Where Can I buy hoverboards under $100?

Are you looking for a cheap Hoverboards under $100? In the market, you probably find hoverboards under $100 to buy in bulk? Or you just maybe buy one at the cheapest price. All the time $100 hoverboard is going to be difficult to find. Typically, if you want to buy  $100 is ends up with poor quality but now, the technology moving for a better thing so don’t worry you can get the hoverboards under $100 in good quality. They’ve dropped certainly at a considerable price since they came first on the great market, but they’re not quite that cheap yet.
In fact, few a just years ago it wasn’t possible to take a brand new hoverboard with UL certified. In 2016, UL certified hoverboard for anything less than $ 300. Luckily due to new many suppliers coming on the board then the price for a new scooter is much more equitable than it to be used.

 10 Best Hoverboards Under $100 – Buyer’s Guide

Cheap Hoverboards are a popular outdoor portable gadget for kids in the market. They are not only fun to ride but are a simple mean of transportation by which people can effortlessly reach their destination. Moreover, owing to the exceptional features, Hoverboards under $100 have gained huge recognition across the world.

At the start, when hoverboards strike the market they are unaffordable for everyone. But now due to the increasing demand for the hoverboards, many companies rushed in the market with the cheap hoverboards under $100. These hoverboards are easy to buy in a reasonable budget. These cheap hoverboards under $100 overwhelmed the competition and are now trendy everywhere. Furthermore, these cheap hoverboards for sale are also safe and easy to ride the same as the luxury hoverboards but somehow they are not in superior quality as compared to the premium or expensive hoverboards.

If you are searching for the cheap hoverboards for sale or Hoverboards under $100 then my discussions will help you out. Moreover, we will also discuss hoverboards under $100 not used and hoverboards under $100 near me, just go through this mega guide. And you will get all the details about the hoverboards under $100.

Hoverboards Under $100 & CHEAP HOVERBOARDS FOR 2019

Don’t worry below the list of hoverboards under $100 is highly safe and recommended for you ????

Hoverboard Name Max Speed (mph) Battery Life (hour)
Veeko Hoverboard Two-wheel 7.4 2
Check Price
CXM Hoverboard 6.2 2
Check Price
Chic Smart Hoverboard 6 1.5
Check Price
King Sports 6.5 6 3
Check Price
Check Price
SURFUS 6.5″ Waterproof Hoverboard 6.2 2
Check Price

In spite of the fact, the cheap hoverboards for sale or self-balancing scooters are at the high risk of the safety measures for the concerned authorities. Several cases of explosion and fire catching had been reported in the past. People are still interested to purchase these two wheels scooter for their kids to enjoy the thrilling ride. Because of this, companies have converted these risky gadgets into secure and safe hoverboards by following the standards. Now the cheap hoverboards are UL certified which ensures that it is safe and secure to ride.

1. Surfus 6.5 – Best hoverboards under 100

SURFUS 6.5 Waterproof HoverboardIf you’re still looking for bargain retail check out with some collection of the following hoverboards. Unfortunately, none are cheap more than $100, but there are some around $150 – $200 or just under. There are some reasonable prices available for best self-balancing scooter today, and you can see from the user reviews that they are actually fine with good quality and at a reasonable price. You can start looking at the collection that is prepared for you exclusively.

The SURFUS corporation started in 2013. This company started with the aim to improve the hoverboard industry. With the infusion of better technology, they started improving the hoverboards market. The main aim was to provide quality, safety, technology, and perfection. The company has produced more than 100 products and every single one of them is made with the best technology available. By using the best technology they have made some really cheap hoverboards. Although they are not hoverboards under $100. But still they are cheap hoverboards and anyone can buy it easily.

The Surfus company is looking forward to promoting and innovating their technology. The company has introduced many important technologies in the tires and brakes. The SURFUS deserves to be the hoverboards under $100.


The SURFUS 6.5 cheap hoverboards have many exclusive features to look for.

