RocketSkates – All Essential Information At A Glance

Welcome to the future where everyone has the opportunity to jet around on motorized roller skates. RocketSkates manufactured by Acton are the latest hit in electronic transportation. This new gadget is like a mini-Segway for the feet. RocketSkates are electric roller skates that lock around your own shoe. Keep reading to learn why people are lining up to buy this new release!

What are RocketSkates?

RocketSkates are motorized roller skates that are essentially strapped on like ski boots and fixed with a latched buckle. Flat-soled shoes are a requirement, otherwise the buckle cannot be properly tightened. RocketSkates allow for normal walking or even climbing stairs. Each RocketSkate weighs 3.5 kg – 7 kg and can be fully charged in 90 minutes. By tilting one foot you can accelerate to an impressive 19 km/h. The front foot indicates the speed, and a microprocessor transfers the speed to the second shoe so that one shoe doesn’t go faster than the other. The guide foot is set in the provided app.

How does the app work?

The free Acton app connects to the RocketSkates via Bluetooth and can easily be downloaded for Android or iOS. The app can be used to display distance traveled, remaining range, and charge level. You can also configure the skates including setting the guide foot used to set the speed while in use or the speed level. By choosing from beginner, normal, or pro levels, you can determine your maximum speed and acceleration sensitivity. Users can also connect in the app via the world ranking list that displays who has covered the longest distance in RocketSkates so far.

Who can ride RocketSkates?

Similar to self-balancing scooters, RocketSkates have a maximum speed of almost 19 km/h. Small children should only use RocketSkates under adult supervision to prevent unnecessary accidents. A helmet and safety gear are also recommended. Electric roller skates are a great option for commuters in large cities who regularly travel short distances.

How far can I get on a fully charged battery?

Acton currently has three different models: R5, R8, and R10. The model numbers refer to the distance range in miles (shown below).

5 miles = 8.05 km8 miles = 12.87 km10 miles = 16.09 km

Keep in mind that driver weight, average speed, incline, headwind, and road conditions will also impact the observed distance range. The charging time ranges from 1.5-2 hours depending on the selected model. Each battery can withstand 600 charging cycles.

Maintenance and care

If you are constantly on the move with your RocketSkates, you should perform regular maintenance checks to avoid any accidents. Some important things to check are the tire conditions and whether any screws have loosened.

A few tips on how to save your battery:

  • Only use the original batteries
  • Do not leave the charger connected for longer than 48 hours at a time
  • If possible, never run the battery completely empty
  • If possible, always store the battery at room temperature


Since these are a motorized means of transportation, RocketSkates help you easily get from one destination to the next without too much physical exertion. The fact that they are electrically powered means they are environmentally friendly. In terms of size, the RocketSkates are optimal in the sense that they do not require much parking or storage space. These can also be conveniently charged anywhere thanks to their relatively short charging time. Don’t forget the most important point of all – the fun factor! RocketSkates are an exciting way to get around outise at 19 km/h.

How to use

The general provisions of the FZV and FZV apply for any means of transportation exceeding 6 km/h. Unfortunately, RocketSkates do not have a seat, proper brakes, lighting, or steering required by these guidelines, meaning that they are only legal for riding on private property. A class B driving license or moped driving license is required to drive electric scooters, but guidance is limited for electric rollerskates at this time. Note that private liability insurance does not apply to damage caused by the RocketSkates.

How expensive are RocketSkates?

Each model differs not only in range, but also in price:

  • The R5 costs € 380.00
  • The R8 costs € 490.00
  • The R10 costs € 580.00

Keep in mind that RocketSkates shipped from a different country may result in added customs and import sales tax to the price.

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