Razor MX500 In-Depth Analysis Review 2022

If you are looking for an original gift for your child, an electric motocrosser can be a good choice. An electric dirt bike is indeed a toy with the characteristics of a real motorcycle. It’s a big investment in your child’s enjoyment. Electric motors are quite good and efficient. There is a wide range of electric off-road motorcycles. Razor’s Dirt Rocket MX500 electric motocross is one of the best options, and here we present the overview. Let’s take a look at the Razor MX500.

Razor MX500 mud rocket electric motocross motor overview:

The Dirt Rocket Razor MX500 electric bike is simply the perfect bike for children. The bike comes with authentic graphics that give it a very cool look. The Razor MX500 is a real artist. This bike has great features and capabilities, making it very popular with children all over the world. And in this test report on the Razor MX500 electric motocross bikes, we have discussed this bike in detail so that you can make the right decision.

Product overview :

  • Powerful motor

In the first discussion of a dirty engine, the Razor MX500, we want to talk about the engine. The MX500 engine is equipped with a powerful 500 W motor. The engine has a chain drive and variable speed, which allows powerful operation. This powerful engine works very well. Your children will feel like a real motor thanks to the powerful engine. The bike can be ridden at a maximum speed of 17 MPh. It’s a great option for kids.

  • Quiet operation

As we know, the motor is driven by a 500 W motor. The engine has a variable speed function and a chain transmission. Thanks to these characteristics the engine runs very quietly and at the same time powerful. Quiet operation is an essential feature of a pedelec, and the MX500 is very quiet in this case. Riders will enjoy a smooth ride on this all-terrain bike.

  • High capacity battery

The Razor MX500 is powered by 24V (212V) batteries. These batteries are sealed, rechargeable lead-acid batteries. These batteries are powerful enough to do a good job. Thanks to these powerful batteries, the motor offers a good high speed of up to 17 MPH. A bike can travel up to 10 miles on a single load; that’s pretty good. The annoying thing is that it takes a long time before the batteries are fully charged (almost 8 hours), but this gives the right performance when they are put into use. The engine runs continuously at maximum speed for almost 40 minutes. You can charge the battery at night and children can play during the day.

  • Standard tyres and wheels

This Razor MX500 electric motorcycle is standard equipped with 16 and 14 tyres. These bumpy tyres offer extreme driving pleasure on any road, even uphill. Your children can walk with friends in the surrounding hills and have fun with the big bumps of the MX500. Moreover, the bike can ride in mud and water, with the advantage that the tires are lumpy. These tyres also provide extra stability on bumpy roads. The riders will therefore benefit from excellent stability during the race.

  • Double suspension

This bike is also equipped with a double suspension system that offers extra comfort. Riding a bicycle is extremely comfortable thanks to the double suspension system. The suspension system also reduces shock loads on bumpy roads. The dual suspension system helps give the driver a feeling of stability whether the road is flat, bumpy or hilly, and ensures a smooth ride at all times. This feature also makes driving more fun.

  • Double disc brakes

The double disc brake system is another interesting feature of this bike. The Razor MX500 is equipped with front and rear brakes that provide comfortable braking when needed. This motorcycle offers a manual brake system. Installing a disc brake system in the bike is a smart move by Razor that makes it safe and comfortable.

The double disc brakes on this bike ensure the safety of your children. The manual brake system is also easy to use. In this way your children can use them comfortably and find the bike very comfortable. The disc brake system also improves driving control.

  • Cooling design

It’s all about design and worldview. One of the most important aspects of a motorcycle is its appearance and design. And the Razor MX500 electric motor has an authentic design. It is designed with an authentic geometric frame of a real dirty bike. Children love to brag about their valuables and Razor has given this bike an attractive appearance. This bike looks like a real professional motocross bike. He looks really cool with his looks, and that’s why the kids love him so much. It’s the perfect choice for children.

Moreover, the bike is made of solid steel, which makes it durable. Your children can use it for a long time, even if they only use it loosely.

  • True throttle system

This Razor MX500 is equipped with a propeller gas system, just like a real professional dirt bike. The throttle valve is easy to maintain and pleasant to use. It also offers a real motorbike feeling. Children like to put their feet on the accelerator when they are riding, because it gives the feeling of a real bike. No doubt your kids will love it. They love it, believe me. However, a torque throttle lever is the beginning. Once your children have mastered it, they move on to the next level.

  • Adjustable handles

The MX500 is equipped with a steering belt pulley system. No, you can’t adjust the steering wheel at all, but you can turn it forwards or backwards. He’s going to raise or lower the steering wheel. This simple function allows you to customise the steering wheel for your child according to your needs. Even if it’s not much higher or lower, you’ll find it a comfortable level for children. Your children can ride comfortably.

  • Other characteristics

In addition to the basic functions this bicycle has a number of extra functions and possibilities. TheMX500 is equipped with a front mudguard which makes the bike look like a real dirty bike and a simple but very useful retractable stand to park the bike anywhere. This bike also has a work of art on a really dirty bike that is so cool. You also benefit from a 90-day warranty on this bike. So don’t worry if anything goes wrong.

Please note that this bike also requires a small assembly, which you can do yourself with a little help from the manual. It’s very quick and easy. This bike is just a good choice for children. So you can think about it if you want to surprise the child.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • What is the speed of the MX500 shaver?

The Razor MX500 can be used with a single operator at a maximum speed of 17 MPH.

  • If the battery is flat, can I take it home easily?

The engine’s heavy, it weighs 112 pounds. But you can easily push and go home.

  • How long does it take to charge a Razor scooter?

The charging time of the Razor scooter depends on the type and capacity of the battery. The Razor MX500 takes almost 8 hours to fully charge.

  • Can I adjust the steering wheel?

Yes, you can turn the steering wheel backwards or forwards. He lowers or raises the steering wheel a little.

  • Can my bike ride in mud and water?

Yes, the engine has nice tires and high torque; it can ride perfectly on water and mud.

  • Can a child under the age of 14 drive it?

Although this bike is recommended for children 14 years of age and older, it is too small for children 14 years of age and older. Even your seven-year-old can drive it.

  • What are the differences between the MX500 shavers?

The SX500 shaver is more powerful and larger than the MX500 shaver. And the SX500 has a better range.

Well, we are at the end of the review of the Razor MX500, we can only say that it is a good electronic engine for children. Razor has many electronic dirt bikes for children, and the MX500 is one of the most popular bikes because of its features and capabilities. It’s the perfect choice for children. You can also see the electronic motocross Razor Dirt Rocket SX500. The two bikes are almost identical except for a few minor differences. The MX500 is pretty good, but if you need a longer battery and a slightly larger engine, you can spend a little more money on the Razor SX500.

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