Airwheel Q3 800W Electric Unicycle Review

The Airwheel Q3 800W is technically not a unicycle since it features dual tires, making it much easier to ride than a classic unicycle. The parallel wheels provide self-balancing to prevent tipping. An electronic control circuit automatically directs the Airwheel based on weight shift as the driver leans forward or backward. We know it can be difficult to choose between the many available unicycle models on the market – our detailed review will help you decide if the Airwheel Q3 800W is right for you.

Structure, technical information, and what is included with the order

This monowheel weighs 12.5 kg and is equipped with an 800 W motor. Two Sony Li-ion battery options are available – 170 Wh (18-23 km range) or 340 Wh (30-40 km range). Keep in mind that these driving ranges are based on a straight route and economical driving style.

Thanks to its twin tires, this electric unicycle ensures great stability coupled with a sporty, elegant appearance. The tires are a bit smaller than other monowheels at 14 inches (35.56 cm) in diameter. The overall Airwheel dimensions are 53 x 41 x 20 cm.

Delivery content – what’s included:

  • Airwheel Q3 800W electric unicyle
  • Charging station / charger
  • 170 Wh or 340 Wh battery
  • Tether for practicing
  • 1 extension of the valve (8 cm)
  • English quick start guide (German version is available for download)

Who should get an Airwheel Q3 800W electric unicycle?

This monowheel can be used in poor weather conditions due to the extra grip provided by the dual wheel system. This makes driving in the rain, off-roading, or casual cruising in the city very enjoyable, which is ideal for those who make frequent short trips throughout the day. We think security personnel or courier services would particularly love the Airwheel Q3 800W electric unicycle. The light weight and compact tires make this unit very portable, and the high quality batteries will last many charging cycles.

What about the price-performance ratio? 

The Airwheel Q3 800W has the second-best price-performance ratio of our top products. This model comes with a superior design that is easy to master along with quality components including a powerful motor and large battery.  

What do other owners say?

Over 90% of customers are satisfied with their purchase. The great driving characteristics of the electric unicycles and affordability were routinely praised. Overall, Airwheel Q3 800W owners have found this modern means of transport to be a great investment.

Our opinion on the Airwheel Q3 800W electric unicycle?

The Airwheel Q3 is high quality and visually appealing. We found the dual wheel system made it especially easy to master riding the electric unicycle compared with other models. We also like that this is an environmentally-friendly means of transportation with little to no maintenance and care.

Our conclusion

We definitely recommend the Airwheel Q3 800W electric unicycle, especially for those new to this transportation style or looking for a more stable ride. The dual wheel system is unique to this model and definitely worth checking out.

“ I had imagined driving to be easier, but after an hour in the hallway I did my first long lap in the park. A day later, I have sore muscles all over the body. But this part is a lot of fun, I can’t put it any other way.
The workmanship seems to me to be of high quality, everything works perfectly. I’m really looking forward to day 2.

Update a week later: I now have a second Airwheel in the house because my 12-year-old son barely let me drive. Now we always drive in pairs. Just great! “

“It’s a lot of fun! Much easier to learn than the pure unicycles! I still learned it when I was 57, although I’m anything but athletic. With the 340 Wh battery, I can travel between 25 and 30 km. “

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