The Top 9 Best Electric skateboard under $300 – Updated

Best things come with a price, but what if you get the best electric skateboard for just $300. It is hard to find the best product in so many more minor, but we have taken your headache and make it possible for you. Read the article to get a skimmed list of the best electric skateboards under $300.

E-skateboarding has become so common that people travel around the town. Especially youngsters find it so convenient to take a ride to and back from their college.

Hence, the usage of electric skateboards is getting common for the past decade. But the major issue everybody is facing is high pricing. You have no idea how crazy skateboard costs. It can go high up to $2000 and low as $200. Of course, we may sacrifice top specifications in cheap pricing of $300, but still, we can have much.

Most popular electric skateboards

Image Product Details   Price
RazorX DLX Electric Skateboard RazorX DLX   speed is 12 mph and wireless wrist tape Check Price
Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard Hiboy S22 18.6 + top speed and Dual brushless motors Check Price
RALDEY MT-V3 Electric Skateboard RALDEY MT-V3  speed up to 29mph and dual motor Check Price
WeSkate 35 Electric Skateboard Longboard WeSkate 35   speed up to 12 mph and LED speed controller Check Price
Alouette Electric Skateboard Alouette speed up to 16 mph and two-speed mode Check Price

Electric skateboards with a better merging speed, range, and power should be the must-have in the home. To make it easier for you, we have gathered a list of the best electric skateboard under $300 so that anyone with low income could complete his desires.

This list is specifically made for the youngsters who want to spend their pocket money on this fad. So before we dig deep into the best skateboard under $300, see some significant considerations to keep in mind while making a purchase.

Buying Guide

There are several considerations to keep in mind while buying an electric skateboard for less than $300. In this price range, you will sacrifice some significant features. But still look for a better combination of speed, range, battery, and motor and get that product.

Don’t look for perfection. Just focus on better quality at a low price of $300.

Battery life

Since electric skateboards are supposed to operate on terrain or steep slopes or hills, they should have a high-power engine. At this $300, you should prefer an electric Skateboard with dual motors and extended battery timing, so remember this aspect.

Whether it’s highly-priced or at low pricing, any good electric skateboard should have better battery life.

Power Motor

In the range of $300, fewer of the products would have dual motors. So if you find any, grab it right away because the second motor is perfect for heavy riding and as well as practicing.

It works well in all circumstances, and eventually, dual motors maintain the sustainability of the electric skateboard. But if you get a good power watt in a single engine, you can have it as it’s worth it at $300.

Top Speed and Mileage

Looking for board models with gradual acceleration is one way to mitigate a high top speed impact. Especially if you’re an unknown rider, the combination of a fast acceleration rate with a high top speed can be dangerous.

The preferred acceleration rate is a reasonably variable issue, and various riders have different opinions on the best acceleration rate. So if you are looking for an electric skateboard for practicing only, spend less money and sacrifice on top and mileage. Because here, your sole purpose is to learn electric skateboarding.

Braking and Remote Control

Another performance indicator that goes hand-in-hand with top velocity is braking. If your skateboard can accelerate to exhilarating speeds quickly, then the last thing you need is a braking system that doesn’t work when it’s most needed.

For obvious reasons, brakes that are too gradual when slowing a board down are an issue. So always look at wireless strips braking systems or any other convenient and innovative technology to deal with braking because it is crucial for your safety.

Overall Riding Experience

For most riders, riding experience is the most significant factor when they look for an electric skateboard. You’ll probably care little about the aesthetic appeal of the deck of your device or the specific aspects of its core technological components when you’re speeding along an open road or carving up a beautiful hill.

The way the board performs is what matters at the moment. So always give priority to the riding experience over the outlook of the electric skateboard

9 Best E-Skateboard under $300

Here is a list of cheap electric skateboard that is most affordable and also helpful for beginners lets dive in and read detail review about that.