  • The SURFUS cheap hoverboards for sale is UL certified hoverboard. It has a safe battery and charger. This safety keeps your battery and charger cool. They will never explode.
  • The SURFUS 6.5 hoverboard cheap is made with a compatible build. It gives you a smooth and steady in any terrain.
  • However, you can check the footpad. A non-slip material is used on the foot pad. The non-slip foot pad keeps your ride steady.
  • This gadget gives you more than 6.2 mph traveling range. A single charge lasts up to two hours of ride and sometimes 2.5.
  • The tires of this hoverboard cheap are decorated with a Bright blue LED headlights. The Surfus hoverboard cheap also has battery indicators, and quality rubber tires and aluminum rims.
  • One of the best hoverboards under $100.
  • Available in market
  • It gives you a very steady ride.


  • Firstly, there is no mention of a warranty card.
  • This is an old product.


2. SURFUS HR JUNIOR 4.5 – $100 hoverboard

Although the company is the same these are two different products. The Surfus 4.5 is a junior gadget with the same capabilities. The company aims to provide some of the best technology products to its users. The hoverboard technology is evolving with the passage of time. The evolution has increased the demand in the market. The Surfus is looking to provide with the demand and develop better hoverboards with the passage of time.

The Surfus HR Junior is a mini-board that is equally capable to carry extra pounds. Want more? Adding to the context, this cheap hoverboards is suitable for all the ages. So, if you are looking for the hoverboards under $100 near me then go for this supreme quality gadget. Surfus hoverboard cheap is available in the market, you can buy this top quality beast right now.


The mini gadget has the following features in its pocket.

  • This mini super is a UL certified ride. Surfus junior cheap hoverboards have similar technology that keeps the battery and machine cool. The HighRoller is equipped with a perfect set of perfection.
  • The non-slippery foot pad is also available. Your kids will be safer while riding this traveler.
  • This cheap hoverboard under $100, has a smooth and sturdy riding option. You shall not worry about the kid’s balance. This will keep your child safe in any terrain.
  • The full batter helps you ride up to a 3.1 mph. The complete charge can also take you to 6.2 miles in one go.
  • This board has similar Blue LED light, battery indicators, and quality rubber tires and aluminum rims.
  • This hoverboard cheap has one of the best handling technology
  • Secondly, it is best for children
  • You can buy it easily


  • Firstly, you can only use it for children
  • It cannot handle more weight


3. King Sports 6.5 – Cheap hoverboard

King Sports 6.5 Electric Self Balancing ScooterKind Sports is not a very big name in the hoverboard market. But it is providing some of the finest quality products to its customers. This gadget is designed with the best technology, quality, and innovative products. You can start riding this gear and get addicted to it in a short time. The King Sport is an adult ride with the best innovative technology in the market. You can buy this product just within the $100 range. The demand for better and cheaper hoverboard is increasing in the market and thus King Sports production is providing better opportunities for its customers.


King Sport 6.5 hoverboard cheap has some of the best features in their ride.

  • The King Sport has cleared all the safety tests. It is UL 2722 certified. The ride has no safety problems and it keeps your ride safe and secure.
  • This gadget is charged with 250w dual motors. The ride has the ability to ride more than 8 miles in one go. It has a smooth and steady balance technology.
  • King Sport is one of the easiest rides. You can teach it one go, and ride the gadget for the rest of your short trips. It is best for both young and adults. This gadget comes with the riding guideline booklet. The manual is helpful for all type of riders.
  • You just need a little help in the start. Rest assured you will get used to it in a split second.
  • The gadget is the best birthday gift idea. You can purchase this ride in just the $100 range. This ride is best for exercise and makes your riding fun.
  • It is best for both young and adults.
  • The gadget has a riding manual.
  • One of the cheapest products available in the market.


  • There are no extra features available on the board.
  • The basic riding qualities are not available in the gadget.


4. CMX Hoverboard – Best hoverboard in your budget

CXM Hoverboard is one of the best manufacturing products for riding. I saw it at my friend’s home and decided to buy this top quality product because of its superior quality. Honestly speaking, my experience with CXM Hoverboard is superb and the price of the CXM hoverboard is very reasonable like hoverboard under $100. Why and how? Have a look at its features.


CMX Hoverboard is 2272 certified that provides safety to its riders by saving them from any harmful injury. Don’t worry about that for what ages, it is useful for riding? Be happy! It is for every age, kids, adults and even older can ride on it. Moreover, it is a high-quality manufacturing riding product that provides many facilities to its buyers. Some eye-catching features include LED light, which helps you to indicate the directions, like where you want to go into darkness without any hesitation.

