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Welcome to the future – now everyone has the opportunity to jet through the area on motorized roller skates. The mini-Segway for the feet from the company Acton are the new hit when it comes to electronic transportation. The Acton company stands out from other manufacturers in that they have built an electric motor into roller skates. The good thing is that the roller skates fit everyone, because you insert your own shoe into the locking system and are connected by it. The speed is determined by a clever rocker system. The heel is pressed down slightly and part of the forefoot hangs in the air.

What are RocketSkates?

As already described in the introduction, RocketSkates are motorized roller skates. In principle, these are strapped on like ski boots, which are fixed with a latched buckle. It is best to wear shoes with a flat sole, otherwise the buckle will be harder or hardly tightened. In the RocketSkates you can also walk normally and climbing stairs is also possible without any problems. The total weight of the electric skates is 7 kg – 3.5 kg per shoe. By tilting one foot you can accelerate to an impressive 19 km / h, which is fully charged again after 90 minutes. The front foot indicates the speed and a microprocessor transfers the speed to the second shoe so that one shoe doesn’t go faster than the other. The guide foot is set in the app developed for this purpose.

The associated app

The Acton app, which connects to the RocketSkates via Bluetooth, can be easily downloaded for Android or iOS free of charge. The skates can be configured in the app, such as the guide foot, or the kilometers covered and the remaining range can be displayed. Furthermore, you have access to a world ranking list where you can see who has covered the most kilometers with the RocketSkates so far. In the app, you can then choose between beginner, normal, and pro, which then determines the speed of the skates. In addition, the smartphone shows in real-time when the integrated lithium-ion batteries should be charged. If desired, the scooters can also be remotely controlled via an app.

Who is allowed to ride RocketSkates and for whom are they suitable?

Like the  Self Balance Scooter, the RocketSkates reach a maximum speed of up to almost 19 km / h. Small children should therefore only ride the skates under the supervision of an adult, as they are not yet properly related to such a speed and this can lead to unnecessary accidents. For this reason, the manufacturer and we recommend that you equip yourself with suitable protective clothing.

The electric roller skates are interesting for commuters in large cities who always have to cover short distances. Skates on, to the track, get a sandwich and coffee and continue to work at about 19 km / h. Or even companies with huge areas can fit their security personnel with such skates.

How far can I get with a fully charged battery?

Acton currently has three different models: R5, R8 and R10. The R in front of the number stands for the range of the individual models in miles.

5 miles = 8.05 km8 miles = 12.87 km10 miles = 16.09 km

Of course, there are also some criteria that determine how far you can go with the Rocketskates. On the one hand there is the weight of the driver and the speed that is being driven and on the other hand the incline and headwind.

The general charging time of the batteries is around two hours and they can withstand 600 charging cycles.

Maintenance and care

If you are constantly on the move with your RocketSkates, you should check from time to time whether your skates are still perfect for driving. It would be a disaster if the rocketskates suddenly blocked or something like that and a painful fall could result. That is why you should check the tires to see whether they are still roadworthy or have already become porous and also check whether all screws are tightly screwed and none have loosened.

A few tips on how to save your battery:

  • Use only the original batteries
  • Do not leave the charger connected for longer than 48 hours at a time
  • If possible, never run the battery completely empty
  • If possible, store the battery under living room controls (not too hot or too cold)

Advantages of rocketskates

Similar to the Self Balance Scooter, this vehicle has some advantages. As soon as you have run in and have mastered the electric scooter well, you can get from A to B without any problems, without doing a lot of physical effort. So you could drive to work in the morning in summer without arriving sweaty and not having to rely on full S-Bahn trains or buses.

In terms of size, the RocketSkates are also optimal and do not need a lot of space to park. These can also be conveniently charged at work and driven back home with a fully charged battery. Or security guards who work in large companies could drive around on the private property with the electric scooters and check whether everything is in order.

Not to be forgotten is the fun factor, which is definitely the top priority. To hover over the ground at about 19 km / h is a great feeling and is definitely a big addicting factor.

Use of RocketSkates

In addition, as soon as the design-related maximum speed is more than 6 km / h, the general provisions of the FZV and FZV apply. The problem here is that the skates don’t have a seat, proper brakes, lighting, steering, etc. For this reason, these can only be driven on private property. In addition, you must have a class B driving license or a moped driving license to drive the electric scooter. Private liability insurance does not apply to damage caused by the RocketSkates.

In an emergency, nothing happens to the drivers when they drive on public roads, for example in the city, as the laws on this are still far too vague and the police themselves do not know exactly what the law is about electric means of transport.

How expensive are the RocketSkates?

Depending on the model, they differ not only in their range, but also in price.

  • The R5, the one with the smallest engine, costs the equivalent of around € 380.00
  • The R8, the one with the middle engine, costs the equivalent of around € 490.00
  • The R10, the one with the largest engine, costs the equivalent of around € 580.00

You also have to consider that the RocketSkates are shipped from a third country and that customs and import sales tax may be added to the price.

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