MACH1® Model-2 EEC 500W – Electric Scooter Review

!!! This is our electric scooter TEST WINNER !!!


When it comes to conserving resources, an electric scooter is just the thing! This test report is about the electric scooter EEC model 2 from the brand MACH1. The electric scooter drives an unbelievable 30 kilometers with just a single battery charge and is therefore ideally suited for long journeys to work or other routes.

Using all the data and various information available to us, we have prepared all the findings in a compact form in order to provide a quick overview of the essentials.

With the oversupply in the market, it is difficult to make the right decision, so we want to search for the appropriate electric scooters with our research.

Structure, functions and scope of delivery

The Mach 1 scooter can be used on public roads as it complies with all legal standards. A very good disc brake system was installed at the front and rear, as well as the other necessary attachments (front and rear lights, horn, side mirrors).


  • Electric scooter Mach 1 – Model 2 EEC with approval
  • Operating permit EU (EEC)
  • battery pack
  • Charging station / charger
  • Tool set
  • License plate holder

When you order the scooter, you can choose between different batteries. The standard is 36 volt with 12 Ah (ampere-hours). There is the option of choosing a larger battery, preferably with 14 Ah, 15 Ah, or 16 Ah. These batteries are simply more powerful than the standard battery. This gives the electric scooter an even greater range. You can see the current charge status on the speedometer, so you always know exactly when to recharge.

MACH1® electric e-scooter

According to our test data, the Mach 1 scooter drives 20 km / h (readable on the speedometer) and has a fairly strong acceleration. The tires were mounted on aluminum rims. The tires are simply inflated with air using a normal car valve (possible at any petrol station).

Very important, especially for ecological people, is the information that this is one of the cheapest mobile pedestals that is currently available to buy. In relative terms, it costs between 40 and 60 cents to travel 100 kilometers with the Mach 1 e-scooter.

A feature not to be forgotten is of course that the scooter can be folded up and thus stowed almost anywhere. Whether in the trunk, on public transport, at work, at school, on vacation … Big city dwellers, in particular, are familiar with the problem of driving a car in metropolitan areas.

For whom is the purchase of the Mach 1 electric scooter worthwhile?

As already mentioned in the previous paragraph, the Mach1 Scooter meets all the requirements to participate in public road traffic. However, there are also certain requirements for the driver, such as a driver’s license and the required minimum age. However, since the e-scooter cannot drive faster than 25 km / h, a moped test certificate is sufficient. Anyone over the age of 15 can officially acquire this. Anyone born before 1965 can drive without a driver’s license / test certificate

A helmet is also not required, but we strongly recommend this, because in our opinion this is an important factor even at 20 km / h and especially in public road traffic!

Due to the high quality of the electric scooter, it has very good driving characteristics and is fairly easy and safe to drive. Accelerating is as simple as turning the handle on a motorcycle – this creates a bit of a motorcycle-driving feeling.

Because the scooter is extremely easy to handle and has super good handling characteristics, we recommend this model for all age groups. The ideal first vehicle, for example, as a 15-year-old to drive comfortably and at the same time environmentally friendly to school. If you order the scooter on the Internet using our recommendations, the delivery and the associated transport are also very sustainable.

What do you get here?

The Mach 1 scooter is not our test winner for nothing. It has the best price-performance ratio of our top products. The price is really more than justified and the scooter has everything that is needed to operate on public roads.

As already mentioned, the technology is flawless and extremely high quality for this price. A really extremely good overall package.

Our opinion on it

The scooter really looks a lot. At first glance, it is noticeable that various other models can achieve a higher speed, but you should not only pay attention to quantity, but also to quality and always compare all data as a whole.

Everything here is of a corresponding high quality across the board and when you first stand on such an electric scooter, you notice that 20 km / h can be pretty fast.

Maintenance and care are also almost neglected, making it the ideal vehicle for young and old – and extremely ecological.

This is what other customers say about the Mach1 scooter

If you analyze the evaluation reports on the Internet on different offer pages and summarize, as we have done, 90% of customers praise the great driving characteristics of the electric scooter. The folding function is also mentioned very often because it makes it so easy to stow the scooter.

There are also isolated reviews of disabled and overweight people who have regained some of their mobility with the help of Mach 1. People over 90 kilograms have also had very positive experiences with the vehicle.

Based on the large number and positivity of the reviews, it is easy to see that this is the ideal electric scooter to be mobile in a modern and affordable style, even for households with a slightly smaller monthly budget.

“I’ve had the scooter for 1 year now, and I can’t find anything negative. Again and again. Unfortunately not mobile in rainy weather. Good device. ” 

“” This scooter is ideal for camping and leisure. Easy to transport. Easy to set up. Foldable and still solid.
I would by it anytime again. It is my 2nd scooter from this manufacturer. The first one was stolen. ” “

Product video from our test winner, the Mach 1 electric scooter

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