This lightweight and cheap hoverboard are easy to control. Moreover, it uses a 250watt motor that helps you to cover 7.45 miles of area per hour. Great!

The most impressive thing about this cheap hoverboards under $100 that admires me is its durability. Its strong alloy frame and 6.5 inches tire those are non-inflatable show that it is durable for its buyers.

This high-quality hoverboard cheap is available in different colors. But I like the black color because of its grace and shine. However, you can choose your favorite color. Not only this. Its battery takes 3 hours for initial charging and its recharge timing is only 1.5-2 hours. Hence, if you are searching for the cheap hoverboards or hoverboards under $100, then try this new beast.

  • Available in different colors
  • This high-quality hoverboard is durable and long lasting
  • best and lightweight hoverboard for kids
  • The battery of this hoverboard fails to give the best performance

5. NHT Self Balancing Hoverboard – Cheap hoverboards for sale

This hoverboard is very cheap and budget friendly for you and encloses all the features of your desire. Super and simple for your kids to ride. It is a UL certified cheap hoverboards for sale with the unique slim body but consists of all the exciting features as well.

It is available in black, blue, red, pink and white colors. You can buy with a color of your own choice. Moreover, you can have this cheap hoverboard for sale within your budget. Thumbs up for that!

It is a self-balancing scooter which is easy to ride for the kids as well as the beginners. As it is UL certified so is safe and protected from electric and fire hazards. Off course safe for your kids to ride.

It consists of the 6.5-inch rubber tires to cover a distance of 13miles at a speed of 7.5mph. Moreover, it takes 2 hours to charge before enjoying the ride. It has a sturdy body which can bear a weight of 220Ibs.

Thanks to the inbuilt feature of high-quality Bluetooth speakers by which your kids can enjoy the music of their choice. The attractive LED light on the front of the frame of the body and rarely on wheels makes it easy to enjoy a ride at night. Therefore is safe to ride in the dark places as well. Sounds cool to me.

However, this cheap hoverboards for sale are not water resistant so your kid can’t ride it in wet places. But with this cheap hoverboard

for sale, you are also getting a warranty of 1 year by the manufacturer. So your money will not be wasted in the sage if any blunder occurred in it after purchasing.

What I like about this cheap hoverboards for sale:

Honestly speaking, this cheap hoverboards for sale is not less than the premium hoverboards in any aspect. But the thing which attracts me the most includes that:

  • It takes less time of charging and covers a distance at 6mph
  • Fire resistant and very safe for kids
  • So, if you are looking for cheap hoverboards than, this will be best for you
  • Comes with the warranty of one year
  • Available in many colors and styles
  • This cheap hoverboards for sale are fire resistance
  • The instruction manual is provided with the product
  • It is not water resistant thus is not suitable for wet area
  • Lacks low charging indicator

6. Veeko hoverboard 6.5 – Cheap Hoverboards under $100

Veeko hoverboard is one of the cheap hoverboards on hand in the market. This really cheap hoverboard comes in stylish designs and colors. However, Veeko is not exactly hoverboards under $100 but this is one of the top quality cheap hoverboards.

This hoverboard is a dual motor hoverboard with an advanced feature of the gyroscope and acceleration sensor. With the feature of the acceleration sensor, you can easily control the hoverboard cheap. This tremendous feature enables a smooth ride with this cheap hoverboards.

When it comes to safety, this hoverboard cheap is UL2272 certified and is therefore safe for your kids to ride. It is protected from electrical hazards, overcharging issue and heating fault.

It has 6.5inch rubber tires to cover a distance of 9miles at the speed of 9.6km/hour. Have an ability to hold a weight of 225Ibs. Hence is suitable for both kids and adult.

It has an attractive aluminum alloy body, which is safe and sound to ride. Led lights are there on the frame of the body as a signal indicator when you start, stop or take a turn. Veeko hoverboard cheap has an additional interesting feature of the battery indicator. This Led indicator also blinks to tell about the condition of the hoverboard before riding.

Nonslip foot pedals make the grip of your foot sturdy on the pedals and make it easy to control the hoverboard. However, this cheap hoverboards is not suitable to ride it on the off roads. Prohibit your kid by showing the stunts while riding it. Your kid can cause injury by the discrepancy of the hoverboard.

