Razor Electric Scooter E 100 Review

The Razor E 100 is an electric scooter that even the little ones will have fun with. According to the manufacturer, this model is recommended for children aged 8 and over.

The residents will thank you, too, after all, an electric scooter is extremely quiet and nobody is disturbed when the little ones speed around in the courtyard.

The choice of the E 100 is ideal for children, after all, the manufacturer Razor has specialized in driving fun for children and has already brought countless top products onto the market.

In the following test report, all information that we have is disclosed and processed. We hope that the review can clarify a few open questions and help you with your purchase decision.

Structure, functions and scope of delivery

The electric scooter Razor E 100 is ideal for children. It has a 250-watt motor that accelerates the scooter to a top speed of 16 km / h. You shouldn’t expect miracles here, however, it is really more of a scooter for children , or a light support to get from A to B. In terms of weight, the scooter is really great, after all, it only weighs a meager 16 kg .

You should by no means make comparisons with a scooter for 600 € or more, because these are two completely different classes.

The deck on which you stand while driving is nice and wide and ensures a safe and stable stand. The scooter looks very stable and high quality overall, especially for the low price.

After delivery, the pre-assembled scooter has to be assembled a bit, which is not a problem at all. The battery should then be charged for about 12 hours before it starts.

The handling of the scooter is really very good, especially the 8 ′ large wheels, and the air-filled tires ensure comfortable driving.

The good piece is powered by a 24-volt battery, which is sufficient for about 40 minutes of driving time . The power is transmitted to the rear wheel by means of a connecting chain. You accelerate with a throttle , like on a motorcycle.


  • Electric scooter Razor E 100
  • All necessary attachments
  • manual

When you order the scooter, you can choose between different batteries. The standard is 36 volt with 12 Ah (ampere hours). There is the option of choosing a larger battery.

Ideal for ecologically-minded parents, because driving the e-scooter is not only environmentally friendly, it is also extremely cheap. 100 kilometers of driving fun cost around 30-60 cents here. This of course depends on the driving style, the weight of the driver and the road surface properties.

For whom is the purchase of the Razor E 100 electric scooter worthwhile?

Electric scooter Razor

In our opinion, this model is particularly suitable for children and possibly women. As already mentioned, this is not a high-tech model that is approved for use on public roads. This should be seen more as a toy or a nice gadget.

The electric scooter is suitable for people up to a weight of 55 kg , so it is likely to be used mainly by children.

Especially if you weigh a little more, you should tend to choose a different model, as you will otherwise only have limited fun with the Razor electric scooter.

Especially the easy handling and the low weight are ideal for the demands of smaller children.

Is the offer fair? What does this electric scooter offer?

The Razor E 100 is certainly not number one in our electric scooter test, but it made it into our top 6 scooters. Our tests are about the overall package. In general, however, one can say that all of the scooters offered here offer significant added value and are justified in their existence, as well as being of very good quality.

The Razor is a high quality product, but it is especially appealing to children. The price-performance ratio is just right here.

If you want to get around on public roads, you should make a different choice, because the Razor E 100 is not street legal and must therefore not be moved on the road. Nevertheless, due to its low weight, it is great for camping or similar. All in all, one can clearly say that the purchase is worthwhile.

Our opinion on the Razor E 100

We are convinced by our test and the aggregated data that we have summarized here – the Razor E 100 electric scooter is THE scooter for children.

The driving characteristics, the low weight, the speed … everything speaks for the fact that the little ones will have a lot of fun with this model and get along well with it.

Children between the ages of 8 and 15 are probably best served with this scooter. The only drawback here is short-range. However, this is usually more than sufficient for a children’s scooter, after all, you usually don’t run the entire battery charge directly, so 2-3 hours of driving fun can come together.

This is what other customers say about the Razor E 100 electric scooter

The feedback is very positive. As a rule, the scooter receives consistently positive feedback. 80% of the scooters received 5 out of 5 stars from our shop partners.

One buyer reported the problem that he had to push the scooter minimally, up to about 5 km / h, but we do not know how high his body weight was.

Otherwise it was mentioned that the battery life sometimes lasts longer than stated.

The assembly is extremely easy for most of them and posed no problem at all.

“A great scooter, our 9 year old son has a lot of fun with it.
The battery lasts the specified time and the scooter is really not slow. Very good!!”

“This electric scooter is highly recommended, it is very stable and very beautiful.
There were no complications in setting up or driving.
I would by it anytime again.”

Product video Razor E 100 electric scooter

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