1. RazorX DLX Electric Skateboard

review about RazorX DLX Electric Skateboard

For newbies and veterans alike, the RazorX DLX Electric Skateboard is an excellent board. RazorX electric skateboard has a strong motor, but it can be dangerous for kids or newcomers, but not so powerful. The major specifications of RazorX DLX Electric Skateboard are

  • The RazorX DLX electric skateboard’s speed is 12 mph with an extended and continuous range of 40 minutes.
  • The deck of RazorX is 34.25″ long with a twin tip.
  • Its deck’s material is RazorX DLX electric skateboard is made up of 7 layers of maple wood.
  • To maintain the stability of the kingpin, trucks are used in this electric skateboard.
  • Wireless wrist tape is available with this electric skateboard to ensure safe speeding.
  • The hub motor of the RazorX DLX electric skateboard is updated with no alignment issues.

RazorX DLX electric skateboard is considered the best board for adults. Simultaneously, this electric skateboard is measured as dangerous for the kids because of its high speed. Anyone with the age of 16 years and more can easily have this board and ride on it.

  • Longboard with a twin tip
  • Kingpin trucks to deal the terrains
  • Wireless wrist tape
  • No alignment issues
  • 40 minutes of continuous ride
  • Dangerous for beginners
  • Not appropriate for kids
  • Single motor

2. Jizmo H2S 28 Electric Skateboard

review about Jizmo H2S 28 Electric Skateboard

Jizmo H2S 28 Electric Skateboard gives exceptional value. It is excellent for all ages and skill levels. This electric skateboard is the best investment one can make in their life. This electric skateboard is the best quality product at low pricing. The distinctive feature of Jizmo H2S electric skateboard is

  • Jizmo H2S electric skateboard comes with durable seven layers of Canadian wood deck to maintain the sturdy and robust ride.
  • Within the price of $300, this electric skateboard offers a lithium battery that is again a distinctive feature in any cheap electric skateboard.
  • The top speed of the Jizmo H2S electric skateboard is 12 mph with three different speed levels.
  • The rugged hub motor of the Gizmo electric skateboard allows a good range of 6 miles.
  • It can carry a maximum load of 222 lbs.

Jizmo H2S electric skateboard is a trendy board among youth. Kids can also practice it. So if you are looking for any board with casual speed and mileage, you can own this electric skateboard. Three different speed levels make it easy to ride for kids, adults, and experts.

  • Lithium battery
  • Maximum load of 222 lbs
  • Three different speed levels
  • Low range.

3. Vivi H2B Electric Skateboard

explain all feature of Vivi H2B Electric Skateboard

Vivi H2B is indeed the best electric skateboard among others because of its gift packaging. Vivi H2B electric skateboard adopts emery sandpaper that avoids any kind of slippery. The design of Vivi H2B is portable enough to pick from heavy terrains. The significant features of the Vivi H2B electric skateboard are

  • This electric skateboard is best for the age of 8 and beginners of any age.
  • Vivi H2B electric skateboard is preferably good to present the birthday or holiday gift.
  • The range of this electric skateboard is 10 miles per hour.
  • It took almost 3 hours to get fully charged.
  • The Brushless motor of this electric skateboard provides a top speed of 12.4 miles per hour.
  • It is also considered an appropriate product for beginners because it comes with three different speed modes (low, medium, high).

Vivi electric skateboard comes with a better combination of speed and range. It is suitable for kids, so if you are looking for a sustainable board, you may look for any other option. So this board is only best for practicing. This electric skateboard is also considered the best panel of the writer’s choice.

  • Three-speed modes
  • A presentable gift
  • Good range and top speed
  • Portable board
  • Only good for kids of age eight years
  • Good for practicing only
  • You need to upgrade it further while

4. Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard

review about Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard

This skateboard is known as a solid board. It comes with a good pace, which is enough to enjoy the speed. This electric skateboard is quicker than expected. The deck of this electric skateboard is also expansive, so it is easy to maintain balance.

skateboard owns excellent torque and fast ride, powerful brake, high battery capacity supported by strong dual motors, and many more. Let’s have a deep understanding of the critical features of Alouette Phoenix Ryders electric skateboard

  • This electric skateboard owns a top speed of 16 mph.
  • This electric skateboard range is better than other boards on the list, i.e. 14 miles per hour.
  • Wireless remote control and LED display make it a more leisurely ride for beginners as well.
  • It has plenty of power to climb up the hills.
  • The wheels of this electric skateboard are made up of polyurethane material which maintains a grip on the road.

