Electric Scooter 1000 Watts

The electric scooters with 1000 watts are real performance miracles. A 1000 watt motor allows the scooter to go forward really well. In this article we would like to bring you closer to which scooters are available with this motorization, as well as showing a few driving videos.

Even with scooters with 1000 watts, there is one of the other that is not exactly high quality. There are even models there that can only travel 8 kilometers. Therefore, it is best to use our test comparison as a guide!

1000 watt electric scooter models

These are the most popular scooters in the 1000 watt category that we have tested. Unfortunately, the cheapest offers do not have such an extremely wide range as already mentioned – that means: keep your eyes open!

1000 watt electric scooter tuning

You can even tune these little monsters. For this purpose, a different chainring is used, for example, which changes the ratio between the motor and the drive. So you can improve the suit or this acceleration, or increase the top speed. There are pimped-up electric scooters that can go up to 70 km / h, but then driving on the road is no longer legal!

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