Airwheel X8 – Carbon 400w – Electric Unicycle Review!

The Airwheel X8 has a super elegant carbon housing that gives it the ultimate look. Paired with 16 inch (40.64 cm) tires, this electric unicycle has a lot to offer. Thanks to the low weight of just under 11 kg , the 400 watt motor is really noticeable. A maximum speed of 16 km / h and a range of 23 km can be achieved. The battery capacity is 170 Wh, which is fully charged within 90 minutes.

The perfect coordination of the alignment of the unicycle is well programmed and thus offers the highest possible driving pleasure even on poorly traveled routes. For this reason, this Airwheel is also great in the park or other uneven paths. Like all other Airwheels, this one is also waterproof and can therefore be used on wet days without any problems.

As soon as the Airwheel exceeds an angle of inclination of 45 degrees, the anti-tip control system comes into play and the engine stops immediately. This safety function leads to an immediate standstill of the electric unicycle, so that in the event of a fall it does not continue and you do not get injured.

Using all the data and various information available to us, we have prepared all the findings compactly in order to provide a quick overview of the essentials.

With the oversupply on the market, it is difficult to make the right decision, so we would like to support the search for the right electric unicycle with our test reports.

Structure, functions, and scope of delivery


  • Airwheel X8 e-unicycle 400 watts
  • Charger (DE adapter)
  • Set of training support wheels
  • Tether for practicing
  • English quick start guide (German version is available for download)

The look

The noble carbon makes the Airwheel optically stand out and at the same time looks very classic. As with its predecessors, the unicycle has four LED lights that indicate the charge status of the Airwheel. The lightweight pedals, which are made of aerospace aluminum, are also very stable at the same time. In addition, the corrugated pedals also offer a secure hold. Power protection and speed control are also integrated to protect against tipping.

The dimensions of the Airwheels are 49.7 x 16.8 x 45 cm! 

What do you get here?

Its predecessor, the Airwheel X3, has not been sold over 10,000 times for nothing. The manufacturers set the highest standards, especially in terms of quality, and consistently adhere to them. The Airwheel is suitable for everyone, as you can stand on it particularly safely thanks to the fluted pedals. In addition, the electric unicycle has a powerful motor and a strong battery.

The workmanship, stability and longevity are also very important for this product. Thanks to the 16 inch wheels and its weight of approx. 11 kg, it is very handy and can be easily transported with its handle.

We also really like that the batteries are exclusively branded batteries of the highest quality, which promise a large number of charging cycles.

Our opinion on it

The Airwheel X8 – Carbon has a lot to offer visually and, above all, qualitatively. What we like most is that you can ride this unicycle on routes that conventional monowheels would otherwise not be able to enforce. The robust cover can withstand a lot, which significantly increases driving fun in the park.

Maintenance and care are also almost neglected, making it the ideal vehicle for young and old – and extremely environmentally friendly.

This is what other customers say about the Airwheel Q3 electric scooter

If you analyze the evaluation reports on the Internet on different sites and summarize, as we did, 90% of customers praise the great driving characteristics of the electric unicycles.

Based on the large number and positivity of the reviews, it is easy to see that this is the ideal electric unicycle to be mobile in a modern and affordable style, even for households with a slightly smaller monthly budget.

“I’ve been looking for a practical mobile device for a long time, with which you can get off the train and continue to be mobile. Now I’ve found the right thing for me. This electric unicycle is not only great fun on short journeys, it is also super space-saving. The speed is sufficient and the range of up to 23 km too. Driving is really easy to learn. It took me about 30 minutes – so super fast. After a short period of acclimatization, you have the feeling that you’ve never done anything else. The weight is fine too. I just put the Airwheel in my shoulder bag and then I take it with me.
You can also pack it in your car and then simply drive from the parking lot to your destination. So you can save the fees for a parking space. I don’t want to miss it anymore and I can definitely recommend it. ! “

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