How To Ride A Hoverboard (Beginner Guide)

Are you looking for a beginner guide on how to ride a hoverboard? Well, you’ve got my attention! This piece is a step by step guide that will help you shine on your hoverboard.

Hoverboards are electronic gadget introduced in the year 2013. They are always on the trend as a popular means of personal transportation. When you see a hoverboard for the first time, you’ll wonder how people balance in it, and definitely, you’ll be interested in learning. Well, if you’re looking forward to purchasing your first hoverboard or you want to ride someone else’s hoverboard, you’re in the right place.

This guide has a comprehensive and easy to follow tips that will help you not only in riding a hoverboard but also in teaching others who want to learn. Our guide is going to focus exactly on the following:

  1. How to safely prepare on a first ride
  2. How to correctly mount and step off a hoverboard
  3. Control the hoverboard
  4. Safety hoverboard riding tips

How To Ride A Hoverboard Infographic

Things to Know Before Trying to Do Anything

Before you try it for the first time, there are some things you should avoid or else; you’ll slam hard into the ground. The best way to do is having a basic knowledge of what you want to do before you try. Also, a simple plan and preparation are necessary on where and how you’ll first mount and step off your hoverboard. The same way you learned to ride a bike you didn’t do it one day and automatically know how to ride. Therefore, don’t expect to step on your hoverboard and start gliding automatically. If you have time and passion, then it becomes easy for you.

How to Prepare on Your First Ride

First of all easy preparation is necessary. You’ll not risk jumping on your hoverboard when you’re not prepared. Before anything else, ensure that you have the right safety gear such as Helmet, kneepads, wrist guards, tailbone protector, and elbow pads. You can apply sunscreen before you go out because you’ll spend many hours outside. It’s also necessary to have some water and first aid kits.

Ensure that your board is charged and most importantly not overcharged. If your hoverboard has a learning mood, it’s vital to use it because it helps to keep your board from moving fast. You’ll also need to read the user manual carefully. This will help to identify the best hoverboard and increase your technical knowledge. Reading the manual is vital because you’ll easily identify the one that is perfect for you.

How To Mount a Hoverboard

Once you’re ready, the next thing is to step up and ride your hoverboard. This is where you need to be very careful, or else you’ll fall. The device requires your balance; therefore, you need to relax and use the right approach. Here is what you need to do!

Use your dominant foot:

Try standing on one leg to find your dominant foot before you step on the board. Placing your dominant foot first will help you to control the board much easier.

Place the second foot on the board lightly stand straight up

Now, when you have both feet on the board, avoid looking down or even bending your knees. The board will move to the direction in which your body is aiming. If you stand up straight, you’ll have a few chances of falling. Just ensure that you have a comfortable wide stance that will make you feel balanced.

How to Step Off a Hoverboard

It’s pretty easy to step off a hoverboard. You only need to reverse what you did when getting on it. Try shifting your balance towards the dominant foot then step off your non-dominant foot. Sometimes your instinct will tell you to jump off but try to avoid that because you can injure yourself or scratch your board.

Just know that stepping on/off the board is the most challenging thing in the whole process and will take time for you to master the concept. The best thing is to keep practicing until you get used to it.

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How to Control the Hoverboard

Controlling the board is easy. All you need is to learn the small basic control system. If you’re not ready to learn the basics then, you’ll not be able to use it correctly. If you want to be a pro you need to capture every tips, moves, and strategy that will help you out. So, use the following basics correctly.

Moving forward

Moving forward is simple! You only have to tilt your toes and ankles down to the floor. You can still slightly tilt your body forward to make the board move. Some use both methods while others use only one method. What happens when you move your body forward is that it makes the board tilt hard hence accelerating the speed. Therefore, you can control the speed by use of your ankles. The more you tilt downwards, the more speed it gains.

Moving backward

Moving backward is just the same way as moving forward except that you’ll tilt the heel downward. You can also lean your body slightly backward, and your board will move backward. When you lean in any direction, you need to be extra careful not to lean too much. Ensure to keep your center of gravity on the top of the board otherwise; you will fall.

