Macro Mini Scooters – Buyer’s Guide 2022

Mini scooters are one of the best ways to help your kids learn the art of balance through play. Mini micro scooters come in a variety of colors and varying features in different models providing you with good deal of choices when buying one. Here we can take a look at various features of mini scooters.

Key Features

  • Three-wheeled design
  • Lean-and-steer mechanism
  • Low to the ground deck
  • Smooth gliding wheels
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Safe and stable

The best mini scooter for preschooler

With an innovative, award-winning design mini micro scooter has all the features required for your young preschoolers. Designed specifically for beginners aged 3-5 years old, this mini model comes in vivid colors including blue, aqua, pink and orange. The scooter comes in a three wheeled design which gives the steadiness and stability than a regular kid’s bicycle.

The durable construction and high quality materials make the Mini micro scooter an excellent choice for your young ones. The scooter employs a lean and steer action allowing children to use their body weight to manage and control the steering. When they curve right or left, they feel ‘surfing’ through the sidewalk. This gentle steering action helps to develop balance and coordination and improve motor skills as they go. The sturdy wide deck is perfect to fit your kid, and it has also a foot break in the rear side. The mini scooter wheels are non-marking PU wheels which are quiet and smooth gliding so your kid can try it out in indoors as well. The scooter is lightweight, so it is easy to transport and you can also store it easily when not in use.

Product Specification

  • Age range: 2-5 years
  • Weight: 4lbs (about 1.5kg)
  • Steering type: T-Bar
  • T-Bar height: 67cm
  • Weight capacity limit: 44lbs (44kg)
  • Deck length/width: 30 cm x 11.5 cm
  • Scooter length/width: 53 cm x 11.5 cm

Purchase accessories for your mini scooter

You may consider buying some add-ons for your kid’s new mini scooter. Accessories such as helmet, elbow pads, knee pads can be found in many online micro scooter stores. Purchasing such accessories not only provide a great look, but also keep your kids safe. You can choose helmets and pads in a variety of styles and sizes. Online stores also offer replacement parts for your micro scooters.

Product Review

Have you been searching for a sturdy mini ride for your kid or are you looking for an adorable scooters for your kids to make them learn balance and coordination? Well, in either case you’ll get plenty of options because recently, the market for mini scooters is growing like never before. There are ample of options to choose from in the micro mini scooters range and one such similar product is the newly launched Mini Micro Scooters by popular US toy manufacturing company Micro Kickboard. Surely the product and its packaging look promising but whether this product is worth your time and money or not, we shall find in our in-depth product review.

The look of this mini-ride is attractive and grabs your attention at once but this feature is expected from this product, after all it has won several awards for its great looking and durable design. Unlike other mini-scooters in the market, this one is surely made up of quality material and its unique construction gives young riders the chance of exploring the ‘lean to steer style’. The lean to steer designs allows children to easily use their body weight for sliding, steering and gliding their ride making their riding experience a lot more fun and stable.

Mini scooters are often purchased by parents in order to make their children learn the art of balancing and coordination and to our surprise; this mini-micro does exactly the same for your kid without putting him/her into much risk. In order to ensure safety of your young ones, this bike comes with 3 wheels and rear brake features as well. The wheel setup and design in this scooters is phenomenal and are non-marking which ensures that your child has shock resistant, quiet and smooth ride on his/her bike. This scooters is extremely light weight, 3.3 lbs approximately which means your kid can easily pick up or carry it whenever required. The lightweight of this scooters is due to the material of fiberglass reinforced chassis used in it.

There are a number of pros in this product from great design to shock-resistant wheels and from powerful rear brakes to lean-to-steer feature. This scooters is available in a number of color options such as blue, red and even yellow which leaves a plenty of choice for your kids to choose from. Apart from having some exceptional features and pros, this mini scooters does have certain limitations as well. Firstly, this scooters comes for a hefty price of around $80 which makes it a reasonably costly ride. Though the features of this scooters completely justify this cost but still this one bike may not come in every parent’s budget. Secondly, as this mini snow scooters is solely made for kids, we wanted more of innovative children friendly features such as a bell or an extendable handle.

All in all, if you are looking for a safe and exciting ride for your child, Mini Micro Scooters by Micro Kickboard is definitely the right product for you to invest into.

Q. My kid is just 3 years old. Is mini micro scooter recommended for children of this age group?

A. The award-winning design and 3 wheels of mini micro scooter makes it suitable and safe for children in the age group 2 to 6 years. The rear brake ensures the safety of your child even if he/she is just 2 years old. Your child can ride it inside the home when he/she is involved in fun activity. The non-marking wheels have been designed especially for Micro scooters. The shock absorbent deck and wheels work simultaneously to make the ride smooth and joyous for both children and parents.

Q. Why should I choose mini scooters for my child?

A. The Mini Micro has been ranked as the safest and the most stable scooters available out there. Equipped with two wheels in the front and one wheel at the back, your child enjoys more and balances less while riding the scooter. Micro mini scooter has outrun traditional scooters that have rotating wheels in the front, which end up losing stability the moment your child turns handle bars.

The wheels of Mini Micro scooters rotate and help children maintain balance as and when they bend to one side. The Mini Micro scooters are suitable for incessant use and urethane wheels run smoothly without leaving a black mark on the floor. Either inside or outside, riding this scooter add cherished memories to the childhood.

Q. Can i adjust the height of steering?

A. Sorry, but the handle of mini micro scooter is not adjustable. For a 2-year-old child who is just 32 inches in height, the handle reaches to the chest, but the ride would be really stable. So, you won’t have to worry about the handle height when it comes to the stability.

Q. What is the weight of mini bikes scooters and how much weight is recommendation to have a ride on it?

A. The mini scooter for kids weighs only 1.5kg, as Micro Kickboard’s focus was centred on making the scooter lightweight and moveable. Mini Micro is separable in two pieces so that you can fit it easily in a suitcase or on the top of buggy. Though the maximum weight given on the box of Mini Micro Scooters is 20kg, you can actually put on 27.21kgs of weight on it. But still, users must try to maintain the weight between 20 and 25 Kgs.

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