Scooters FAQs

Why do I need a scooter?

Riding your scooter or automatic motorcycle makes sense.

  • You will save fuel. A lot! Save thousands of dollars per year with better than 70mpg. You can also save hundreds of dollars each year on parking as some campuses offer free parking for your scooter or motorcycle.
  • Easier on parking at your home and out in the city. Pull up to the restaurant, your scooter can fit almost anywhere. Imagine your entire family with scooters in your one reserved parking space at your Midtown or Buckhead condo.
  • Take up less space on the road. With our congested streets your scooter will take up less space and inspire you to HAVE FUN!!!
  • With a great sense of freedom. Whether you explore new routes on your commute to work, park in spaces close to class or go for a ride through Virginia Highlands or Old Roswell. You will find your new scooter FUN!

Do you need a license to drive a scooter?

The Department of Driver Services of Georgia says you should have a drivers license for any motorized vehicle, including scooters. Many people seem to be unaware of this…

A motorcycle permit or license is required for all motors over 50cc.

How to get a motorcycle permit or license for scooter?

  • Read the manual <– Click this link to download PDF
  • The manual is 40 small pages. Read the booklet, take the self test and you should almost ace the test. You can miss up to 5 questions on each test.
  • Time typically required is under 1 hour and the average is about 45 mins.
  • The DMV is open from 7:30am to 5:00 pm (Tuesday thru Saturday)…
  • Office locations are near you <– Clink this link to go to GA DDS Location Map
    • You walk in & the receptionist gives you a number
    • Your number is called
    • You take an eye test
    • You take a 20 question motorcycle/scooter knowledge test (READ THE MANUAL)
    • You take a 20 question street sign knowledge test
  • You pay $10.00, they take your picture and give you a 6 month permit. The restrictions are no night or limited access highways (such as GA 400)
  • You are now ready to ride
  • With your permit and our test drive waiver we can coach you and get you set to test drive & purchase whichever ATL Scooter your heart is set on.

Upgrading to your motorcycle license is even easier.

  • The DDS will give you a telephone number to call and schedule your riding test.
  • You have 6 months to take your riding exam.
  • Call and schedule your test date and time.
  • Arrive a few minutes early on your ATL Scooter with your motorcycle permit and proof of insurance for your bike. You will ride your scooter in the exam.
  • The exam typically is about 20 mins. and costs only $20.00
  • At this time they will combine your motorcycle permit and your driver’s license onto one card.
  • The exam is a test of…
    • Straight away, take off, braking and swerving and braking
    • Following a left curve then following a right curve
    • Finally, a right turn
  • Again, in most cases you will be finished in less than one hour and ready to ride when and where you want.

Congratulations and please let us know if we can simplify, or if you find any errors in our information.

How do I keep my scooter?

The best way to ensure that your scooter will last a long time and that some parts remain functional is to take good care of it. As with everything you have at your disposal, a little care is important and you get all your money.
To make your journeys as fast and smooth as possible as the first day you set off, you will need to clean it often. On the street, in the park or on the sidewalk, there is inevitably a lot of dirt and debris from the ground. Each room will be very dirty at some point, so use a cotton cloth for cleaning. Start with the deck and clean it from the top and bottom and edges. You can also make it a little wet to make it even cleaner.

Don’t forget the tyres, as they are the main point of contact with the ground. Wipe the handle with the same cloth. The hand-operated handle can be replaced if it is worn out by welding. It is generally a good idea to keep the bearings clean and lubricated. You can also replace them if you feel that they have been fully utilised. On the internet you will find many useful videos about lubrication or bearing replacement. In this way you ensure that the rooms remain functional and you get the greatest possible comfort.

Today everything has a limited lifespan, and even the most expensive parts may need to be replaced after a certain period of time. This is normal, but with the maintenance you can be sure that you get the most out of it. As a rule, you should not put them outside in the rain, as water can damage them. A little rain may not have much effect, but a lot of rain will certainly have an effect. Most are powder coated to prevent rust, but other parts such as bearings, knobs or brakes can come loose over time due to constant contact with water.

Also check occasionally if the brakes of your scooter work and if all parts of the scooter are locked as required. This way you can protect yourself from injuries and of course save your scooter.

Scooter only for children ?

No, a very big no. They may have been made for children or teenagers, but they are now specially made for adults. It’s a vehicle like any other, like your car or motorcycle. They are all designed with your body and weight in mind. So they are strong and big enough to support your weight and reach your hands.
More and more adults around the world are choosing them. What for? I can give you many reasons, but the most common one is traffic. People in big cities like New York or Tokyo are tired of being stuck in their cars for hours every day. In many of these cities, public transport is not as fast as it used to be. In this case they are a healthy and quick alternative. People use them to go to work, to have meetings, to go to school and of course for their free time.
Another big advantage is that you can practice. You use your foot to push it and constantly move your legs and upper body. It’s enough to burn a few extra calories you bought during the day, but not too tiring.

