Razor E 300 Electric Scooter Review

Now we come to a slightly cheaper candidate. The manufacturer seems to have specialized in driving fun for children, after all the electric scooter has been sold around 5 million times.

This model, which is extremely light in weight, offers pure driving pleasure, especially for the younger generation. This electric scooter score points above all with its very low weight. However, compromises also have to be made.

You can find out why and which areas are affected by these compromises in our Razor E300 products. Here you will find specific detailed information as well as helpful tips and tricks for buying an electric scooter.

Technical details, properties, and scope of delivery of the Razor E300 electric scooter

Let’s start with the base – the chassis. The Razor E300 is sturdy and perfectly suited for outdoor use. Various attachments are made of special steel and underpin the entire concept a little. The footprint of the scooter is relatively wide, which ensures a safe stand.

The Razor is powered by a 250-watt electric motor, with power being transmitted via a chain directly to the rear wheel. The powerful motor accelerates the scooter up to 24 km / h. The scooter is braked with a rear wheel brake, as is also the case with a bicycle, for example.

So that the vehicle can be supplied with energy or electricity at all, a powerful battery is installed, which guarantees a journey time of 40 minutes. Of course, the same applies here, as with the other recommended scooters: It depends entirely on the road surface properties and above all on the weight of the driver, this can extend or shorten the range or travel time.

When you are not jetting around, the electric scooter can be conveniently placed on a foldable stand. Not only does it work great, it also looks really great. He also has very good tires, which provide sufficient grip and stability.

At this point, the low weight might be worth mentioning, because the good piece weighs just 25 kg WITH the battery, although the scooter is still suitable for drivers with a deadweight of up to 100 kg. All the better for the slightly taller children.

As a small note, it should also be mentioned that this scooter is not suitable for the road and does not have all the safety-relevant attachments. Nevertheless, even adults can have a lot of fun with this scooter in non-public places, for example on the campsite.Razor E300 advantages and disadvantages


 Stable chassis

 Loadable up to 100 kg

 Up to 24 km / h fast


 Battery life 40 minutes

 Scope of delivery, what’s included:

  • Electric scooter Razor E 300
  • battery pack
  • manual

Who is the Razor E 300 electric scooter suitable for?

The manufacturer’s recommendation says that the scooter is suitable for children aged 13 and over. According to our recommendation, the handling of this model is relatively easy and due to the low weight not a big problem, if even younger people may be driving this scooter in a closed area.

However, we generally recommend that everyone should wear a helmet and other protective equipment when riding a scooter in order to ensure sufficient safety!

As already mentioned above, this scooter is not street legal, so it is forbidden to use the Razor on public roads. Please only use this scooter in non-public places, for example on vacation, on private property, etc. This model is particularly suitable for beginners or as a practice purpose. However, it has to be said very clearly that adults will obviously have fun with the 24 km / h.

This is our experience. Hopefully, this will help you choose the right electric scooter. So if you are around 12-13 years old or older and don’t weigh more than 100 kg, you will have a lot of fun with the Razor and for relatively little money.

Is the price for this scooter justified?

In our opinion, YES! Otherwise, it would not have made it into the top 6 electric scooters in our scooter test. You have to be very clear that this is of course not a premium scooter, which you can certainly see from the range, but what you get for your money is more than fair. The sturdy construction is particularly impressive at this low price.

What do other Razor owners say about the scooter?

Electric scooter Razor e300

The customer reviews are 85% extremely positive, at least 4.5 out of 5 stars . This shows very well that there is satisfaction with this product. Many buyers report that the battery lasts longer than specified, even on easy uphill stretches, and that in some  cases they have covered 6 kilometers with the scooter . Some customers were dissatisfied with the performance or disappointed with the range. Nevertheless, the feedback was mostly positive. Apparently, many buyers would be hoping for a little bit more performance.

Our opinion on the Razor E300 electric scooter?

For the money, a pretty good product. However, one should not expect miracles from the Razor E 300. If you want to conquer steep mountains and have to cover longer distances, you will definitely not be happy with this scooter.

In our opinion, it is ideal for beginners or children. Of course, this is more of a fun device than a means of transport, because the range is not particularly long.

Our conclusion

If the offered performance is sufficient, we can clearly recommend buying the E300 electric scooter. Because you save a lot of money, of course, in contrast to a top model. Our motto is: first think, then buy

“I have been riding the scooter for about 3 weeks and I am satisfied because I drive 4 km up and down a mountain with one filling every day. It would also cover 6 km, but since I only have one charging option, I charge it after 4.
The Razor costs only € 250 and it deserves 4 stars for that. ” 

“The scooter is great for short trips! – Absolute time savings in combination with public transport, as it takes up little space in the bus and subway. Not recommended for longer distances because the battery life is too short and the battery charging time is too long. ” 

Video test of the Razor E 300 electric scooter


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