Alouette Phoenix electric skateboard owns the best top speed of 16 miles per hour with a better merger of range and battery power. Electric skateboards should contain better features than the best outlook. So keep this tip in mind while making a purchase.

  • LED display
  • Polyurethane wheels
  • 16 mph speed with 14 mph is appropriate
  • Not such good climbing power
  • The battery may die fast

5. WeSkate 35 Electric Skateboard Longboard

explain all feature of WeSkate 35 Electric Skateboard Longboard

The WeSkate electric skateboard is excellent quality and functional electric skateboard with a portable design. WeSkate electric skateboard covers broad specifications with a good range at an affordable price of $300. The critical elements of this best and cheap electric skateboard are

  • One of the best things about this electric skateboard is that it’s portable and lightweight. So whenever you get out of the battery, you can easily pick it up.
  • The range of WeSkate electric skateboards is better than other electric skateboards fallen in this category, i.e. 10 miles per hour.
  • The deck of this electric skateboard contains an LED speed controller, which is good for beginners to ride at night times easily.
  • The top speed of this electric skateboard is 12 mph.

Along with good qualities, every product poses some setbacks too. Look at the significant pros and cons of the WeSkate electric skateboard and make your mind for the purchase.

  • Portable and lightweight
  • LED speed controller
  • Battery issues
  • You could have a better speed and range combination in the upgraded version

6. Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard

review about Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard

Hiboy S22 is a kick-start, 350W, geared, rear-wheel-drive electric skateboard. The motor of Hiboy S22 motor offers a fast, virtually maintenance-free solution. Sensitive travel without problems with alignment, chain, or belt is ingrained in this electric skateboard. The feature that makes it the best cheap electric skateboard under $300 are

  • For electric skateboarding, you can rely on power at speeds up to 18.6 + mph.
  • For maximum speed for a continuous use range of up to 12.5 miles.
  • It also offers dual brushless hub motors.
  • This electric skateboard comes with four modes of speeding and braking.
  • The design of the Hiboy S22 electric skateboard is portable and is a rechargeable wireless design.
  • The Hill climbing capacity of this electric skateboard is 20%.

A good board with top-speed and kick-start 350-watt power is best to have in-home. If you are intended to take a ride on this electric skateboard to and fro, you can have it. This board is also best for off-road and terrains.

  • Hill climbing capacity is 20%
  • Rechargeable wireless design
  • 18.6 + top speed
  • Dual brushless motors
  • Battery dies fast
  • Height is not appropriate for terrains

7. Alouette Electric Skateboard

review about Alouette Electric Skateboard

A neon green-colored skateboard that attracts new riders is considered best under the range of $300. Alouette electric skateboard is a stylish design skateboard with a unique frosted deck. This electric skateboard gives high performance with stability and cruise control. This electric skateboard owns a remote screen display. To get the in-depth features of the Alouette electric skateboard are

  • The top speed of the Alouette electric skateboard is about 16 mph.
  • The mileage of this best and cheap electric skateboard 12.4 mph.
  • The charging time of this electric skateboard is 3.5 hours.
  • This electric skateboard comes with a two-speed model.
  • The motor of the Alouette electric skateboard is 250 Watt.

Another version of the Alouette electric skateboard with 16 mph is a good e-board under the range of $300. The power motor of this electric skateboard could be improved along with charging timing. So this board is a relatively better board for both practicing and riding.

  • The best combination of top speed and range
  • Better product in a range of $300
  • Only two-speed mode
  • Charging time is way longer than others
  • The power motor could get better in the next versions

8. RALDEY MT-V3 Electric Skateboard

explain all feature of RALDEY MT-V3 Electric Skateboard

If you’re looking for absolute pace and strength, this is not the e-board for you. However, it’s in its convenience where the Raldey Mt-V3 shines. On your ride, the big urban-terrain wheels soak up vibrations and ride over most of the bumps and cracks you’re going to face, making this a great e-board appropriate for commuters. Prime features of RALDEY MT-V3 are.

