Best Hoverboards for Kids (Updated 2021) – Buyer’s Guide

We live in a world where new technology hits the market every day. Whatever it may be related to, people love trying it out; especially if it is related to ease of use and entertainment. Hoverboards are an example of such a sensation. Hoverboards are basically an evolutionary form of scooters. If you think they look fun to use, wait till you actually get one; it feels magical. One of the most draining tasks is finding the best hoverboards for kids.

Hoverboards are better understood if you are well acquainted with the concept of electric scooters and more importantly, Segway technology. These tools were first developed with handles to provide safety and support. However, engineers later realized these were not completely necessary. This led to the subtraction of support and installation of extremely competent and modern movement-sensors. And that is how the world ended up with these smart electric scooters.

Not only are these devices extremely portable and user-friendly, but they also come installed with various modes. Hoverboards come in different styles, shapes, and colors. The very concept of these awe-striking and revolutionary devices is to encourage its users to make their day a hundred percent efficient. But with these devices getting so popular, is it easy to get your hands on cheap hoverboard under 100 bucks?

Ever since these beauties were launched in the market, people of all ages have been dying to get their hands on them! So naturally, all parents who love spoiling their kids silly want to find out where they can find the best hoverboards for kids and our experts spend 30 hours and give a list of best hoverboard for kids

Now enjoy the list of best hoverboard for kids in 2019 without any doubt ????

Hoverboard Name Max Speed (mph) Battery Life (hour) Bluetooth
CXM – hoverboard 12 2 Yes
Check Price
CXM2019 – Self-balancing scooter 7.5 3 yes
Check Price
NHT 6.5″ Hoverboard 8.5 3 yes
Check Price
COOCHEER Electric Hoverboard 9.95 3 Yes
Check Price
2019 Two Wheel Self 12 3 Yes
Check Price

Here are some items you’ll definitely want to check out if you are looking for the best hoverboards for kids:


This is one artistic piece which is definitely on the top of every kid’s Christmas list this year and probably will be; every other year to come. This product is the perfect fit for beginners, it is cheap enough to test and practice on till you upgrade to a more professional hoverboard.

  • Only for $99.99, this blue hoverboard offers value for your money. Not only does it have a strong built but offers definitive impact-withstanding, one of a kind and solid hardware. This is probably one of the best options for cheap hoverboard in under 100 dollars.
  • Built with only the finest and prime technological features, it performs like any other part of your body once you master it.
  • Approved by the Underwriters Laboratory; it is safe and tremendously easy to use for your child.
  • The CXM self-balancing Hoverboard 6.5 not only feels amazing to use but also looks sleek and stylish.
  • Don’t let the affordability fool you, it is extremely long-lasting and gives you the satisfaction that you desire after spending those bucks on a smart scooter.
  • It comes installed with LED lights and Bluetooth speakers and not only this, but it also has a 12-month warranty! Come on, who can possibly say ‘no’ to that, right?


2. CXM2020 Self Balancing Hoverboards: THE BEST OFF-ROAD HOVERBOARD FOR THE KIDS

The CXM2018 is certified by the Underwriter laboratory. One of the nicest options when considering mini children’s hoverboard. It is also one of the safest options for your child. Other than being a fine ride, it is an absolutely stunning hoverboard. You’ll never want to feel the earth beneath your feet with this one!

  • It is one of the finest products available.
  • This hoverboard is specially built for a bumpy ride with the capability to effortlessly move over a maximum 15-degree angle.
  • You can take this device with you anywhere and everywhere without a glitch; as it is not too complicated to handle and extremely light in weight.
  • It helps make your traveling easier and more stress-free.
  • Adapting to this hoverboard is no rocket science, just follow the manual and you’re good to go; you will be an expert after just a few short tries.


3. NHT 6.5″ Hoverboard Electric Self Balancing Scooters: Now kids enjoy the hoverboard ride with Songs & Speaker

 This will definitely give all your kid’s friends and acquaintances some hoverboard goals!

  • Strategically designed and well equipped with the latest features, it is a beast to look at.
  • Has built-in LED lights which give this hoverboard a funky look. Not only does it look smart and trendy, but it is also somewhat of a fashion statement.
  • Certified and approved by the Underwriter Laboratory specifications; so that you do not have to worry about the safety of your child.
  • Reach a whole new level of adventurous fun with this device.
  • Fast and easy to use, it is built to achieve speedy transport.
  • The majestic gold-colored hardware gives it the feel of being fit for royalty. The device offers the best features in only $149.00


Allow me to introduce you to one of the best products available in the market; the COOCHEER Self-balancing Scooter. It offers more features than most products and has proved to be durable at the same time. This hoverboard is truly a smart choice when looking for the best hoverboards for kids.

