Segway Ninebot ES3 Kickcooter With Dual Battery Review

Daily commuting to and from work or shopping can be a real challenge if you live in a busy environment with many means of transport. Fortunately, the latest developments in passenger transport can now greatly improve your comfort when moving from one place to another.

Segway passenger transport has gained in popularity due to the design that makes the journey to and from work more comfortable. The Ninebot series includes the ES1/ES2 electric grippers, but the modernisation of both models has already started.

What makes these updates different from their original counterparts is mainly due to the used battery. If you are looking for a comfortable electric van, this overview may come in handy.

Main benefit

Electric scooters were built for various reasons. The main purpose of this device is to provide users with an easy and quick way to reach their destination. This must also be done in a way that is less harmful to the environment. They are easy to transport and compact, but without a certain strength it doesn’t make much sense.

At this point, the Segway model stands out. Even if you don’t see any significant differences between this update and the first model in the series, there is one specification you shouldn’t overlook, and that is the dual battery.

The product is loaded with external and internal lithium-ion batteries, allowing you to get to your destination faster and continue your journey. With a peak power of 600 W, a rated power of 250 W and an output of 374 W, this unit can also be used for longer journeys. The product is also equipped with an intelligent battery management system to control the battery cells.

All this allows the kicker to reach a remarkable range of 28 miles and a top speed of 15.5 miles per hour. The built-in LED indicator gives you battery life information, so you can be sure you won’t get stuck in the middle of the journey when you lower the battery level.

Main error

The extra kilometers added to the top speed that can be achieved with this model will certainly make many users happy, but it may still be enough if you want to increase the speed. If you want to use this electric scooter for your daily commute and the distance to be covered is not so short, consider the possibilities from this point to the maximum speed.

Key features explained

It is not always possible to drive from one place to another. Not to mention the fact that in some cities it can take a long time. That’s why electric scooters were invented.

They have been developed to provide people with a more comfortable and environmentally friendly means of transport and have received positive feedback. This Segway electric scooter is no exception. Let’s take a good look.

  • Double battery, powerful motor and power

When looking for an electric scooter, most buyers refer to the range and maximum speed. Since these are electrically powered scooters, you cannot expect this type of passenger transport to produce the same results as gas-powered scooters.

Well, the Segway Ninebot ES3 is at your fingertips, almost at the same level as its gas piston counterparts. The device is designed to offer a range of 28 miles that even the above mentioned class of scooters can sometimes not offer. Thanks to this performance you can use the scooter for long rides.

But the good doesn’t stop there. When the battery is fully charged, the device can reach up to 15.5 mph, a commendable feature because it is a compact, electric scooter. Speaking of batteries: With the batteries used for this model, this lightweight two-wheel treadmill can achieve these results.

As mentioned before, the ES3 is an upgrade from previous models, and this upgrade has a direct impact on the used battery. The unit is equipped with both external and internal lithium-ion batteries, so you can keep driving and reach higher speeds. An external battery can be removed if your specific needs require less time.

Built to deliver 600W peak power, 250W rated power and 374W rated power, this electric scooter should never let you down. The product also has an intelligent battery management system to control the battery cells; everything that raises the bar for electric scooters a little higher.

  • Lightweight and easy to use

Another thing that customers have in mind when looking for an electric scooter is its light and compact design. These units are designed to help you move around easily and comfortably and free you from the problems associated with heavy conveyor belts. ES3 ticks all these boxes.

In addition to the performance benefits mentioned above, you also get a device that is easy to handle, transport and store. Thanks to the one-click folding system, you can easily install it in your car, store it under the bed or behind the door, or even transport it from one place to another when you can’t drive it.

The device is 45x17x16 inches, so it shouldn’t take up too much space when stored, even if it isn’t folded. It also has a net weight of 30.0 pounds. The device remains light when an external battery is installed. If you can do without it and need a lighter scooter, you can remove it to take advantage of it.

In addition, there are now kits on the market that include a scooter and a bag to increase your comfort when transporting your device and make it even easier to store. What’s more, the bag protects your device from objects when you store it outside and protects it during transport, so it’s worth thinking about.

  • Materials used and resistance

Performance is guaranteed and the lightness of the construction is combined with high quality materials that must keep pace with long-term use. Although the electric scooter is lightweight, the various materials used in its construction have been selected for their durability.

For example, the tyres are strong enough to take part in many driving sessions before they are replaced. Some users may say that tires absorb irregularities better. Even if that’s true, with tyres like the ES3, you don’t have to worry about flat tyres, which is even worse.

To eliminate the inconvenience of shocks, the ES3 is equipped with a front shock absorption system so you can enjoy a smoother ride. This information is very useful if the area where you live does not have the smoothest roads or road surfaces.

The device has a waterproofness of IP54, which means that it is resistant to splash water. However, it should not be used in case of heavy rainfall. This can be a disadvantage if you travel with a scooter every day and live in an area where it rains.

Thanks to its robust construction and the materials used, the product can be used by users aged 14 years and older. The required height of the rider can vary from 3’11 to 6’6.

  • Safety and additional functions

Riding an electric scooter should also be safe, and Segway has taken the safety of the rider into account when developing this model. The product comes with electric brakes for extra safety.

In addition, the Segway Ninebot ES3 Kickscooter features four levels of battery protection for added safety and product protection. They include protection against overheating, overcurrent, short circuit and load. All this makes it possible to increase the number of cycles without compromising maximum performance.

In addition, the base is made of non-slip rubber, which provides more safety and comfort, even when the feet are wet. Textured, non-slip handles also contribute to your comfort and safety by giving you better control and grip.

Another pleasing addition is the integrated LED display, which gives the driver important information about the speed and battery life. The headlight can be turned on quickly by pressing the on/off button to improve visibility in low light conditions. The product is also equipped with side and rear reflectors.

The electric scooter offers three riding modes to meet different needs and preferences. They include the Standard, Speed and Sport modes. You also have the option of using cruise control and controlled acceleration for a smoother, more comfortable ride.

The cruise control option is very useful if you use your scooter for travel and long distances, because you just set the desired speed and you don’t have to worry about acceleration anymore.

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