Rollingbull Electric Unicycle X7 350w – Test Report!

This environmentally friendly monowheel reaches a maximum speed of 18 km / h and a range of 30 km. However, this route only applies to a straight route and an economical driving style.

The monowheel is self-balancing, which means that an electronic control circuit automatically moves the Airwheel in a direction in which the driver leans. Movement is determined by weight shift. The RockingBull measures the inclination angle of the driver and permanently corrects the engine output.

The monowheel weighs only 10.8 kg and is equipped with a 350 watt motor. This model is a Samsung 264 Wh battery that is fully charged after about 1.5 hours.

On the basis of all the data and various information that we have, we have prepared all findings in compact form in order to provide a quick overview of the essentials.

With the oversupply on the market, it is difficult to make the right decision, so we would like to support the search for the right electric unicycle with our test reports

Structure, functions and scope of delivery


  • Airwheel electric scooter Q3 800 watts
  • Charging station / charger
  • 264 Wh battery
  • Tether for practicing
  • An air pump
  • Learning and operating instructions
  • Training wheels
  • Collision protection (bumper)

The look

This monowheel is made of the two-color combinations white and red . A plus point is that there is a lamp on the back foreground , which enables driving in twilight or in the dark. The maximum loading weight is as with the other monowheel at 120 kg and the tires have a size of 14 inches (35.56 cm) .

The dimensions of the RollingBull are: height 42.5 cm x width 39 cm x depth 17.5 cm!

What do you get here?

It is not for nothing that the X7 is the bestseller in the RollingBull series, which is known for all of its points. Experience the unique feeling of gliding across the road by driving just a few centimeters above the road.

Due to the processing and the compact size, you can easily take the electric unicycle with you to university, to work or anywhere else. Thanks to the small wheels and its weight of only 10.8 kg, it is very handy and can be easily transported with its handle.

However, if you place a high value on a display with a speed display, battery charge and distance covered and a built-in loudspeaker, the RollingBull X8 is very good for you.

Our opinion on it

The monowheel looks good, especially in terms of quality. Thanks to the safety precautions, this monowheel can easily be driven in the dark so that every passer-by, cyclist and driver can see you. The scope of delivery is perfect because everything you need is available here.

Maintenance and care are also almost neglected, making it the ideal vehicle for young and old – and extremely environmentally friendly.

This is what other customers say about the RollingBull X7

If you analyze the evaluation reports on the Internet on different sites and summarize, as we did, 90% of customers praise the great driving characteristics of the electric unicycles.

Based on the large number and positivity of the reviews, it is easy to see that this is the ideal electric unicycle to be mobile in a modern and affordable style, even for households with a slightly smaller monthly budget.

“Just great! Quick to learn and easy to use. My son, 9 years old, also became a safe driver after a few days. The ram protection supplied is ideal and gives the housing additional protection. But even so that the housing is very robust and stable. The battery charges quickly and reliably corresponds to the specified range or time.
The main problem is that we need a second one! “

“After not even 30 minutes of practicing ALONE, I am already driving 40 m in the garden on grass, not always completely flat. Grass is difficult. Curves don’t work out yet. Alone without holding on works quite well every now and then. My son footballer thinks I’m “weird” daughter-in-law says COOL. I can only recommend. It’s a lot of fun! And always stay tuned. “

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