Adding to the context of cheap hoverboards under $100, it has superb inbuilt Bluetooth speaker system. Your kid can simply pair up the cheap hoverboards with a smart mobile app and enjoy the music while riding on it. Another exciting feature that impresses me about cheap hoverboards under $100 is its 250W dual motor. This powerful and cheap hoverboard is best for kids and adults because it is safe from electric hazard and fire catching.

The manufacturers are offering a warranty of 1 year. So buy the hoverboard cheap without any hesitation of money wastage.

7. EPCTEK hoverboard – Ul certified hoverboard

The EPCTEK hoverboard comes with super exciting features and is listed as the best hoverboards under $100. However, it may not fall under the category of hoverboards under $100 exactly but it is round about to this. EPCTEK is an exciting self-balancing scooter with ultra-resistant and supportive footpads. It has 6.5 inches broad wheels with bold and engraved patterns. This best hoverboards under $100 can be used on roads and on rocky terrains as well.

Fascinating features of EPCTEK Hoverboard:

It has fancy LWD lights with animation supportive graphics. The LED lights are not only available for guidance and visibility in night traveling but also help in the decoration of the EPCTEK hoverboard for a funkier ride with sparkling bright lights that also relieve the brain and senses.

The smart EPCTEK hoverboards under $100 are featured with the Bluetooth connectivity. The groove speakers can operate using this connectivity. The rider plays his favorite music during the ride. The smartphones also connect to the hoverboard in this way, thus providing smart control to the navigations and statistics of the hoverboard.

Another worth mentioning feature of this hoverboards under $100 is that it is ideal for both adult and kids. The non-slip rubber footpads avoid falls during the ride. Automated self-balancing technology helps children to learn hoverboard riding. The body is made up of hard plastic which is fire resistant and waterproof. The rider can have a worry-free ride throughout.

The EPCTEK hoverboard is UL 2272 Certified. The batteries and the components have been through thorough inspection and testing. Moreover, it comes with an adjustable and feasible carry bag free of cost. The rider can store the hoverboard and also carry it along easily when not in use.

  • It is UL 2272 safety certified the best hoverboard
  • This best hoverboards under $100 come with Bluetooth connectivity
  • It is suitable for all types of terrains


  • It may lack some features of premium hoverboards


8. NHT 6.5″ inch Aurora Hoverboard – Best hoverboard under $100

Coming towards other high-grade hoverboards under $100 is NHT 6.5 inch hoverboard. This board features many exciting abilities and components and is available at an astonishing price. So you don’t have to spend high dollars while purchasing this hoverboard under $100. The hoverboard is under the reach of a man in the street and the low-income people can also afford this hoverboard.

The NHT hoverboard is an exciting cheap hoverboard with the standard size wheels. The 6.5 inches engraved hard wheels help to have funky riding experiences on multiple terrains without falling or damage to the board as well. The wheels are made up of noncorrosive material which protects it from wear and tears during rides on harsh terrains.

The NHT aurora self-balancing scooter is an exciting board. This can be regarded as the best hoverboard available at this price. The board especially attracts people due to its Aurora design and spooky colors. Another feature of the NHT hoverboard is LED wheels and lights. These can be an attractive feature due to the ease in riding as well as contributing in a funkier and an even more thrilling ride. The LED lights also enable visibility of the rider during nights. The powerful LED lights are also visible in fogs.

Some models of NHT also have built-in Bluetooth speakers which the rider can use to have musical joy rides during the glides. Moreover, the NTH Models available in the market are all UL 2272 Certified. The material is durable and safe. The batteries are properly managed and don’t explode during rides, even after long rides of 2 hours.
The best part for kids about NHT hoverboards are available in 7 exciting and distinct colors. The rider has a verity of boards to choose the best one for himself.

  • Available in different colors and classy looks
  • Best hoverboard under $100 with UL safety certification
  • Powerful wheels suitable for all type of terrains


  • It does not come with a water resistant feature


9. XPRIT Hoverboard – Bluetooth hoverboard cheap

The super exciting XPRIT hoverboard is one of the cheapest hoverboards available in the market with the best features and abilities. This is ideal for the people with low budgets especially with limited income resources

Features of XPRIT hoverboard:

The XPRIT hoverboard has super-fast Bluetooth connectivity. The hoverboard can be connected to the smartphone with this fast connectivity. The loudest speakers in any of the hoverboards can also be experienced in the XPRIT hoverboard with the Bluetooth connectivity.