  • Built to work without a hitch even in a mildly rough or uneven surface, it makes sure you have a smooth ride despite those minor bumps on the road.
  • It is much larger and much more spacious than most hoverboards that you may find out there in the market.
  • Despite the recommendations that it is best to use hoverboards on dry and even surfaces, this particular device is an exception. It can be used on most surfaces and even on a day with a bit of a drizzle.
  • The hoverboard is installed with amazing sensors and well-adjusting machinery which makes everybody movement feel natural and effortless.
  • All kids fall in love with this red beauty at first sight! It is one of the sturdiest and well-made and Best Hoverboards for Kids you will ever lay your eyes on and it costs only $129.99!

5. 2020 Two Wheel Self Balance Scooters: CHEAP HOVERBOARD OF  2020 FOR KIDS

If your kid loves trucks, jeeps and generally all things macho, they will definitely adore this hoverboard! It is designed to give the look of a heavy external look and also to play the part. The hoverboard is certified and extremely effective when it comes to providing the best experience during the course of its lifetime.

  • The out-outlook of this beast is definitively the most impressive.
  • Not only is it red for an additional dashing look, but it is also one of the fastest hoverboards you will find.
  • It is built to give a statement with its massive and gorgeous tires.
  • Available in only $199.00, this smart scooter provides you solidity and ease-of-use. Just the thing you’re looking for when browsing the best hoverboards for kids.
  • The exceptional Bluetooth feature will never let you be bored during the course of your commute and will keep the traveling adventurous and exciting.

Predominant aspects to evaluate before buying the best hoverboards for kids 2020


The protection level of hoverboards:

When it comes to best hoverboards for kids, things get critical at times. No parent wants to take any risk towards the safety level of their kids. Buying the best hoverboards for kids is not only a dream but an obligation as well. Therefore, while buying a kid’s gadget you must browse for best hoverboards for kids and then select the one that appeals to you.

Before that make sure your kid is old enough to ride the best hoverboards for kids without any worry. If you are muddling that it is the right time to get the best hoverboards for kids then you can take the assistance of our best hoverboards for kid’s age guide. After going through what you will end up having the best hoverboards for kids that will add more ingredients of fun in the life of a kid.

Bluetooth connectivity:

Coming towards the fun factor of best hoverboards for kids that has attracted every eye is Bluetooth connectivity. Modern best hoverboards for kids allow them to connect their gadgets with smart devices and control them from distance as well. However, at present, you might think that it’s a useless feature but as a fact, it has added great value to the hoverboards.

The feature of Bluetooth connectivity not only made it luxurious and best hoverboards for kids but also make it easy for the kids to look after them.

Design and shape:

The appearance of the gadget matters a lot. One of the major reasons why the best hoverboard for kids 2019 is getting the highlights is that of its classic and elegant design. It is shaped nicely just like a magic carpet that starts by feeling the weight of the rider via sensors.

Due to the elegant design best hoverboards for kids are getting more popular and kids are going crazy to grab this beast without any further delay.

Best Hoverboards for Kids Age Guide

Hoverboards are the most popularize transportation devices of the 21st century. People are very likely to buy hoverboards as these are the most advanced and feasible transportation gadgets. These self-balancing scooters are very convenient and can serve a wide range of customers of varied ages. Here we present a belief age guide to the hoverboard users.

Hoverboards for under 8-year-old

As a fact, children under 8 are very irresponsible and unaware. Therefore, almost all hoverboard companies prefer children of 8 or above to ride hoverboards. But it has been found that hoverboards with larger wheel span and broader foot pads can be used by children under 8 years of age. But usually, the hoverboards attain a speed of more than 6 mph during the ride. Therefore, it is advised not to let children under 8 years to use hoverboards as à safety precaution.

Hoverboards for 8 to 12 year old

The children of this age can use the hoverboards under supervision. The parents must look after their children while they use hoverboards. Most of the hoverboard companies consider this age as the basic age of the hover ride journey. Parents must buy a hoverboard with lower speed and larger footpads for their kids. The kids must be guided and helped until they learn to ride the hoverboard. Even after they do, they must be kept under supervision as a safety measure.

