The Best Dirt Scooter Review (2022) – Razor vs Phase Two

What is a dirty scooter?

If you buy a dirty professional scooter, you already know that, but in case you need a full definition of the plumage, here it is: Tricks scooters are designed to ride on rough terrain such as mud or rocks. That is why they are generally larger and have very strong components. The tyres are larger and are usually inflated with air to absorb the shocks from these bumpy and uneven surfaces.

You can call them Stuntmen 2.0 if you want, because they’re even stronger. When conductors acquire a set of skills, they soon want something even more difficult, and that’s where the style comes in. For those who are tired of skate parks, bumpy roads or rocky hills, they are a challenge they can handle very well. They are designed only for these adventurous riders and with that in mind they are built to take the worst blows you could give your scooter. You can buy these brand new rides directly from Amazon, with delivery the next day via Amazon Prime.

Who should buy?

This is important because dirty professional scooters are not suitable for everyone. First of all, they are bigger and heavier than stuntmen, so they are not suitable for children. Secondly, they should be driven by an experienced person, who ideally is already a scooter champion. This doesn’t mean you have to be a real champion in any world competition, it just means you have to have some experience.
If you want something optimized for tricks, you don’t have to get a scooter because it can be difficult to do tricks or flip. It is more suitable for walks on rough terrain without making bends.

Scooter weight

It is important to take into account the weight of the scooter itself, because a scooter that is too heavy for you will be difficult to control. Although they are certainly heavier than normal stuntmen and scooters, some are heavier than others. Make sure you get the weight you have under control, i.e. if you are not heavy yourself, you can get the lighter one. Here you will find some products designed specifically for children, such as the Madd Gear Pro Mini XT.

Maximum weight and size

Since this type of all-terrain scooter has a solid construction, normally made of heat-resistant steel and aluminium, it is able to carry heavy loads. However, it is important to know the maximum weight in advance. Most easily support a maximum weight of 200 pounds, some even more.
The same goes for growth, as they are designed for late teens and adult scooters tend to be larger. Some have a grip height that is sufficient for people under two meters. Therefore, when purchasing a professional steamroller, pay attention to the limits of weight and size.

Wheels and tyres

The wheels and tyres are a real advantage of this type of scooter, because that is what distinguishes it from other types. They are generally larger than other types and are full of air like a bicycle. Indeed, they are designed to be used in harsh environments. Most are made of PU with a high rebound and more powerful concentrators. They have aggressive treads that play an important role in protecting the tyres. Wheels and tyres should be another important consideration, because they determine how aggressively you drive and how well you handle them. You may need larger tyres if you want to drive smoothly in the toughest areas of your city. On the other hand, the small wheels that maneuver a little and make a few turns, although it is not necessary to do so because they are not designed for that.

Handle Style

They have larger wheels with rods and rods with hidden internal pressure or HIC. There are two styles: Y-shaped and straight / flat. In terms of performance, the difference between them is small and is rather a personal choice. The Y-Bar is a little more elegant. However, both models will be equipped with soft rubber handles that give you the comfort you need for such journeys.

Which brand should I choose?

They are relatively new and manufacturers quickly produce new models as their popularity increases. You can find good scooters for kicking in the mud of some of the world’s most famous scooter brands, including Razor, known for its accessibility. The other brands are Royal Pro, Gritt Flux and MGP.
High-tech brands tend to have stronger and more durable components that are manufactured using the latest technology and advanced forging processes. That’s why they are usually the simplest, which ideally meets your requirements.


Your budget when purchasing these items is extremely important because, whatever you want, you ultimately need to get something within the amount you set yourself. Fortunately, there are scooters for the earth. Most of them cost less than $200, and you can easily find good quality for that price on Amazon. Some luxury brands are more expensive because they use expensive parts. If the budget is not the deciding factor, at least the strongest and at the same time the easiest will be achieved.


If you ride a bike designed to go through mud and dirt, you know you’re getting something really strong. In that sense, you don’t have to worry about safety. However, it is a good idea to check the safety assessments of these products and ensure that they are certified. Most don’t have official safety standards, but if you buy from a well-known brand, you know you’re safe.
Of course it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your attractions. This means that you should wear your helmet and, if necessary, even elbow or knee pads at all times. Driving in the mud can be quite rough and a fall during such a ride can be traumatic, so it is always advisable to take precautions.

Bottom row

The fact is that you need something that fits your height and weight and is sturdy. The choice of brand is personal and also depends on your budget. In general, reading reviews is a good thing and can help you make an informed decision and gain the upper hand.

Amazone recommends:

Bestseller no. 1

Razor Pro RDS Dirty Scooters – Red

  • The scooter is no longer limited to the road surface.
  • BMX tube fork with head tube clamp in triple stacking design
  • 200 mm tyre with aggressive tread pattern

Bestseller no. 2

Razor Pro RDS Ground Roller – Red – FFP

  • The scooter is no longer limited to the road surface!
  • BMX steel tube fork with triple stacking clamp for the head tube
  • Heavy aluminium frame with special wheels and tyres for the…

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