Lamborghini Hoverboard Reviews – A Great Gadget Or Just Hype?

Have you ever heard of Lamborghini hoverboard? Well, this piece will cover the Unbiased Lamborghini hoverboard review. Continue reading to find out more.

Many people are basically aware of the Lamborghini car company. How many have an idea of the Lamborghini hoverboard? This is the ideal time to realize this model. It is one of the best popular models that are doing quite well in the market today. The hoverboard is very speedy and is much stronger compared with other hoverboards.

The Lamborghini Hoverboard Review: A Great Gadget Or Just A Hype?

Most people believe that Lamborghini hoverboards are made by Lamborghini Car Company. That’s not true! The reason behind the popularity of the Lamborghini brand is that Lamborghini hoverboard has an angular design that reminds us of the Italian cars created by the Lamborghini.

Lamborghini hoverboards are commonly found in many distinctive colors, and this piece covers the two popular hoverboard models, i.e., Black and Gold models. In other words; Lamborghini 8.5 inch off road Hoverboard (Black) and LAMBORGHINI 6.5 inch off road Hoverboard (Gold). What makes them different? Do they have any similarities? Are they safe for kids and adults? Well, don’t fret because we’re doing to find out right here, right now and without wasting time, let’s get started.

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Features of Lamborghini 8.5 Inch Hoverboard

When looking for a fancy board, then Lamborghini 8.5 inch off road board is a two-wheel vehicle designed to offer the best riding experience to those who love short-term adventure. You can ride it on your way to the gym, school, or cruise on a boardwalk. It is an affordable and eco-friendly board you can ever purchase. The good thing about this board is that it is a self-balancing board and therefore, it’s appropriate for both adults and kids. It comes with the most amazing features that assist the riders to have cool riding skills. When choosing this hoverboard, there are key features that you need to put into consideration. These features are as follows:


Currently, the market is flooded with several brands that never mind about the quality. You should always focus on the frames, materials used, wheels sensors, internal motors, and electrical components. Again, If you wish to get a new board, you should ensure that it’s safe for you and your kid. Lamborghini 8.5 inch off road board, therefore, guarantees the safety. It is a nice idea to get a new Lamborghini 8.5-inch off-road hoverboard from a trusted dealer who has been in the business for the longest time possible.

Lamborghini 8.5 Inch Hoverboard

Wheel diameter

When buying a hoverboard the primary thing to focus on is the diameter of the wheel. If you’re looking forward to purchasing it for your child, you may consider buying a board with smaller wheels, but that isn’t the only option. The good news is that this board has a self-balancing technology that makes it safe for kids. It has a wheel size of 8.5 inches that makes it appropriate for holding large weight capacity. A board with small wheels can accommodate less weight capacity than what this board can support. The large wheels make it possible to ride appropriately in the grass, uneven surfaces, and gravel surfaces. Basically, we can conclude that larger wheels are best suited for outdoor adventure while the small wheels are ideal for indoor cruising.

Battery and the charging time

Lamborghini 8.5 inch off road board boasts of its fabulous premium quality battery that lasts longer than you can imagine. The good thing with its battery is that it doesn’t overheat. How would you know the battery is high quality? Basically, high-quality batteries with perfect reputation are Samsung and LG. The batteries allow you to ride for about 3-4 hours. If you buy a battery that can last for even an hour, that’s a clear indication of a low-quality battery.

Other factors determine the lasting capacity of your battery. These include; weather conditions, the weight of the rider, handling, and the type of terrain. Actually, the best hoverboard will include rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. When the power of the battery goes below 20%, it is always recommended to recharge it.

Speed and range

Some factors determine the speed of the hoverboard. Few factors include wheel size, motor, and built-in safety limits. Some models always state their top speeds, but the speed is hindered by the weight of the rider and the terrain. If you want a fast speed hoverboard, then this model will allow you to ride with a maximum speed of up to 12mph in an all-terrain capacity.

Comprehensive security and safety

The primary rule to keep in mind when purchasing a hoverboard is the UL2272 certification. It is a safety measure that evaluates the charging system and the electrical drive. You should never bother a board that lacks this safety mark precisely when buying it for your kids. You wouldn’t risk buying a hoverboard that will put your kid’s life in danger. With that in mind, this board should not be used by kids under 12 years without proper supervision. Again, follow the manufacturer’s manual when using this hoverboard.

Self-balancing technology

This feature allows the ride to move safely without worrying. It makes it appropriate for both adults and kids.

Lamborghini 8.5 Inch Hoverboard Bluetooth and Speaker Technology

Built-in Bluetooth speaker

The Bluetooth speaker allows you to connect to your music device appropriately. The speakers are high-quality and produce clear, quality, and outstanding sounds.

