Razor E100 Electric Scooter Review

The Razor E100 is an electric scooter that even the little ones can fun with since it is recommended for children aged 8 and over. Choosing an electric scooter will give you the peace of mind that your neighbors won’t be bothered by loud operating noises as your children play around the driveway. Razor excels at child-friendly designs, and the E100 is no exception. Keep reading to learn all the pros and cons of this model in our detailed review.

Structure, technical information, and what is included with the order

Just to reiterate, the Razor E100 is ideal for children with specs to match. It has a 250W motor that accelerates to a top speed of 16 km/h with a maximum rider weight of 55 kg. Power is transmitted to the rear wheel by means of a connecting chain. Multiple battery options are available for this scooter. Your choice will impact price, charging time, and driving time. The 24V battery option is capable of 40 minutes of driving time. The standard is a 36V with 12 Ah, but there is an even larger battery available. 

The ultralight weight of 16 kg makes the scooter easy to manage for smaller riders. Acceleration is intuitive using the motorcycle-inspired throttle. The standing deck is nice and wide to ensure a safe and stable ride. We found the handling to be very easy thanks to the 8″ large wheels and air-filled tires. We found the scooter to be pretty economical with 100 kilometers costing about $0.30-0.60.

Delivery content – what’s included:

  • Razor E100 electric scooter
  • All necessary attachments
  • Manual

Who should get the Razor E100 electric scooter?

In our opinion, the Razor E100 is best for children under 15. This scooter is not a high-tech model or approved for use on public roads. Instead, it should be considered as a toy or nice gadget. This is a great budget-friendly and environmentally-conscious gift for younger children interested in a starter scooter. The handling and low weight are ideal for the needs of smaller children.

What about the price-performance ratio? 

This scooter is offered at an excellent price point as a children’s scooter. This is definitely one of the most affordable models on our list. The quality is great with specs designed for children’s needs. If this sounds like the right product for your needs, do not hesitate to buy!

What do other owners say?

The feedback is generally positive for this model and has received 5 out of 5 stars from our shop partners. Some riders have been impressed with the battery life, as it often exceeds the reported ride time limit. Also, users found the assembly to be a breeze.

Our opinion on the Razor E100?

The Razor E100 makes our list of top 6 scooters, and we are convinced that the Razor E100 is the best model for children. The driving characteristics, low weight, and speed have all been chosen with younger users in mind to provide the highest quality driving experience for riders between the ages of 8 and 15. The only potential drawback of the scooter is its shorter range, but we believe it is more than sufficient for the design. This is a great starter scooter for learning to navigate around the house.

Our conclusion

This scooter is excellent for children between the ages of 8 and 15. It is very stable and of high quality, especially for the low price. This is a great learning model that we highly recommend!

“A great scooter, our 9 year old son has a lot of fun with it.
The battery lasts the specified time and the scooter is really not slow. Very good!!”

“This electric scooter is highly recommended, it is very stable and very beautiful.
There were no complications in setting up or driving.
I would by it anytime again.”

Product video Razor E 100 electric scooter

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