooter has a bicycle seat, basket and standing bridge with a bamboo blanket. It’s a very simple design when you think about it.

Under the standing deck there is a 500 W high torque engine. For an adult scooter it may be a bit low-threshold, but a light device of 67 pounds helps to compensate for this lack of energy. On flat terrain it can even reach 18 miles per hour and the battery can run for 40 minutes without interruption.

This model is designed for short distances, not for long journeys between home and work. The wheels are 16 inches high. However, the lack of suspension can lead to bumps on rough terrain. The gear is controlled by simply turning the left wheel and braking by pressing the right wheel.

When it comes to electric cars, efficiency must always come first. This particular model uses a chain motor, which is not as efficient, but more resilient than belts.

Unfortunately, this can lead to waves that can discharge the battery faster and make driving a little more uncomfortable. With a scooter-like structure you can always add a small amount of compression force to save your battery.

The Razor deserves a lot of praise for offering an electric scooter at an affordable price, even though the battery can be better designed.

A lead-acid battery is used, which has become quite rare in modern products. This type of battery is bulkier, heavier and less efficient than its lithium counterparts. It’s a cheap scooter, but for a lithium battery you have to pay extra. In general it is a good product, it keeps its promises and its price is worth it.

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