Three Wheel Kid Scooter

Innocence is the signature of a kid who is free spirited to experiment with the best articles of the world. When it comes to living the years of childhood to the fullest, Kick scooter is the most prized possession that every child would relish. Currently there are many varieties of the kick scooter available in the market but the conventional toys and rides continue to accumulate popularity just like before. The conventional T-shaped frame with a structure similar to an aircraft gives the scooter a streamlined body. Sturdy and robust, the kick scooter is not playful version of the hand drives it is also a convenient mode of transport for kids who can take it to the schools, art classes and even summer vacations.

T-Shaped kick scooters are a patented segment and are built out of top-grade duralumin alloy. The material is similar to the one used in present day air-crafts and super cars. They are dent proof and don’t rust with time. Kids have a knack of throwing away things when they encounter stuffs that are broken, stained, dented or rusted. The Kid scooter is resistant to all these things. They are available in light-frame construction painted with vibrant color assortment suitable for use by kids of both genders. Sparkling green, champagne gold, electric blue, bloody red and cherry brown are some of the favourites among boys while baby pink, fairy white and pearly cream continue to rank highest among the girls.

Most kid scooters come with the standard foldable options for convenient storage and transportation. Commercial laces like malls, clinics and gaming arenas encourage the use of kid scooters inside their premises. Modern day scooters come with cute sounding horns and efficient hand braking modes. The wheels are rubber-grip with urethane compound housing ABEC 5 bearings. The front and the rear wheels come with mud fenders for protection against stains. Weighing less than 10 pounds, the kid scooters can be lifted and parked inside the apartments. Patented models have a 98 mm inline-corridor styled tires that are suitable for commutation in asphalted as well as concrete roads. They don’t wear out easily.

Kid-scooters have a low deck platform to place the foot while the second foot is used to push the cart ahead. The foot board can easily hold both the foot and has ample space to carry bags from school, grocery and sports trunk. It is very popular in the pit lanes of the Formula1 racing and Moto GP. Many doctors and surgeons too find riding a kid scooter playful especially after a hectic day at work.

The handlebar has a comfortable height with adjustment knob to make it a comfortable grip. It comes with a cushioned handle grip for tight hold and a bell. It lacks suspension frame but can stand against pot holes and bumpy speed breakers. The welded steel frame offers excellent stability and the chance of falling are minimum. The durability offered by the kid scooter is of high standard as it promises to provide perfectly designed hand-me-down construction. It lacks the provision to attach any kick stand as it might give rise to interference with the foot propelling.

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