  • This electric skateboard contains the right combination of battery, power, speed, and range.
  • The deck includes 8-layers of maple wood.
  • The top-notch speed of this electric skateboard is 29mph.
  • The content of this electric skateboard is 12 miles per hour.
  • It also contains dual motors with 900 Watt power.

RALDEY MT-V3 electric skateboard is considered the best electric skateboard under $300 because it offers an excellent top speed of 29 miles per hour with a better mileage of 12 miles per hour.

Also, RALDET MT-V3 electric skateboard comes with dual motors with an extended battery power of 900 Watt. Comparatively, this electric skateboard is made up of 8 layers of maple wood with extra coverage.

  • Top speed
  • Best mileage
  • Dual motors
  • Eight layers of maple wood
  • No specific kick tail
  • It is not best for kids

9. COBIZI Electric Skateboard

review about COBIZI Electric Skateboard

With an electric skateboard, you can quickly and affordably get to where you need to go. So COBIZI electric skateboard is considered a better board for regular use. This electric skateboard doesn’t require too much exertion and is easy to ride. The essential and distinctive features of the COBIZI electric skateboard are

  • The top speed of this electric skateboard 20 kilometres per hour.
  • The mileage of this electric skateboard is 8 kilometres per hour.
  • The power motor of the COBIZI electric skateboard is 350 Watt.
  • The deck of this electric skateboard is again robust and sturdy because of 7 layers of maple wood.
  • Wireless remote of COBIZI electric skateboard makes the ride better and easier for the kids.

A board that is best for kids and is convenient for every rider. It is easy to ride but contains no wireless braking system. COBIZI electric skateboard is robust and makes a better riding experience.

  • Top speed of 20 mph
  • Wireless remote
  • Best e-board for kids
  • A shortboard
  • No braking extension

Writer’s Choice

From the list mentioned above of the best electric skateboards under $300, every product has its pros and cons. Some contain a good combination of speed and range, some own better deck and wireless control. The best skateboards from this list in writer’s choice are


e-skateboarding is every day among youth but investing high in this hobby, in the beginning, is not preferable. Here in this article, we have mentioned the top best electric skateboard under $300. This contains the best and top-notch specifications among any other electric skateboard under the range of $300 on the internet. So consider having the best product as per your need and enjoy this trend with thrill and lure.


Q- How to make an electric skateboard?

A- Electric skateboard kits contain all the necessary components for creating an electric skateboard in one place. We’re talking explicitly about the ground, the wheels, the vehicles, the electronics (batteries, engines, etc.), the drivetrain, and the enclosure. Tools for making electric skateboards are handy, so one can easily make it using a kit.

Q- How much is a perfect electric skateboard?

A- It costs between $200 and $2,000 for the most common electric skateboards. From model to model, the price varies. The price difference will be determined by the parts used (engine, deck, trucks, wheels), battery capacity, marketing costs, customer service, etc.

Q- How fast is the average electric skateboard?

A- The average natural running speed is in the range of 4 to 6 mph. The average rate for skateboarding is around nine mph (5-12 mph range). The pushing speed is 8-9 mph on a longboard. Thus, on average, skateboarding and longboarding are quicker than biking.

Q- How many miles of power hour does an electric skateboard have?

A- Electric skateboards can go up to 12-20 miles on average without charging, depending on the model. High-end models will go up to 50 miles. However, the manufacturers state these marketed range statements, and it does not mean that the e-boards can last that many miles.

Q- How old do you have to be to ride an electric skateboard?

A- Riders are expected to be at least 16 years old. I’m sorry to tell you, kids, but the rider must be at least 16 to ride an electric skateboard on any public property (roads, sidewalks, parks, etc.). If you are under 16, maybe grab a regular longboard before your electric one.

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