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best hoverboard to buyHoverboard, a self-balancing scooter is an outdoor gadget that is very famous now among both kids and adults. People find it easy for their traveling and also enjoy a ride with it. However, people are still confused that which is the best hoverboard to buy? Because it is still at risk of safety concerns.

But don’t worry now because you can easily choose the best hoverboard to buy in 2019. So, are you ready for the best hoverboard to buy? Let’s start!

Some renowned companies are trying their best to provide their customers a safe and UL certified hoverboards with some additional sizzling and fascinating features that are making a two wheels scooter attractive for the customers.

Now experts think that hoverboard is the most selling portable device. According to them in 2019 every 5th person in the world will have his own hoverboard.

Due to the increasing demand of the hoverboards, many companies have rushed into the market and are manufacturing hoverboards. But it is a parent’s responsibility to fully research the reviews about the gadget they are buying for their kids. As many incidents of fire catching and overheating have reported in the past. Numerous falling off accidents has also seen. Customers should also be familiar with the brand repo and the specification of the hoverboard they are going to pay money for.

So, first do research of the best hoverboard to buy and then buy the best hoverboard.

Buying guide: Best Hoverboard to buy

Before best hoverboard to buy for your kids you should know some important factors of the hoverboard. Always buy the genuine hoverboard that is UL certified and is safe from electricity and fire hazards. Other factors to consider before best hoverboard to buy are:

Type of hoverboard

here are two types of hoverboard available in the market according to the body frame design that is air wheel design and the board design. Purchase the design that is suitable for the rider to ride.

The Hoverboard cost

Best hoverboard to buy is available under $300. The two-wheel self-balancing scooter under this cost is of the renowned companies like Swagtron and Razor. This luxury self-balancing scooter has a sturdy frame of high quality. Also, the luxury hoverboard is UL certified and are fire and electricity resistant. The hoverboard under $200 are not as strong in material as the well-known hoverboard but are still acceptable. The hoverboard under $100 are very cheap hoverboards but they have poor quality body material and also not safe and sound for your kids
Quality of best hoverboard to buy.

Before buying a hoverboard the most important factor that matters is the quality of the hoverboard. Many complaints have been reported by the customers about the rough quality hoverboard. Just go through the customer’s suggestions about the hoverboard you are interested in. Avoid purchasing a hoverboard that is without the customer reviews. Try to purchase the gadget from the authorized dealers.

Hoverboard charging time

The charging time of the best hoverboard is round about 2 to 3 hours. So be patience and charge the battery under your own supervision. The best hoverboard covers a distance of 10 to 12 miles in one charge. Don’t charge the battery overnight as it can cause an explosion.

Weight limit of the hoverboard

The best hoverboard usually bears the weight of 220pounds. Try to purchase a self-balancing scooter that can bear the weight heavier than the rider’s weight. Buying the hoverboard that is unsuitable according to the weight of the rider can cause severe accidents of falling off.

Best hoverboard to buy in 2019 – Swagtron T6

Swagtron T6 is the top best two wheels scooter available in the market. It is UL certified complete hoverboard with unique specifications and perfect sturdy body. It is available in different colors. After crashing the market, it becomes an ideal hoverboard for many people.

The device has three modes of riding which makes it easy to learn for the beginners. It can ride at a speed of 12mph with its thick tires.

Your kids can enjoy its ride on any surface whether wet or dry. The batteries are lithium-ion batteries that are fire resistant. It has the perfect LED lights on the body frame which makes it illuminated and perfect for a ride at night
It is difficult to find any fault in it. Your kids would certainly love to have it. However, this board is a bit expensive, as it is a luxury hoverboard of a renowned company. Your kids can enjoy the music of their choice by the in build Bluetooth sound system.


Comes with blistering speed
It is IXP4 water resistant
It has a smooth and sturdy body material


Every pocket cannot afford this expensive hoverboard

Best Hoverboard To Buy

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