Adding more to the features of this hoverboard under $100 is that it comes with exciting self-balancing technology. This is not only helpful in experiencing fall free rides but also provide coaching to ride the hoverboard during the hoverboard ride, especially to the self-learners. This feature is ideal for kids.

The best part about XPRIT hoverboard is that it has a long lasting battery. The battery lasts for 3 hours after a full charge. The rider doesn’t need to worry about frequent plug-in during a casual ride. The batteries and the other components are UL 2272 Certified. There are no incidents of batteries heating or explosions reported. The battery components are safe and never leak, ensuring the security of the rider.

This best hoverboard under $100 comes with LED lights. These lights located on the wheel rim change color during the ride and also provide night visibility. The hoverboard offers a thrilling ride because of the sparkling lightening and musical effect.


  • Available in six different cool colors
  • Best hoverboard for kids who want to polish their skills
  • High-grade hoverboard under $100 with UL 2272 safety certification


  • This hoverboard lacks a low battery indicator


10. CHO Gold Hoverboard – Cheap gold hoverboard

CHO Company aims to provide high quality super safe hoverboards to its customers. It is exceptional in its fascinating features and looks. If you are searching a hoverboard under $100 or roundabout that, that is safe for your kids, then you should purchase this self-balancing scooter for the kids.

It is UL certified hoverboard under $100 that is safe from explosion and fire incidents. It is available in different attractive colors in the market. You have a choice to purchase your most wanted color.

It has a very smart look. The wheels are 6.5-inch solid rubber vacuum tires. It can cover a distance of 7.45 miles at a speed of 6.21mph in a single charge. The battery is also UL certified so is safe from explosion. Undoubtedly, it has other a lot of astonishing features. Hats off for the inbuilt Bluetooth sound system for the full entertainment during the ride.

If you are beginner then don’t need to worry as it has self-balancing technology which makes it easy to learn for beginners and kids. It’s safe and durable body can bear a weight limit of up to 220Ibs. It is Safe to ride on wet and dry surfaces.

Distinguish feature of CHO Cheap Hoverboard:

A feature that makes this self-balancing scooter unique from other hoverboards is the Mind-blowing, attractive LED lighting system on the front, side, and rear side of the frame of the body. The lights are also there on the rim of the tires. It looks like you are riding on the lights during the night time. Illuminating shockingly, giving you a fantastic ride.

The only downside is the prolonged charging time and charging faults reported by many customers. Otherwise, is the best hoverboard under $100 that is super safe as well as very attractive available in different colors. Best for both kids and adults


  • UL certified and very safe hoverboard
  • Acquires Self-balancing technology
  • High-quality flash lightening system


  • Battery charging time is 3-4 hours

Buying guide: Cheap Hoverboards & Hoverboards under $100

Truly speaking, Archery market is overloaded with a wide range of cheap hoverboards. On the other hand, online gadget stores are also presenting a large list of hoverboards under $100. Due to the over increasing demand for the cheap hoverboards under $100, many well-known companies have manufactured cheap hoverboards. But the over the development of cheap hoverboards have made it difficult for the beginners to choose the best quality cheap hoverboard.

Actually, figuring out the supreme quality hoverboard is not difficult. But choosing the top quality cheap hoverboards from a wide list of cheap hoverboards under $100 is quite tricky.

Moreover, the trend of this beast is increasing rapidly. Because cheap Hoverboards, a two-wheel self-balancing scooter is used as personal transportation also. With the increase in the demand of this balancing scooter, the companies are trying their best to make up the modified models of the hoverboard and provide their customers with the best attractive designs and improved features.

The mini Segways with wide features and specifications are offered in the market at reasonable prices. So this rechargeable gadget is no heavier on pocket now.

Do the cheap hoverboards under $100 are easily available?

