Fun Fact Explained: Everything About Female Motorcyclists | Why Are Girls Who Ride Bikes Awesome?

Today, there are practically no activities that are suitable for representatives of only one gender. For example, if earlier, it was mainly women who were engaged in model business, now, men also practice it. Or, if some time ago, only men were trusted to drive a car, then now, women do it pretty well (if not even better). The phenomenon of girls bike riding is no longer something extravagant. Without a doubt, it looks sexy and testifies to the freedom-loving nature of a young lady. But why are bike rider girls so amazing? Let’s go into the matter!

Why Do Girls Like Motorcycles?

It is no secret that many women prefer bikes. But for what reasons?

Many guys buy motorcycles to get the adrenaline rush, so it is not surprising that this is one of the reasons why girls like motorcycles too. A lot of girls simply go crazy on the danger, high speed, and those strong emotions they can get riding a bike.

Another reason why a girl rides a bike is an element of novelty. After all, a number of ladies who ride bikes is much less than those who drive a car. Moreover, a bike is a great means of transport – it is comfortable, small-size, and responsive. In addition, there are a lot of cool bikes for girls.

Which Types Of Girls Would Ride Motorcycles?

In today’s world, there are many types of motorcycles. Accordingly, there is the same great variety of women who ride motorcycles. Therefore, familiarize yourself with the 3 most popular types of chicks riding bikes.

Sports biker

Girls on sports motorbikes always cause increased interest in the eyes of the opposite sex. They love high speed, and the adrenaline rush brings them unprecedented pleasure. There is even a special slang term for such a fearless woman who almost does not wear protective equipment – she is called “Squid”.

Harley girl

These girls have a great sense of style and prefer only premium class motorcycles, namely The Harley. More than anything else in the world, a Harley girl loves to enjoy traveling on the open road on her favorite bike. At the same time, not every man will be able to catch up with a Harley girl. Also, you can often meet such a girl at a biker’s rally. To say more, this is a great place where you can find a gorgeous woman to marry.

Chopper girl

This is a girl who goes crazy on her motorbike and does not like it when anyone else touches her at all. Most likely, she created her motorcycle herself and knows how to ride it much better than you. A Chopper girl has many tattoos that demonstrate her attitude to motorcycles and life in general. Before you approach this girl, you have to deal with her friends.

Why Girls Who Ride Bikes Are Awesome?

Many men find girls with bikes to be extremely attractive. But what is the reason? Why does a lady riding a bike cause such an interest in the representatives of the opposite sex? There are 10 reasons why bike rider girls are awesome.

They Have A Beautiful Figure

Riding a bike helps you to lose weight and get in shape. A tightened body, strengthened muscles of the legs, arms, and back, and an improvement in the appearance of the hips and buttocks – a man cannot help but notice all these changes in a hot girl riding a bike.

They Wear A Sexual Outfit

There is an incredible number of different color options and styles for bike outfits. Lycra and tight-fitting jersey perfectly emphasize the female figure and complement the image of a sporty lady.

They Cause Increased Attention

A girl herself always attracts some attention in the opposite sex, and a beautiful girl even more so. But a gorgeous lady on a bike is like a nuclear explosion: only a blind man will not notice her. In addition, watching a biker girl is a great way to cheer yourself up!

They Can Discover New Places With You Together

Traveling is always amazing, whether it is a distance of 20 or 200 kilometers. Do you want to travel together with a girl in search of romance? Why not?! The road is calling you! While most of your female friends are drooping in the heat and fretting over another broken nail – you and your biker girl are free birds flying towards the beautiful.

They Eat A Lot

Yes, these are one of those girls who do not torment themselves with diets. Everything is even quite the opposite – they eat a lot of tasty and wholesome food. After all, bike riding requires a lot of protein, carbohydrates, and good fats. Therefore, biker girls eat a lot to nourish their bodies with strengths and energy.

They Can Ride A Bike With You

The biggest advantage of riding a bike is that you can do it together with your chosen one. And it strengthens a romantic relationship more than something else. A girl will be very happy to know that her beloved man wants to share her hobby.

They Have Better Psychological Health

Do you think that if a girl is obsessed with her bike, then she is crazy? Medical researches have proven that riding a bike improves concentration and memory while reducing stress and anxiety. And all this is very useful for the brain and mental health of a person.

They Are Smarter Than The Average Person

According to the results of some surveys, it was found that people who regularly ride a bike have a 13 percent more developed brain than those who do not do it. Long distances, accelerated blood circulation, and fresh air inevitably make the brain work better.

They Have More Outings

If your chosen one is a fan of riding a bike, then she will constantly try to get you out of the house. And therefore, instead of sitting in front of a TV or computer screen, you will spend more time outdoors. After all, bikers are one of those categories of urban residents who spend in the fresh air not 1-5% of their time, like ordinary people, but much more.

They Are Purposeful And Disciplined People

If a girl can ride a bike despite the lack of time, poor weather conditions, and dangerous roads, it means she is purposeful and disciplined. Moreover, such qualities help to achieve life goals and hold well-paid jobs, so this is another advantage of a biker girl.

How to attract girls who ride bikes

Girls who ride bikes often seem unapproachable to the representatives of the opposite sex. But attracting a biker lady is not as difficult as you may think. Therefore, familiarize yourself with some easy steps on how to attract girls who ride bikes.

Think about where to look for a girl who rides a bike

Firstly, you can find a girl who rides a bike on a social network, on the forum of your city, or on some proven dating site. This is the easiest way to meet a biker girl. In order for everything to work out well, write to a girl you like and offer her a joint bike ride.

Secondly, one of the best ways to get to know a girl who rides a bike is to attend various mass events, competitions, or quests. At such interesting public events, you will surely meet someone you like.

Well, the third way is created for those men who do not like hangouts and noisy companies. The strategy is very simple and unpretentious – you just seek out a victim as a hunter. In simple words, you ride around the city alone and look for single girls with a bike. After that, you get acquainted with one that you like the most.

Invent an occasion for acquaintance

It is not difficult to invent a reason to get acquainted with a girl who rides a bike. For example, approach a lady and say: “Hello, I noticed your chain is poorly lubricated, but actually, I have a tube of oiling. May I make your riding more enjoyable? ” Or say “I need a girl to ride with me to an enormously beautiful place a short distance away. Will you accompany me?”

Show your best qualities

Girls who ride a bike are decisive, purposeful, and confident in themselves. They will never be attracted to a weak man who does not know what he wants from life. Therefore, show a biker girl that you are a self-confident and decisive man who is always ready to come to her aid and provide sincere support.

Final Thoughts, To sum up, girls who ride bikes are smart, purposeful, hot, and extremely beautiful. In addition, these ladies are awesome and cheerful, you will never get bored with such a girl. A lady who rides a bike can break the everyday routine and bring bright colors to your life. Take into account our advice on how to find and attract a biker girl and you will succeed!

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