Ninebot One E + 500w – Electric Unicycle Review!

You can say that this approx. 14 kg electric unicycle is the small luxury unicycle among the monowheels. The noble design with the porcelain-like surface catches the eye and the LED lighting goes perfectly with the little speedster. In addition, you can control the driving characteristics and lighting effects with a great app. Thanks to a 500-watt motor and a 320 Wh battery, speeds of up to 22 km / h can be achieved. In addition, the manufacturer promises a range of up to 35 km put back. As with the fuel consumption of a car, these are tests with the most efficient driving style – so a little less is to be expected in practice.

Using all the data and various information that we have, we have prepared all the findings in compact form in order to provide a quick overview of the essentials.

With the oversupply on the market, it is difficult to make the right decision, so we would like to support the search for the right electric unicycle with our test reports.

Structure, functions, and scope of delivery


  • Ninebot One E +
  • Charging station / charger
  • battery pack
  • 2 rolls of protective foam with 3M adhesive (random color choice)
  • 1 extension of the valve (8 cm)
  • Brief instructions (may not be in German)
  • Warranty card
  • Lexan ring display: 20 RGB LEDs per side, battery indicator, brake light, individual colors

The look

As already described above, the Ninebot One E + shines with its futuristic design. The massive case gives an extraordinary look. Thus, the electric unicycle looks very simple at first glance. But the appearance dims – there is an LED ring on both sides, which ensures a very cool effect. The light settings can easily be set via Bluetooth with an app called Ninedroid. Another great idea from the inventors goes to the handle, which is made of magnesium and elastic polyurethane, which makes it light and stable at the same time. This can also be easily hidden in the upper housing frame and folded out if necessary.

TIP:  So that the electric unicycle will continue to look as beautiful in the future as it did on day one, the Ninebot One E + should be covered with the supplied foam on each side. The monowheel falls quite often, especially at the beginning, and this saves you a few scratches and dents.

What do you get here?

The Ninebot One E + is not our test winner for nothing. It has the best price-performance ratio of our top products. The price is really more than justified and the electric unicycle has everything you need.

As already mentioned, the technology is flawless and extremely high quality for this price.

For this reason, we come back to the app briefly. As already mentioned above, you can have your smartphone synchronized with the monowheel via Bluetooth. Simply activate the Bluetooth module using the radio remote control supplied and, of course, the Bluetooth must also be active on the smartphone. With this app you can not only set the LED lights and tones, but also the sensitivity of the braking; That means how hard or soft the Ninebot One responds when the body is lying forwards or backward. In addition, you can read the current speed, the distance covered, the engine temperature, and the distance covered – a really extremely good offer!

Our opinion on it

The unicycle really looks great. At first glance, it is noticeable that various other models are a bit lighter, but you should not only pay attention to quantity, but also to quality and always compare all data as a whole.

Everything here is built to the right quality across the board and once you stand on such an electric unicycle, you notice that 20 km / h can be pretty fast.

Maintenance and care are also almost neglected, making it the ideal vehicle for young and old – and extremely environmentally friendly.

This is what other customers say about the Ninebot One E +

If you analyze the evaluation reports on the Internet on different sites and summarize, as we did, 90% of customers praise the great driving characteristics of the electric unicycles.

Based on the large number and positivity of the reviews, it is easy to see that this is the ideal electric unicycle to be mobile in a modern and affordable style, even for households with a slightly smaller monthly budget.

“I’ve owned the Ninebot One E + for 9 months now.

After about 30-60 minutes of exercise (without holding on or 2nd person very difficult) I was able to drive straight ahead with it relatively well.
You then learn the curves relatively quickly afterward, but they are still not that easy.

With a weight of 82kg, you can travel approx. 30 km with one battery charge on a partly straight/hilly location.
Charging takes about 2 hours.

With an app for Android or IOS you can track all data such as speed, consumption, distance covered, etc.
The “chassis” (and other gimmicks such as light show etc.) can also be set with this app (very ingenious).

I’ve ridden it for hundreds of kilometers and I have to say it’s really fun!

I never regret the purchase. “

“We haven’t regretted this purchase, even if the purchase price hurts. But it’s a lot of fun! “

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