Lamborghini 8.5 Inch Hoverboard Bluetooth and Speaker


The price of the Lamborghini 8.5 inch off road hoverboard ranges starts from $200. It is a good quality that will serve you for years.


It boasts of its powerful motor that allows it to move and climb steep slopes. It is also 33% larger and nearly 2x more powerful than any leading board in the industry. This implies that it’s much stable, offers enough foot space, and it’s much fun. It is extraordinary with a stunning led design.

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  • The UL2272 certification is an assurance of a safe ride.
  • Each part of this hoverboard agrees with the government regulations.
  • It is built for reliability and longevity with the latest technology.
  • It has a strong battery that doesn’t overheat. The battery offers you 3-4 hours riding experience.
  • The 8.5-inch wheels allow you to ride on all terrains.
  • The LED lights allow you to ride in the dark.

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  • It doesn’t come with a compatible plug for the charger.


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Features of LAMBORGHINI 6.5 Inch Off-road Hoverboard

Wondering what to offer to your kids? Worry no more! LAMBORGHINI 6.5 inch off road hoverboard is an excellent gift for any occasion. It allows your kids to enjoy their free time outdoors with families and friends. It’s a speedy and high-quality hoverboard you’ll ever purchase. Again, you don’t need to keep replacing a board when LAMBORGHINI board can last for years. This model is designed with the safety of your kid in mind. It has been tested and certified to be safe than any other board you’ll find in the market. Also, the 6.5 inch wheels are strong and sturdy and allow you to ride in all-terrain. Basically, it is designed to offer the best riding experience. Let’s have a look at some of its unique features.

Unique design

When looking for outstanding hoverboard design, the 6.5 inch Lamborghini hoverboard is the best. It has a gold color that will attract your eyes. It is small, lighter, and designed with powerful technology.

LAMBORGHINI 6.5 Inch Off-road Hoverboard

Ultimate drive

Lamborghini 6.5 inch has a powerful motor that can take short-distance travel. It also includes a non-slip foot slap to ride effectively. This hoverboard has a stunning LED design that offers a stable and fun riding.

Comprehensive safety and security

What else would you want than providing the best for your kids? Well, If you’re not sure about the safety of a hoverboard, then Lamborghini 6.5 inch is UL2272 tested and confirmed to offer world-class security and safety.

Speed and range

Lamborghini 6.5 inch offers a distinctive range of speed compared to other board. It offers a speed of up to 8mph or 12.8 kph. In terms of speed, the 8.5 model is a better option for those looking for the fastest model.

LAMBORGHINI 6.5 Inch Off-road Hoverboard Maximum Power Motor

SUV tire

Hoverboard that can be used in all terrain is basically the best. Lamborghini 6.5 inches has SUV tires that are designed to move in any terrain. Actually, the powerful motor makes it possible for the board to move in all-terrain. It makes you feel safe when riding it in any sort of road that you’re in.


A self-balancing technology allows the rider to ride easily without worrying. Lamborghini 6.5 inch uses this technology to enhance the kid’s safety.

LAMBORGHINI 6.5 Inch Hoverboard

Bluetooth speaker

It includes a Bluetooth speaker that is connected to a music device to offer true audiophiles. The speaker looks great, produces outstanding quality sounds, and it’s easy to connect.

Weight capacity

Lamborghini 6.5 inch is small, light, and weighs 21.8 pounds. This is apparently easy for kids to ride and carry around.


Like other models, the cost of Lamborghini 6.5 inch goes up and down when new models are introduced. The price will vary between $299-$459. The price fluctuates if you’re looking for more features and goes down perhaps during the special offers.

Dream gift

Do you know why this is a perfect gift for your kid? Well, it is easy to learn and will only require about 3 minutes of training. It is basically a perfect gift for Christmas and birthdays, especially to outdoor sporting enthusiasts. Lamborghini 6.5 inch has diverse features, and the gold color makes it a dream gift for them.


Lamborghini 6.5 is a powerful gadget with a powerful and strong motor. Precisely, the motor uses a lithium-ion battery that is strong and offers a considerate charging time of up to 3 hours maximum. The batteries also can hold power for the longest time possible. What about the motor? It boasts of having a powerful 180-200W motor that helps the rider to move in all terrains at ease. The good thing is that it offers a maximum speed of up to 6km/h. Since the hoverboard is specifically designed for kids, then the rider should not exceed 90kg. Again, the board has an added advantage as far as speed is concerned. It allows you to select up to three-speed levels.

