What is Hoverboard?

Do you know what is hoverboard? The hoverboard is a fictional levitating board that has been used for personal transportation. It was first designed by M.K Joseph after 1960,s. It was popularized in the film of Back to the future.

It is generally depicted as the resemblance of stake board without wheels. It,s concepts have been used by many authors in different modes of media. Guinness world record introduces hoverboard term in autonomously powered by personal use. Personal use includes personal transportation for the ease of human. The first record recognized by Guinness world record has taken place in 2015. After one year of the first world record, the second world record has placed in Guinness world record book in 2016. The Flyboard was powered by a jet engine and this time a new record took place in Guinness world record book which has beaten the first record by nearly 2 km.

What is Hoverboard in the Real World?

In the real world, some companies have drawn on air-cushion vehicle technology in order to make hoverboard related products. In 1050,s Hiller aircraft introduces flying platform which was related to the modern concept of a hoverboard. The airboard air-cushion vehicle was finally unveiled in 2000 summer Olympics in Capital of Australia Sydney. In 2014 a company claimed to make products like hoverboards and it also made advertisement in youtube related to products.

In 2015 a company developed a hoverboard that has the capability in it,s battery of 6 minutes hovering.

In 2016 a jet engines powered hoverboard made a record of farthest flying of greater than 2000 meters. That record is saved in Guinness world record book.

This is one of the best way of early people transportation. The modern form of hoverboard has come in the form of a jet engine powered and it was a powerful hoverboard.

Time by time new inventions made on the best hoverboards in order to connect this technology with the latest technology of this world.

It was introduced in back to the future movie franchise.

It was also discussed in the Back to the Future movie part 3 and part 3 which came later after part one of Back to the future movie.

In Back to the Future Game it has been used for catching game,s main villain.

It has been impossible to say about real hoverboard which had been shown in Back to the future 2, cost none is available currently.

However, the starting price of hoverboard starts from around 300 US Dollar to 499 US Dollars.

Prices matter with the technology that has been developed in the hoverboard and how much hoverboard is popular in the current market.

We can see popular and best hoverboards in Amazon.com website and search for the best hoverboard according to our current needs about it.

There are some hoverboards like scooters that catch fire and it is alert by public safety commissions.

Hoverboard that can fly has cast of 20,000 US Dollars and it can fly for almost 6 minutes with it,s battery.

The fastest Hoverboards has the speed of almost 13 MPH that makes a person scare.

What is Hoverboard?

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