SXT 1000 EEC XL Electric Scooter Review

The SXT 1000 EEC XL is a robust and high quality scooter capable of covering long distances. This is a street legal model great for commuting with a maximum speed of 40 km/h. While this is not the fastest model we have tested, it is still enough to require a class M driver’s license for legal operation instead of the standard moped test certificate. Keep reading for a detailed overview to help you decide if this is the right scooter for you.

Structure, technical information, and what is included with the order

This model comes with a 1000 watt electric motor and maximum speed of 40 km/h. Propulsion is provided by means of a connecting chain over the rear wheel for rapid acceleration. Multiple battery options are available offering a maximum range of 20-60 kilometers. The SXT 1000 EEC XL is outfitted with top of the line shock absorbers and high-grip tires to provide a particularly stable ride, even on bumpy terrain. Special disc brakes are installed at the front and rear to provide maximum control while commuting. A twist grip on the throttle is used to accelerate to give you the feeling of a real motorcycle. Storage is a breeze thanks to the stylish built-in side stand that lets you park your scooter anywhere. Of course, all safety attachments required for street driving – mirror, horn, and EU certification – are included. Economical LED lights provide great vision as well as clear signaling.

When purchasing, you can choose between various battery options such as a standard lead battery or different lithium batteries. The non plus ultra is a 48V, 30 Ah lithium battery with a driving range of over 50 kilometers, although this is dependent on terrain and driver weight. The lithium battery can withstand many more charging cycles with a 85,000 km service life. This is triple the range of a standard lead battery, which means it is the most economical option in the long run.

Delivery content – what’s included:

  • SXT 1000 ECC XL electric scooter
  • All necessary attachments
  • Manual
  • Operating permit
  • Handlebar assembly tool

Don’t forget that this model is offered with different battery options.

Who should get the SXT 1000 EEC XL electric scooter?

In our opinion, anyone over the age of 16 and under 120 kg is well suited for this scooter.  This age recommendation is based on the fact that this is a street legal scooter requiring a class M (scooter driving license) or B (car driving license) driving license to legally participate in road traffic. If you want a similar model but don’t need to drive on public roads, the SXT 1000 Turbo is a great alternative.

What about the price-performance ratio? 

The price may be a bit daunting for some, but this is one of the highest quality scooters on our recommendation list. If you are looking for an ultra smooth and safe ride for longer commutes, we definitely recommend spending the extra money.

Our opinion on the SXT 1000 XL e-scooter?

After our in-house testing and data analysis, we can highly recommend the scooter. We definitely suggest choosing a lithium-ion battery. The SXT had a surprisingly fast acceleration compared with our other tested models. Even so, we found it to be very economical with 100 kilometers only costing an average of $0.40-$0.60. The ride was very smooth and stable, ensuring that even longer rides stayed comfortable. If it fits your budget, we definitely recommend purchasing!

This is what other buyers say about the SXT 1000 electric scooter

The feedback and customer ratings were consistently positive. The long range is a popular source of praise along with this scooter’s ability to tackle inclines with ease. Unpacking and assembly are also relatively easy.

“The elektrotoler was delivered on time, simple structure, battery charged, so a test drive straight away. I’m very satisfied, very stable, actually runs his 40 km hour, & I came 38 km at an average speed of 25 km hour, on a straight stretch with small climbs, I am totally thrilled. Will now buy a lithium battery. 

Our conclusion on the subject of SXT 1000 EEC

The price is on the higher end, but anyone looking for a robust, high quality electric scooter will love the SXT 1000 EEC. This is especially great for those looking to travel long distances thanks to the 50 km lithium-ion battery option. Happy riding!

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