How Much Does A Kids Hoverboard Cost? The Ultimate Buyers Guide

We can’t deny the fact hoverboards are one of the biggest crazes in the digital era. They are used as personal transportation vehicles and give riders a unique thrill. A hoverboard makes a great birthday or Christmas gift for your kids. When shopping for the right unit, the important factor to consider is the price. Before you make your investment decision, you should think about specs and features. But, how much does a kids hoverboard cost? Depending on the manufacturer, the price will start at $100 while high-end models cost as high as $500 and  average price of hoverboards for kids is $200 .

Safety comes first, so make sure you trust the retailer. Before you place your order, you need to do some research. Look at the features, speed, charging system, and more. If you want to get some of the reputable brands out there, you should be prepared to pay the price. Some hoverboards come with GPS. The more advanced features a board has, the more expensive it gets.

Why Are Kids Hoverboards Expensive?

If you want to get your kid a hoverboard with a modern and futuristic twist, then you need a quality unit. These units are expensive because they have powerful motors, batteries with large capacity, and are UL2272 certified. Besides that, some have built-in Bluetooth speakers and LED lights. Plus, they’re water resistant another reason for their effectiveness. Here is a quick look at hoverboard prices for kids.

Within $100 to $200

Kids don’t need high speed. Hoverboards within this price range have simple specs like small motor and less powerful battery. What’s more, they are equipped with 6.5-inch wheels which are perfect for riding on pavements, sidewalks, and other smooth surfaces. These boards are good if your kid is a new rider, though they can still be used by advanced riders.

The only problem is that you’ll have to sacrifice several things like high speed and range. Remember, prices fluctuate constantly so it’s important that you be on the lookout. Hoverboards in this price range are very affordable, and therefore you don’t have to dig deeper into your pockets. You can check the list of top-rated hoverboard below $200.

Within $200 to $500

With this price range, you get more than the basic features. The hoverboard comes with longer battery life, good speed, and a better range. Secondly, your child can use Bluetooth speakers, apps, and enjoy off-road advantages. Most of these scooters are also durable and sturdy. Even better, they’re quite fast which is good for kids who have a passion for speed. At the end of the day, the rider won’t notice they are cheaper than other models. You can see the list of top-rated hoverboard below $300.

More than $500

These hoverboards are suitable for experienced riders and come with advanced features like Bluetooth speakers for unmatched riding experience. The battery life is at its highest while the speed range is above 12 mph. Even at high speed, the kid can navigate through crowds. More interestingly, the wheels are fitted with dual motors which make climbing hills a breeze. While most low-end models can accommodate 200 to 300 lbs. hoverboards that cost more than $500 can handle weights of more than 400 lbs.

What Factors Affect Price When Buying Hoverboards For Kids

While a lot of people may be raising eyebrows when buying hoverboards, there are a number of factors that affect the price. If you’re in doubts about whether you’re being charged right, here are a few things that could affect the actual numbers.


How would you feel if you paid for the price of an original product but got a fake one? It’s advisable that you learn how to differentiate between an original hoverboard and a fake unit. A quality product costs a lot of money to make, so you shouldn’t expect it to be sold at a cheap price. Also, if you buy a quality product for your kid you should expect it to function right. This does not mean that you have to spend your hard-earned money on an expensive unit.

Hoverboard Quality

Quality is also determined by the materials that make the gadget, technology, and overall performance. Simply put, you should expect the price to commensurate with quality. If you miss on some of the important features, the unit could be harmful to your kid.


Who doesn’t like after-sales services? The most reputable manufacturers will price a product in a way that allows them to address customer service issues more effectively. Don’t be surprised if most of the price is included in maintenance to ensure the device lasts longer.


When choosing a hoverboard for your child, safety comes first. You want a unit that won’t catch fire. With this in mind, you may want to consider those brands that are children-friendly. A carrying handle will also come in handy when the board runs out of battery juice. You should not sacrifice safety over price. If you buy a cheap hoverboard that compromises on safety it will give you poor service.

Weight limitation

When purchasing a hoverboard for your kid, you should consider the minimum and maximum prices. If it supports more weight, it will definitely cost much higher. But if your kid weights higher than the recommended price, riding it can be dangerous. Models that can accommodate more weight will cost higher. It’s prudent that you always check the weight limitations.

Fun features

Hoverboards for kids come with fun features to ensure a cool riding experience. You’ll find that most high-end units come with `launch into the future of rolling’ feature which allows the kid to roll into the future. This feature comes at a cost.


Kids want a hoverboard that allows them to travel anywhere – in smooth and rough surfaces. A hoverboard will be much expensive if you can ride it on different terrains including mud, grass, streets, and snow. Those units with stability sensors can be used on any surface which gives your child a good chance to explore the self-balancing scooter.


How much does a kids hoverboard cost? You should expect the price to be within the range of $100 to $500 depending on the manufacturer. However, proper research needs to be done to determine the ideal option for your kids. If you’re not familiar with these self-balancing vehicles, you should go through the above information for excellent riding experience. Most of the above features will make up for the price. A good board also comes with UL2272 certification for all parts which is a sign of quality craftsmanship.

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