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  • Technology: This board utilizes self-balancing technology that allows anyone to train and ride the board at ease. It makes sense when you purchase a board that will never give your son or daughter a hectic experience when riding.
  • LED Lights: It’s ideal for making the whole riding experience safe and easy. The LED lights in the board ensure that you’re safe while riding in the dark.
  • Music fun: The board also includes Bluetooth speakers that are easily connected to a music device and offer a bombastic, outstanding, and superb sound.
  • Design: It is highly designed for the paramount drive. Its high motor power is pretty enough for short distances. The stunning design also offers a stable and fun ride.
  • Color: It is gold in color, and this makes it an ideal gift for any party to your kid.
  • Safety: The hoverboard is UL2272 certified and tested and confirmed to respect the safety regulations.

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  • It is shipped to specific areas across the globe.
  • It is only ideal for kids.


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What Makes the Two Different?

The two Lamborghini off-road all-terrain hoverboards are basically similar. The only thing that varies is their wheel size, color, weight capacity, speeds, and the user.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking forward to buying a Lamborghini all-terrain hoverboard for you and your kids, then Lamborghini 8.5 inch off-road hoverboard is the best. It gives you the chance to ride on any terrain, and it’s affordable. Its quality is also not questionable. Again, if you want to buy a perfect gift for your kid, you should not think twice when choosing a Lamborghini 6.5 inch off-road hoverboard. It’s gold in color and offers a safe riding experience to your kids.

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How fast is a Lamborghini hoverboard?

The black Lamborghini all-terrain hoverboard has a maximum speed of up to 12mph. On the other hand, a gold hoverboard has a maximum speed of up to 8mph. Many factors determine how fast a hoverboard moves — for instance, the weight, the road surface you’re using, weather, etc.

Have safety certification for Lamborghini hoverboard?

A safety certification for Lamborghini all-terrain hoverboard is UL2272. This means it has been tested and confirmed to be safe human life. When looking for Lamborghini hoverboard, always consider checking on this certification sign. It will do you good, and you’ll always feel safe when you or your kid is riding.

How much charger cable included in this hoverboard?

A charger cable is fundamental and is inclusive in either black or gold model. The charger cables are universal, and their adaptor is designed to fit the charging port.

How long does the battery last and how fast does it charge?

Lamborghini all-terrain hoverboards batteries are designed to offer you the best. Their qualities are perfect and will last for long. A black and gold Lamborghini off-road hoverboard models have a battery that allows you to ride for about 3-4 hours. It takes precisely about 2.5 hours to charge completely.

What is the quality of the Lamborghini hoverboard wheel?

All Lamborghini off-road hoverboards have strong and sturdy wheels that allow them to maneuver in any type of terrain. As their name suggests, they’re all terrain hoverboard. The black model is the fastest with a wheel size of 8.5 inches. The gold model on the other side has a wheel size of 6.5 inches.

What is the maximum weight limit of Lamborghini hoverboard?

The weight of the black Lamborghini hoverboard is 43.9 pounds. This is a little bit heavy for kids to carry around if you consider the materials used. Primarily, it has a maximum weight capacity of 264lbs which is a clear indication that it is perfect for both adults and kids. On the other side, Gold Lamborghini hoverboard weighs 21.8 pounds. This makes it perfect for kids to carry around at ease. It has a maximum weight capacity of 90lbs.

What kind of warranty does it have?

Basically, both black and gold Lamborghini off-road hoverboards have a warranty offer. If in any way you feel the product isn’t good enough for you or your kid, then the manufacturer gives you the chance to take it back. Remember: The warranty option is always a guarantee of quality products. This actually applies if you’re purchasing in a trusted dealer.

What is the manufactures warranty on the Lamborghini Hover Board?

You can always confirm the warranty option with the Lamborghini off-road hoverboard manufacturer.

Does it have a removable battery pack?

Yes. You can always access the battery anytime you want. The removable battery pack makes it easy for that deal.

Is Lamborghini hoverboard cheap?

Actually, we wouldn’t say the Lamborghini off-road hoverboard is cheap or expensive. It only depends on your pocket. But trust me. It is sold at a fair price if you compare its quality with other hoverboards on the market.

How much does a Lamborghini hoverboard cost?

The price of the Lamborghini off-road hoverboard depends on some factors that we discussed above. If you can afford between $200 – $400, then you’re sure of getting a quality brand. The price of a black hoverboard in Amazon is currently not shown, but with around $200 bucks, you can have it. Again, the gold model is a bit expensive compared to the price of the black model in Amazon. It is currently $299 – $459. If you compare Amazon and Walmart, I’d advise you to make your deals with Amazon. Do you know why? Their products are affordable and are highly rated.


Was this piece helpful? Well, we hope that reading this Lamborghini hoverboard review may tempt you to purchase either Black Lamborghini 8.5 inch or Gold Lamborghini 6.5 inch. Both are quality hoverboards that will offer a long-lasting riding experience. If you have any more questions, feel free to get in touch with us today and, we will offer our help. Thank you!

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