SXT 1000 EEC XL Review

The whole model looks extremely robust and is very high quality. All add-on parts have a high-quality look. This is by no means a children’s toy, if you buy this vehicle you will have a lot of fun and be able to cover quite long distances.

The whole thing is also allowed in public traffic, but be careful: Due to the maximum speed of up to 40 km / h, no moped test certificate is sufficient to move this monster. The ideal scooter for people who want to get from A to B quickly!

Substructure, technical aspects, and scope of delivery

The SXT 1000 XL EEC scooter looks extremely serious and stable, which of course you can expect for the price. We don’t want to talk about it for long, let’s get straight to the most interesting aspect – namely the drive!

A 1000 watt electric motor was installed in this scooter, which provides propulsion by means of a connecting chain over the rear wheel. The energy comes from a powerful battery. This combination allows the electric scooter to accelerate to approx. 40 km / h in a very short time and that can easily be 20-60 kilometers, depending on the selected battery.

The shock absorbers on the SXT 1000 are really extremely high-quality and provide additional comfort, even on bumpy terrain. Especially in combination with the super tire profile, which provides the necessary grip.

Of course, the scooter has a special disc brake at the front and rear.

The SXT 1000 EEC can be placed on a stylish side stand. The speedometer is also impressive and informs the driver about everything necessary. This model gives you a real motorcycle feeling because you accelerate with a twist grip on the throttle.

Safety-related and traffic-relevant attachments

Of course, everything is included so that the electric scooter is roadworthy and can be used on public roads. Mirror, horn, company and EU certification are of course included. The LED lights provide light, which are extremely economical thanks to the latest technology, but still shine brightly.

Choosing the right battery for an electric scooter

When buying, you can choose between various standard lead batteries and lithium batteries. The non plus ultra is the lithium battery with 48 volts operating voltage and 30 ampere hours. This enables ranges of over 50 kilometers.

We clearly recommend choosing a Lithion battery, because it can withstand a lot more charging cycles. Converted, this means that it will last up to 85,000 kilometers of service life. Up to 3x further ranges can be achieved with it. Ultimately, it is also much more ecological to choose a modern battery directly, it will be significantly cheaper over a longer period of time.


  • Electric scooter SXT 1000 ECC XL
  • All necessary attachments
  • manual
  • Operating permit etc.
  • Handlebar assembly tool

When ordering, you can choose the battery you want. If you order through us, shipping is of course free and your dream scooter will be delivered to your doorstep.

The ideal means of transport for environmentally conscious people who also want to save a little. But be careful, the scooter really accelerates very well!

Who is suitable for the SXT 1000 e-scooter?

In our opinion, everyone over the age of 16 is ideally suited for the scooter. In terms of weight, everything up to 120 kg is absolutely NO problem. Our age recommendation is based on the fact that you can move the scooter in public traffic, but it can drive 40 km / h. This means that a moped test certificate is not sufficient here. You need a class M (scooter driving license) or B (car driving license) driving license to legally participate in road traffic.

If you want to have almost the same driving pleasure, but don’t want to move the e-scooter on public roads and also want to save a lot of money, the SXT 1000 Turbo is a good solution.

Is the offer fair? Is the electric scooter worth the money?

Clearly: YES! However, the price may be a bit daunting for some interested parties. We think that’s the only flaw where you could criticize a little. Compared to our other candidates, the overall price is a little expensive, but you also get some bids.

After our test we can say: Yes, the offer is fair and the electric scooter is definitely worth the money! The price-performance ratio is very good and you will certainly not be disappointed.

In the back of your mind you should always have the extreme range, it is a mystery to us how this is possible at all.

Our opinion on the SXT 1000 XL e-scooter

Thanks to our test and data analysis, we can clearly recommend the scooter. It is definitely insane what can still be tickled out with a high-quality battery. We also clearly recommend choosing a lithium battery.

It’s funny to see the frustrated faces of abandoned moped (scooter) drivers. The acceleration is really very, very good and surprises quite a few people.

But the coolest thing is that the whole thing is still very ecological. Driving 100 kilometers costs only 40-60 cents on average, which is really extremely cheap for such driving fun.

The driving behavior is also extremely good for an electric scooter, making it extremely easy for everyone to get from A to B with the device.

We say: very clear buy recommendation if the budget fits!

This is what other buyers say about the SXT 1000 electric scooter

The feedback and customer ratings were consistently positive. We were able to determine a single rating, which was a bit negative. A defective scooter was delivered there, but that can happen to any electrical device and of course you can exchange it for free!

Otherwise, the long range is often reported and that even inclines are not a problem with this electric scooter.

Even unpacking and setting up does not seem to cause anyone any difficulties.

“The elektrotoler was delivered on time, simple structure, battery charged, so a test drive straight away. I’m very satisfied, very stable, actually runs his 40 km hour, & I came 38 km at an average speed of 25 km hour, on a straight stretch with small climbs, I am totally thrilled. Will now buy a lithium battery. 

Our conclusion on the subject of SXT 1000 EEC

Anyone looking for something robust and of extremely high quality is certainly very well served with this electric scooter. The price is a bit higher, but it’s really worth it!

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