Cheap hoverboards and hoverboards under $100 are available in the market and have all the main features that you can acquire in a luxury hoverboard. However, cheap hoverboards for sale are of medium quality with the limited specifications and features. The premium hoverboards are superior in its quality and features. In addition, premium hoverboards are manufactured by the most renowned companies in the world and are safe for your kids. Moreover, they are wide in their specifications. For instance, HM6K is a premium hoverboard consists of inbuilt overcharge protection, protective gears and it is intelligently engineered with ever balance technology.


Factors to consider while buying cheap hoverboards:

1. UL Certified 2272

Before buying the cheap hoverboards, let confirm about the safety of the hoverboard. UL certified hoverboards are safe to ride. These hoverboards have passed all the safety tests. The cases of electrical hazards, fire catching and overheating are less reported in these hoverboards.

2. Hoverboard quality

The quality of the cheap hoverboards or hoverboards under $100 is the important factor to be focused on. Wise people never compromise on the quality. Make sure the hoverboard consist of the service warranty. Go through the product description. The quality of the tire and the motor should be superb.

3. Charging time

Normally the hoverboard gets charged in 2 to 3 hours. Make sure the battery is UL certified. Overcharging explosion incidents have been reported in the past. People usually ignore the details of the charger and battery.

4. Weight capacity

Whenever you are buying the cheap hoverboard the weight capacity matters a lot. The ordinary cheap hoverboard can bear a weight of 225-265 pounds. Purchase a model that can bear weight more than the weight of the rider.

5. Tire size

The speed of the hoverboard depends on the size of the tire. Three standard sizes of tires are available i.e. 6.5 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches. Small tires are good for a ride on smooth surfaces. The larger size tires are best for rough surfaces. 6.5-inch tires are portable while 10-inch tires lack portability.

6. Speed

The average speed of the cheap hoverboard is 2 to 10mph and covers a distance of 10 to 15 miles in one charge. Hoverboard under $100 cannot cover long distances so this distance range is fine for an ordinary self-balancing scooter. The speed also depends on the size of the wheels and design of the hoverboard.

7. Price

You can get a cheap hoverboard under a price range of $150 to $200. The cheap hoverboard of this range consists of all the main features of the luxury hoverboard. However, there will be a difference in the quality of the material of hoverboard. The luxury hoverboards are best in quality while the cheap hoverboards are least in quality than expensive hoverboards.

How much do the cheap hoverboards cost?

The retail price of average hoverboard in 2018 is $200 – $600 and although you can get that a good hoverboard at $130 at the lowest price I have ever seen in my life.

You have to remember that whenever you go below $200, there may be problems with quality and compromise on durability. Unlikely, a cheap hoverboard made with low materials is certainly not good on the other hand better materials hoverboard made with a better amount as much more expensive. There is a way to get a good hoverboard at a reasonable price around the holiday season when many hoverboards and self-balancing scooters will be on sale with good deals.


Mainly you have two options to get hoverboards under $100. The first option is to buy the used hoverboard with recertified and refurbished. The second option potentially could be risky though and I never recommend it. Many of the used hoverboards caught fire and could be faulty. It is very dangerous for us.

Why price matters?

Price matters for all the things. People are often under consideration to buy products that are under $100. The issue remains the same. Do we buy products that are cheap? Do we go for hoverboards under $100?  The most difficult decision to make is getting a hoverboard that suits you. You can buy cheap hoverboard and check whether they suit you. This will help in understanding that good gadgets can be found on such prices.

Overall thoughts:

There are some good quality cheap hoverboards to be had in 2019, however, you are not going to find hoverboards under $100 Until you put down yourself for a second hand or recertified route ( or maybe you intend to buy in bulk ). You’ll probably pay even then a bit more than $100. There are hoverboards available at just $120 – $200 which is still pretty on the great price and then you must just want to flexible your budget a bit more and get a more great and reputable brand.

Buyers are responsible to check the reviews and rating of any product before buying it to avoid any hitch later. Before purchasing cheap hoverboards and hoverboards under $100 it is better to go through the reviews and key features associated with it.

To end, I must say that now you can easily get cheap hoverboards for sale with supreme quality. However, they may lack some premium hoverboards feature but they are superb and offers a great ride. Once you buy these cheap hoverboards for sale, you will just love it. It offers a sizzling and safe ride. Then why are you waiting? Grab the best and cheap hoverboards for sale and enjoy the sizzling and exhilarating features of this cheap hoverboards $100 without expending heavy money.

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