SXT 500 EEC Electric Scooter Review (2022)

The SXT 500 EEC electric scooter is equipped with a saddle and can be used on public roads, making it an excellent environmentally-friendly commuter option. This model is among the most portable of those we have looked at thanks to its folding function that allows for easy storage, including car trunks. Some of the trade-off for these features will be found in reduced top speed and range. As part of our review, we took a detailed look at the SXT 500 EEC to see whether we like it and what makes it stand out from other models. Keep reading to see whether it is the right fit for you!

Structure, technical information, and what is included with the order

This model is outfitted with a powerful 36V, 12Ah lead battery weighing 13 kg. The SXT 500 EEC generates a powerful 500 watts, allowing for rapid acceleration to a top speed of 25 km/h. The standard battery range is up to 25 km. Similar to our top pick, this scooter doesn’t require much storage space thanks to its folding capability. This feature combined with the scooter’s relatively light weight (45 kilos including the battery) makes it easy to pop in your trunk for quick access anytime. Other technical dimensions include a 110cm handlebar height, 13cm platform height, and 96cm wheelbase.

Expect a comfortable ride thanks to the high-quality shock absorbers at the front and rear. The tires are equipped with an inner tube and great profile to safely navigate in all weather conditions.

The SXT 500 electric scooter is EU approved with an operating license for approved use on public roads. All necessary safety features for street driving are provided including side and rear-view mirrors, a horn, high-quality front and rear disc brakes for short braking distances, LED lights for signaling as well as evening riding, and reflective paintwork. 

Delivery content – what’s included:

  • SXT 500 EEC electric scooter
  • Battery pack
  • Attachments
  • Certificates

Who should get the SXT 500 EEC electric scooter?

This scooter is relatively easy to handle, making it suitable for almost everyone. Of course, a driver’s license is required if you expect to drive in public traffic. A moped test certificate is sufficient for legal street driving with a minimum age requirement of 15. Simply apply for a small insurance number, screw on it, and you’re ready to go. The company certificate is also included for easy registration.

This is a great commuter scooter for anyone looking for a more environmentally-friendly ride. The mid-range top speed and maximum travel distance makes this a great scooter for those who commute shorter distances or are new to riding a scooter on public roads. The low weight is another great advantage that allows for quick and easy transport.

What about the price-performance ratio? 

This scooter is perfectly priced with a good balance between feature quality and cost. This is a great initial investment for those looking to upgrade to something more functional with street driving capability.

What do other owners say?

Customer reviews for the SXT 500 EEC are consistently positive. The ease of transport is often mentioned with many owners taking advantage of the scooter’s portability to take it camping or on vacation. Assembly can take a few minutes, but it generally considered straightforward and simple.

Our opinion on the SXT 500 EEC?

All in all, this is an excellent model offered at a great price point. If you are looking to making the switch to an electric scooter for your daily commute, this is a great option!

Our conclusion

The SXT 500 electric scooter is suitable for just about everyone. It is easy to transport, and driving is easy. We definitely recommend the SXT 500.

“This thing is just fun. However, the assembly instructions are poor and could be more detailed. The supplied fuse belongs in the fuse holder on the battery, only then insert the battery … ” 

Product video SXT 500 ECC electric scooter

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