Monowheel E400 and C200 Electric Unicycle Review

The latest successor to the Monowheel E350, the E400, shows remarkable driving ranges with excellent maneuverability, robust construction, and great acceleration. This model is extremely portable with self-balancing features. The E400’s little brother is the C200. Although they look very similar, the C200 is even lighter and more compact than the E400. Keep on reading to decide which model is best for you.

Structure, technical information, and what is included with the order

The E400 has an upgraded range of 40 km while riding at the maximum speed of 25 km/h. Keep in mind this only applies to straight routes and an economical driving style. The battery can be fully charged in just two hours with the charge status being displayed by four LEDs. This model is ultraportable with a light weight of 12.5 kg, although sturdy enough for a maximum rider weight of 120 kg. An electronic control circuit directs the monowheel to move in whichever direction the driver is leaning. 

With the Monowheel C200, you can travel about 18 km with a one hour battery charge time. Both models use high-quality Li-ion batteries capable of withstanding at least 1,000 full charge/discharge cycles.

  • Dimensions of the Monowheel E400: 43 cm wide, 50 cm high, 15 cm deep
  • Dimensions of the Monowheel C200: 39.5 cm wide, 45 cm high, 16 cm deep

Thanks to the included training wheels, beginners can easily practice and save themselves a few falls and scratches while learning how to ride. The provided tether is another great way to find your balance. 

TIP:  So that the electric unicycle will continue to look as beautiful in the future as it did on the first day, you should cover the monowheel with foam on each side. Monowheels fall quite often (especially at the beginning), and this saves you a few scratches and dents.

Delivery content – what’s included:

  • Monowheel E400 (black or white edition) or C200
  • Charger
  • Operating instructions in German or English
  • Instructional tape
  • Training wheels

Who should get a Monowheel E400 or C200 electric unicycle?

Although this is not the most portable model we have tested since the handle cannot be folded in, this is a very beginner-friendly model. Training wheels and a tether are included for new riders to get used to the feel of a unicycle without too many falls. You can also choose your ideal model based on your range requirements.

What about the price-performance ratio?

The E400 and C200 look nearly identical. Their primary difference lies in their maximum range – 40 km or 18 km. The price-performance ratio of this model is great with operating costs being a sensational € 0.50 per 100 km!

What do other owners say?

Over 90% of customers praise the great driving characteristics of these electric unicycles. Maintenance and care are negligible, making this an easy purchase. Since owners are generally satisfied with both models, base your choice on your range requirements.

Our opinion on the Monowheel E400 and C200?

We were surprised by the amount of power and range of the Monowheel E400. The included support wheels and tether are very practical, especially for beginners looking to drive at max speed. This monowheel is not as elegant and futuristic as our test winner the Ninebot One E, but the simple style is still appealing, and the performance is high quality.

Our conclusion

The Monowheel E400 and C200 are both great monowheel options for beginners. We recommend the E400 if you are looing for high range and motor power. If you don’t need quite as much oomph out of your electric unicycle, the C200 is a great choice.

“I’ve been the proud owner of my own monowheel for about 3 months, and because of the good battery performance and long range, I opted for the larger version, the E-350. I live in Hamburg and have a long way to work, that’s why I take the bus and bike every day, that’s so great and saves at least half the time  Also works quite well in the rain, only the gusts of wind can get you off track, In Hamburg it is often windy ? I don’t know how the Monowheel drives on black ice, but I will definitely test that in winter.
According to the manufacturer, the range is 35 km. I can confirm that, at the beginning I used a GPS tracker and recorded my route. I even drove about 40 km because I don’t weigh that much.
I still have one negative point: I am constantly being addressed on the street. With the monowheel you become an eye-catcher, but I can live with that ? My monowheel is always with me. “

“The fun factor is enormous. At first, I thought you’d never do that, but after an hour everything went by itself. After a week, I went to work. The information about km / h is exactly correct. Lt. GPS I drove 31Km, that would be ok too. I am very happy. What really annoys over time are really the people. You have to tell the same thing over and over again all day. Children came running after me in droves. That’s not good in the long run. But no matter, full marks for a piece of freedom. “

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