Razor A3 Kick Scooter Review 2022

Scooters are a comfortable means of transport for adults and children.  The Razor is perfect for coming to work or just to have fun in the park and on the street. The Razor A3 scooters offer a lot of fun for children and even for those who are a bit older and still enjoy the excitement.

The first impression one gets from a bicycle is impressive. It is mainly the strength and durability of the model that will change the way you ride your bike. In this test report about the Razor A3 Kick scooter we take a closer look at the engine.

Try comparing other models and the Razor A3 scooter might be best if you use it for your specific needs.

Performance analysis

  • Stable folding construction

The Amazon Razor A3 Kick Scooter is equipped with an original folding device that makes it possible to fold quickly and smoothly when needed. It is suitable for transporting the scooter, can be stored and easily loaded into the car during the trip. Durable aluminium holds the weight and can be easily transported when folded.

The scooter has broken mudguards at the rear, which ensures a very responsive ride and better control at both low and high speeds. It’s necessary for young people when they’re driving it. This scooter is easy to handle if you make a long trip.

It is equipped with an adjustable steering wheel, which makes it possible to adjust the height, usually according to the height of the user. Rudders, wheels and deck logos are available in different colours for a young man to choose from.

  • Wheel type

This motorcycle shaver has been enhanced by the use of 125mm urethane wheels in combination with a quick release system. The drive wheel is equipped with shock resistant suspension to make your ride as comfortable as possible.

The A3 scooter uses 125 mm urethane wheels that provide excellent grip on a variety of surfaces. The wheels glide smoothly, so the scooter only needs a few shocks to cover a long distance, and it also rides at a better speed. Read the article The Razor A3 Kick scooter, which will help you drive efficiently.

  • Suitability for age

This scooter is recommended for children from 6 years of age. It can carry a weight of up to 143 pounds. It is therefore generally suitable for older children, which is good for everyone to have fun riding.


  • Robust construction
  • Robust, high-quality plastic bridge
  • Easy removal of the steering wheel
  • Light
  • Easy to drive
  • Solid wheels
  • Very flexible.
  • Ideal for a gradual increase in speed


  • Brakes may run out
  • Scooters are slower than bikes.


Then why buy a Razor A3 scooter? Because it’s so much fun to ride a scooter on the road. You need to find the best kick scooter for your specific use and situation, and Razor A3 scooters can compare the scooter you need to choose.

The overview of the A3 Kick Scooter Razor will help you to develop your driving behavior normally. The A3 scooter uses an amazing spring-less grip system, making it safer for the rider. Wing brakes enable the driver to stop quickly when necessary.

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