Rollingbull X7 350W Electric Unicycle Review

The Rollingbull X7 350W is an environmentally friendly monowheel with several features geared towards newer electric unicycle users. The X7 is the most popular model in the RollingBull series. Today we will be going over all the pros and cons of this model to help you decide if it is the right fit for your needs.

Structure, technical information, and what is included with the order

This model has a maximum speed of 18 km/h and and average range of 30 km. The monowheel only weighs 10.8 kg and is equipped with a 350 watt motor. The 264 Wh Samsung battery requires a 1.5 hour charge time. The monowheel is self-balancing, which means that an electronic control circuit automatically moves the airwheel according to the direction the driver is leaning. The inclination angle of the driver is constantly measured to allow for motor output correction as you ride. Some other important specs include: 14-inch (35.56 cm) tire size, 120 kg maximum loading weight, and 42.5 cm height x 39 cm width x 17.5 cm dimensions. The built-in lamp on the back foreground is a helpful safety feature that enables evening driving. The provided display keeps you informed of your speed, battery charge level, and distance covered, and the built-in loudspeaker lets you listen to your favorite music on the go. Two color combinations are available – white and red.

Delivery content – what’s included:

  • Rollingbull X7 350W electric unicyle
  • Charging station/charger
  • 264 Wh battery
  • Practice tether
  • Air pump
  • Operating instructions
  • Training wheels
  • Collision protection (bumper)

Who should get a Rollingbull X7 350W electric unicycle?

This electric unicycle is extremely portable thanks to its compact size and low weight, making it easy to take with you anywhere. Those interested in high-tech features will enjoy the built-in display and speakers. This model is easy to learn thanks to the provided training wheels, bumper, and practice tether with little to no expected maintenance. Overall, this monowheel will appeal to a wide audience base looking for well-rounded features.

What about the price-performance ratio? 

This electric unicycle is a great value, especially considering the number of safety and modern tech features that are included. The high quality and low maintenance will keep you riding for years!

What do other owners say?

Over 90% of customers are happy with the Rollingbull X7 350W electric unicycle. The great driving characteristics were routinely praised as well as the price point.

Our opinion on the Rollingbull X7 350W Electric Unicycle?

The monowheel is high quality with built-in safety precautions for easy night driving. The low required maintenance and care are are especially appealing for younger or older riders. We definitely recommend!

Our conclusion

This a great starter model for those looking to learn to ride an electric unicycle. The Rollingbull X7 350W is a well-rounded model suitable for just about any rider.

“Just great! Quick to learn and easy to use. My son, 9 years old, also became a safe driver after a few days. The ram protection supplied is ideal and gives the housing additional protection. But even so that the housing is very robust and stable. The battery charges quickly and reliably corresponds to the specified range or time.
The main problem is that we need a second one! “

“After not even 30 minutes of practicing ALONE, I am already driving 40 m in the garden on grass, not always completely flat. Grass is difficult. Curves don’t work out yet. Alone without holding on works quite well every now and then. My son footballer thinks I’m “weird” daughter-in-law says COOL. I can only recommend. It’s a lot of fun! And always stay tuned. “

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