SXT 500 EEC Electric Scooter Review (2022)

The SXT 500 EEC electric scooter can also be used on public roads. Ideal as an alternative to the car to get from A to B in an environmentally friendly way. You don’t even have to stand because the scooter has a real saddle. Thanks to the folding function, it can also be stowed perfectly in the trunk and is therefore quickly ready for use anywhere.

In the further course of the test, we took a close look at the scooter and presented our findings in a perfectly prepared way.

Using all the data and various information available to us, we have prepared all the findings in a compact form in order to provide a quick overview of the essentials. With the oversupply in the market, it is difficult to make the right decision, so we want to search for the appropriate electric scooter, our reviews support

Construction methods, technical details, and delivery accessories

Like all our recommended models, the scooter is of course equipped with an electric motor. This is driven by a powerful battery with 36 volts operating voltage and 12-ampere hours. It is a lead battery with a weight of 13 kg. This interaction generates a powerful 500 watts , which allow  the scooter to accelerate to approx. 25 km / h in a short time . The range with the standard battery is up to 25 kilometers without recharging.

Like our test winner, this scooter can also be folded up and, thanks to its relatively lightweight, can be quickly transported and easily stowed away.

Since the SXT 500 electric scooter is of course EU approved, has an operating license and is therefore approved for use on public roads, it also has the necessary attachments and safety factors. These include, for example: High-quality disc brakes at the front and rear, which generate an extremely short braking distance. Of course, it also includes the lighting + brake light (LED), as well as a special paintwork, which lights up extremely in the dark with reflections and ensures even more safety. The side / rear-view mirrors, as well as a loud horn, are not missing here as safety-relevant components.

In terms of comfort, no savings were made either, which is why the SXT 500 has very high-quality shock absorbers at the front and rear. The tires are equipped with an inner tube and with a very good profile help to maneuver the scooter safely in all weather conditions.

A few technical dimensions:

  • Handlebar height :  110cm
  • Height of the platform: 13cm
  • Total weight:  45 kilos with battery
  • Wheelbase: 96cm

Scope of delivery:

  • Electric scooter SXT 500 EEC
  • battery pack
  • attachment parts
  • Certificates

For whom is the purchase of the SXT 500 EEC electric scooter suitable?

This scooter is also relatively easy to handle and is suitable for almost everyone. Of course, a driver’s license also applies here, at least if you want to move the scooter in public traffic. A moped test certificate is sufficient, so every 15-year-old can legally move the SXT in public if he has a moped driver’s license. Simply apply for a small insurance number, screw on it and you’re ready to go.

The company certificate is of course also included, so you can register the scooter without any problems.

In this way, you can get from A to B extremely quickly and ecologically at the same time, without annoying traffic jams or the like. Simply a very environmentally conscious relief in everyday life and cheap too.
The low weight is definitely an advantage here, making the electric scooter very quick and easy to transport.

Is the price for the SXT 500 electric scooter justified?

Definitely! There is a very good price/performance ratio. All technical data speak for themselves, you get the right quality for your money. Above all, the road approval is of course an advantage, as the scooter can also be used publicly and you don’t just buy a fun mobile here.

What do other SXT owners say about the scooter?

Our aggregation of the data showed that there were consistently positive reports about the SXT electric scooter. The ease of transport is mentioned relatively often, many owners seem to use the SXT very often on the campsite or in holiday areas in general to explore the area.

The assembly is also carried out by the owners themselves, but can sometimes take a few minutes, but is not a big problem. All in all, a good overall package and a definitely justified price.


The SXT 500 electric scooter is suitable for almost everyone. It is also relatively easy to move the scooter here and driving is easy. The range is also suitable for longer distances and the model is ideal for traveling or taking it with you – wherever.

We can clearly recommend the SXT 500.

“This thing is just fun. However, the assembly instructions are poor and could be more detailed. The supplied fuse belongs in the fuse holder on the battery, only then insert the battery … ” 

Product video SXT 500 ECC electric scooter

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