Hoverboards for 12 years old and over

This is the age when most of the hover riders are mature enough to handle themselves. They can now enjoy the hoverboards with higher speeds and on different terrains. The hoverboards can be used for different purposes other than enjoyment and fun. Parents can consider buying a funkier and expensive hoverboard with several features including the Bluetooth speakers and smart control. The rider is now able to control the motor and his reflex and maintain the mandatory coordination.


The Hoverkart is a hoverboard attachment thus, it can be used if desired. It consists of a titanium frame and an elegant ability to support the wheels of the hoverboard. It is able to work properly with smaller hoverboards, which have smaller wheels of about 6 inches.

The Hoverkart is a way to reduce the human effort while riding the hoverboard. It can comfort the knee joints and the back, be releasing the stress and lessening the fatigue conditions. The Hoverkart are capable to adjust on most of the hoverboards and can be used on any model. Some Hoverkart available also require some special needs but not all.

Safety Handling Strut

The handling strut is a feasible 50-106 cm handlebar which can be attached to the hoverboard of the rider faces difficulty to maintain the straight balance during the ride. The hoverboard can be easily balanced using the handling strut as it adds some additional balance to the hoverboard.

The handling strut also has a handle on its top. This can help the rider to hold the strut while riding and maintain the balance.

Safety Protective Gear

The safety protective gear relief parents when the kids are using the hoverboards. These gears are made up of a hard plastic material which is usually PVC. The material doesn’t irritate the user and provides a strong shield against the fall injuries during the hoverboard ride. It is also comfortable while the wet ride as they are made up to quality water absorption material.

Falling can be prevented while learning and the safety protective gears keep the parents relax while they learn to ride a hoverboard. The gear protects the most important joints of the body and provides soft inertia during the fall. The adjustable gears can easily fit the kid’s body and provide extra support and security.

Hoverboard Bag – Waterproof

Most of the hoverboards available in the market come with a sized hoverboard carriage bad. This cag is a double dipper waterproof bag which has a wearing handle. The hoverboards can fit into these bags and the bags can be worn at the back when the hoverboard is not in use. This also keeps the hoverboard safe from the weather while not in use.

The bag has some pockets which can be used to keep cell phone, hoverboard charger and other useful equipment to use in case of need. The bag has adjustable wear handles so the user can fix the handle length as per his comfort and avoid carrying loos bags.


The helmets are important whenever you are using any transportation gadget. The hoverboard riders are specifically advised to wear a helmet during the rides as the rider is at a higher risk of having a fall. The beginners must use a helmet as a compulsory part of the hoverboard ride. The professionals are at a choice but prevention is better than cure!

The hoverboard helmets are none different than the helmets other than the usual helmets. These helmets can be used in any other sports as well. The material of the helmets is safe and durable and makes sure to save the user’s head all the time.


Best hoverboard for kids riding guide:

The most important thing that is one must know before buying the best hoverboards for kids is the procedure to ride it. A person must know the navigation techniques and control gestures of a hoverboard to easily learn to ride it. Although kids can learn within an hour of first practice, still knowing these techniques is good before putting hands on the best hoverboards

  • The rider must step on or off the hoverboard as he is stepping in or off a set of the stair. He should avoid jumping.
  • The rider should stand straight throughout the ride and concentrate on the body gestures and the hoverboard movement.
  • The rider can exert pressure in his toes to move forward, and on his heels to move backward.
  • The rider can exert pressure on his right foot to take a right turn and on the left foot to take a left turn.
  • The rider can exert pressure on his right foot while releasing the left to take a sharp right turn or spin from right to left. He can do similar in the opposite set to take a left turn

UL 2272 certified best hoverboards for kids:

Many people are worried about the safety of the best hoverboards for kids they buy. They are curious that whether the batteries and the material of the hoverboard are safe or not. They are also aware of certain incidents that happened earlier. The bursting of the batteries and incidents of a corrosive body of the hoverboard were reported.

To handle these issues the national ministry made it compulsory for every individual hoverboard gadget to undergo a security check before being introduced in the market. This test checks the battery material and components, the body of the hoverboard and briefly inspect all components of the hoverboard. All the hoverboards which pass this security check are awarded UL 2272 certificate and then launched into the market.