You can also see this as an opportunity to reduce your carbon emissions. Almost all major cities are facing the terrible consequences of pollution and global warming. As you know, scooters are fully human powered, so they have no negative impact on the environment. Imagine the amount of carbon dioxide that could be reduced if we stopped making short car journeys within a week. This is a great opportunity to get involved in the green movement and help make your own city suitable for your children.

After all, it’s a lot of fun. Didn’t you ever want to do what you did as a kid again? This is your chance. With them you can really feel the adrenaline you once felt as a teenager. There’s no shame in kicking a six-foot tall scooter in the street. In fact, everyone will think it’s very cool. You can travel and communicate with children in the park without endangering your health. There are so many advantages that everyone should try it.
In short, all these drawings are not just for children.

Are scooters safe?

Safety is a priority for the manufacturers and they ensure that the product they control meets all safety requirements. To this end, many of them thoroughly test these products to ensure their durability and strength. That’s why most models, especially the top models, can be placed on any surface, no matter how rough or bumpy it is.

Some of them are even certified for security, and this information can usually be found both on the Internet and in a package. This guarantees even higher product safety. It’s a good idea to read the reviews before you buy and see if any of your previous users have experienced any problems or security threats.

Regardless of the safety of the advertised or certified product, you must take your own precautions. This means that you have to wear a helmet on every trip. You can also wear kneepads if you want even more security. The helmet is absolutely necessary, because even a small fall can be dangerous. In many cases people don’t understand and have concussions.

Cycling should be fun, but nothing is more important than your health and safety. When you’re a parent and your kids ride it, it becomes even more necessary. They look at you and follow you, and safety is too important to them. You can find many affordable and stylish helmets online that you can wear while riding.

Which deck height should I choose?

First of all you have to understand what the height of the bridge really means. It’s the distance between the floor and the shelf. This has two consequences for your driving behaviour: a. You can avoid bumps or bumps and move smoothly over the edges and avoid touching the surface with the underside of the board, b. You need to bend your knee a little.

If the height is too low, you have the possibility of hitting the deck with some kind of blow or stones that can scratch the deck. If the height is too low, you have to bend your knee on the board so that the other leg can reach the ground and hit the scooter. The middle lane is the best, and you can discover it by cleaning the streets. Everything between 60 and 70 mm is sufficient for a balanced experience that protects you from shocks and does not require bending.
Slightly higher types are compensated by large wheels, which move very fast and therefore have less impact in the beginning. Therefore also check the wheel size to see how fast the scooter goes and how often it has to pedal.

Manufacturers work to improve these products and design scooters that solve these small problems. That’s why it’s best for an adult to get a scooter into town, as it has improved over time. The quality has improved considerably and the journey now seems easy.
The different types of terrain in urban areas have been taken into account when determining the height. The sidewalks are generally not smooth and have cracks. The same goes for the roads, and some even like to cross hilly places. If you get a scooter, even of average quality, it will survive some of the most difficult off-road conditions without any problems.

Do I need to buy a scooter with a handbrake?

It’s entirely up to you and your safety, and sometimes even the scooter itself. In general they are equipped with a brake on the rear wheel, but some have a dual system where the steering wheel is equipped with a system called a handbrake. The big advantage of this brake is that you have more control over driving and it is easier for some people to put on the handbrake.

It provides extra security because you have two options to stop or slow it down. If you are concerned about the safety of your journey, make sure you get a vehicle with both brakes. This way you can be sure that your trip is completely under control and that nothing goes wrong.

If you have one without a handbrake and want to add it, you can do that. You need some information and help from the internet or an expert. The scope of delivery includes levers, brake cable, brake shoes, cable retaining screws and travel controller. This information is easy to find in any DIY store. You can try it yourself or ask a specialty shop for help. There are online videos that you can watch and use for orientation.

What is the safest scooter for adults?

It is difficult to answer this question because the safety of the scooter depends on the actions of the driver. You must ensure that you are fully aware of the consequences of certain movements and that you adjust the terrain while walking. Watch out for other road users/pedestrians, wear appropriate equipment (helmets, safety cushions, etc.) and be careful in traffic. Don’t throw yourself on an unfamiliar road, with blind bends, etc. Don’t lose your head! Your shoes also play an important role in safety! Make sure your shoes are soft and comfortable. Make sure you’re warm when it’s cold outside. Make sure your helmet is unmarked and fully functional – it should also fit properly.

You also have to make sure your scooter is the right size. The steering wheel should be adjusted to your height, the brakes should work properly and the axle should be large enough to keep your feet comfortable.

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