A mistake that most people make is that they try to lean their body too much which makes them fall. A slight lean is fine, and if you try to overdo it, you’ll fall. Leaning on a hoverboard is the same as leaning a bike. What differs is that you need to lean a little less when using a board.

How to Stop or Break

Knowing how to move it forward and backward isn’t enough. Just try swinging in motion while riding it and you’ll be in a better position to know how to stop the board. Basically, you learn how to stop the board in the opposite direction that you’re riding. Stopping the board implies that you’re bringing it back to a level position by not tilting it in either direction. You should never try leaning too much from the opposite direction that you are moving in because it can break your board and throw you off. Just make a smooth motion in a controlled manner.


Learning how to turn is a bit technical. If you’re comfortable with breaking, moving forward and backward, it’s crucial to try some slight turn. If you want to make a right turn, you should push your left toe forward. You should try some simple turns before you think of try making sharp turns by doing the opposite with the other foot. If you want to make a left sharp turn, you should push your left feet backward and the right toe forward. Just keep practicing these turns until you feel comfortable with it and if you succeed in these turns, then you know the basics of riding a hoverboard.

Cross sidewalks

How to pass a sloped surface is a common problem that beginners face. What happens is that when the board enters on a high-angle it automatically accelerates, and you can fall. The best way to approach this is to enter the slope with the back of your board this way; your board will never jump away from you.

Safety Hoverboard Riding Tips

A hoverboard can be addictive because it’s all fun. Therefore, you need to take care of yourself whenever you want to ride it. Ensure that you stay safe by taking these safety precautions very seriously.

Riding at night

The fact that hoverboards have the light they’ll not help you see in the dark. The board’s lights are very close to the ground hence used for signaling. If it’s a must you ride at night then, wear reflectors, light color clothes, and use a headlamp to help you see clearly. Only ride at night when you’re comfortable with your hoverboard.

Protective gear

You should not ride like a hero. Remember these experts you see around also fall and get injuries. The best thing is to play safe by wearing a helmet and other crucial gears to protect you in case you fall. Don’t learn a few days and start acting like a pro without protective gears.

Consider the brand

There are many brands out there with different speed. Maximum speed will range from 6-12 miles per hour. You only need to choose the one you’re comfortable with before you start. For a beginner try to look for a slow speed board.

Safe places

A place to ride is very critical. Keep in mind that you’re a beginner and you’re training how to ride, therefore, choose a safe place to practice. You should avoid the sloppy ground, rough or busy road. You can practice on the parking lot, empty grounds, backyard, etc. Less busy and smooth areas will give you enough time to enjoy the ride without having interference from traffic, etc.

Check the weather

You might be wondering how weather relates to riding the hoverboard. If you’re learning for the first time, ensure that the weather is bright and clear. Avoid practicing in the rain or a flooded area because water will either make you fall or damage your board.

Someone or something for support

Balance is very important when riding a hoverboard. Since you’re riding for the very first time, it will be difficult to balance it. Therefore you need someone or something with you when practicing.


There are laws in some country that restrict people from riding in towns pavements or on public roads. Before buying your first board, check whether there are laws that will restrict you or else you’ll find yourself in trouble.


Now that you’ve learned how to ride the hoverboard theoretically, are you ready to try it out? Remember, boards are safer than ever, but they require some time to practice and master. That’s why we’ve given you the best basic understanding that will assist you to learn in the fastest and safest way possible.

If you follow this guide without ignoring any safety precautions, then you’ll be in a position to enjoy the ride. You’ll stay injury free and have the best experience with your new board.

Again, don’t rush into anything. Just learn the hoverboard tricks and crazy move in a slow but sure way. If you’re looking for tips on how to ride a hoverboard in minutes, then you can be sure that instead of learning faster, it will be the opposite. Just take your time and use these tips for a fun and safe ride.

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