Fortunately, all the best hoverboards for kids 2019 are UL safety certified. So, now the customers don’t need to even check the UL 2272 certificate of the available hoverboards as no hoverboard in the market is without this security check. The customers can buy any best hoverboards for kids, either expensive or cheap without any worry. As now all the best hoverboards for kids 2019 are 100% safe and secure.

How do hoverboards work?

Hoverboards are a piece of art and they quite literally know what your body is trying to tell them. They have state of the art sensor systems installed help which figures out from your body movements in which direction exactly you want to move. Finding a long-lasting and cheap hoverboard in under 100 dollars is no longer a grueling task since there are infinite options for you to choose from!

What is the use of a hoverboard?

Hoverboards excellently serve the purpose of being a form of a quick and easy commute. These witty devices help save your energy so that you can utilize it someplace more significant. Kids are absolutely in love with hoverboards and there are so many types of mini children’s hoverboards making their way into shops. There are now so many options to choose the best hoverboards for kids.

If your kid has been daydreaming about the prospect of owning a mini children’s hoverboard, you can make that wish come true. That is, once you know all that you need to know about finding the best hoverboards for kids from this guide.

Are they expensive?

There are so many companies and brands that have launched their versions of these devices with added or subtracted features. This is done mainly to fit the needs of the masses. Finding the very best and cheap hoverboard in under 100 bucks is just a matter of knowing what features you need in your device.

Thus, it is always a good idea to research about mini children’s hoverboards when you’re about to buy a hoverboard for 10-year-old children.

Are hoverboards a safe option for your 10-year-old?

After they’ve practiced plenty; with you by their side, there is no reason why a hoverboard for 10-year-old children is not a grant-able wish. It is for sure your child will become a pro at using his/her hoverboard by themselves under your supervision and guidance. There are a variety of options of mini children’s hoverboards which are easy to use and quick to master because of their powerful sensors, from these you can choose the perfect hoverboard for kids and the best hoverboard for 10-year-old children. Best Hoverboards for Kids can be obtained easily at Amazon.

What kind of surfaces to hoverboards work best on?

Hoverboards work best on surfaces that are smooth. Even though they work alright on carpets and surfaces which are not perfectly smooth too. You should definitely try to avoid them to ensure a less bumpy and safer ride. Some hoverboards, however, are built especially for somewhat irregular and rough surfaces. This is achieved by installing the best gyroscope technology into the device and an extra effort on the physical stability of the product by the manufacturer.

Are hoverboards rechargeable?

Yes, hoverboards are rechargeable. So you don’t have to worry about investing in a one-time thing. You can easily find cheap a hoverboard in under 100 dollars which recharges efficiently. Diverse ranges of products in the market offer different battery life. There are some devices that provide around four hours to an hour of battery life, depending on the brand and usage.

The charge time on each product also depends on its make and software, most need to charge for a period of 2-3 hours however the manual that accompanies your hoverboard will contain the instructions according to the features of the hoverboard. The more limited and exact the features according to your need, the easier it is to find a cheap hoverboard in under 100 dollars.

Why should I buy my kid a hoverboard?

A Hoverboard can help make your child want to step out from that world of video games, tablets and mobile phones most kids now days are so addicted to. But how does replacing one piece of technology with the other help? It is fairly simple, a hoverboard is a tool that promotes movement and activity, so it helps your child socialize and encourages them to mix with others.

Even the process of your teaching and supervising your kid on how to operate and master their hoverboard will help you bond with them. The best hoverboards are the wonderful device if you want your child to feel more confident and in-sync with their ability to handle their own self. The more you trust and facilitate your child, the closer you get to them! And after all, why would you let your child miss out on all that fun; when there are so many cheap children hoverboards in under 100 dollars available at the click of a button!


One of the many reasons why these hoverboards have gained popularity so quickly is because they are undoubtedly the best hoverboards for kids. If you want to travel to and fro without depending on someone to give you a ride, get a hoverboard!. These tools are built to provide users with a sense of independence and control. These are things that no parent would willingly deny their child, which is why getting your kid a hoverboard should not be a battle between your heart and mind.

Hoverboards are more or less easily available in the market and will become a much more saturated product; with different brands launching their masterpieces every single day. While the increased production of hoverboards for the consumer’s demand is positive, some companies end up compromising on the quality of their hoverboards. The purpose of this guide is to make sure you find the best product and that your device is up to the mark; according to the amount of money that you plan on spending on it.

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