How Does Regenerative Braking Work in Electric Skateboard

There are many misconceptions about how electric skateboards brake. Most electric skateboards work on regenerative braking systems. But once again, this article will explain what it takes to work on a regenerative braking system in an electric skateboard. 

The first step to understanding the workings of the regeneration brakes on an electric skateboard is to know what they are. Therefore, we will discuss what the regeneration brakes are, where they originated from, and how they work in an electric skateboard.

Regenerative Braking

Regenerative as the word indicates means to generate something. Here we define regenerative braking as, when we brake on an electric skateboard, the kinetic energy is converted directly into the cells of an electric skateboard’s battery. This results in the battery becoming charged.

The process of regenerative battery solely depends on the principle of physics that says. “Energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed from one form to another”. Hence, the working of regenerative braking depends upon the laws of physics. But to understand the deeper meaning of the process let’s cut it down and see how does regenerative braking works in electric skateboards. 

Regenerative Braking and the Electric Skateboards

Most electric skateboards work mainly using the regenerative brake system. The concept is as clear as crystal, but extremely intensive. Basically, an electric skateboard works with a brake system that varies on the manufacturing. Some boards employ friction braking, while others utilize dynamic braking.

Traditionally, friction braking was mostly used in traditional skateboards. But with the advent of technology, as electric skateboards have replaced traditional skateboards, friction braking is eventually replaced with regenerative braking.

In addition to electric vehicles, electric motorcycles and electric skateboards, regenerative braking is becoming common among all other modes of transport as well. Here I want to introduce you to another key concept of the regenerative braking system.

Regenerative Braking and Sustainable development

As we all know, to control global warming almost all of the countries in the world are working on climate and sustainable development. Regenerative braking is one of the “R” of 3Rs of the sustainable development initiative. Here that “R” stands solely for reuse and recreation of the available sources.  

In regenerative braking, the energy is reused by the battery and recharges the cells of the battery. In this way, whenever the rider brakes, the battery gets recharged. Hence regenerative braking system contributes clearly to the sustainability of the products. 

Working of Regenerative Braking in Electric Skateboards

Regenerative braking converts much of the kinetic energy into stored energy in the battery of an electric skateboard while decelerating back. In short, regenerative braking is an energy recovering system that slows down a moving electric skateboard by converting its kinetic energy into a form that can be used right away or stored until later.

how Regenerative Braking work in Electric Skateboards

Now we are familiar with the concept of the regenerative braking system and its working in an electric skateboard. But here the question is how does this all work? How decelerating recharges a battery? Of course, a layman couldn’t understand the core relationship between braking and recharging. Hence, to recognize it, continue reading!

How does Braking Charge the Battery?

As earlier we comprehend the Principle of Physics that claims, “An energy cannot be lost, it can only be transformed.” In traditional braking i.e. Friction Braking System, the energy is transformed into heat energy.

Likewise, when you stop or decelerate the electric skateboard. The energy is transferred from the tires/trucks of the e-board to the battery via the engine. The engine helps in the transference of energy and acts as an electric generator. Now this stored energy can be reused until next time. Eventually. the motor-generator sends power back to the battery and charges it. 

Braking charges the battery in no less time but does it actually reliable?  And if it is reliable then how much amount of energy can be recovered by a regenerative braking system? These all are the questions that can be raised in the mind of any intellect. So to clear your head, we have a covered an ABC of the regenerative braking system. See the stats of energy covered by regenerative braking in the next section.

Energy Covered by Regenerative Braking 

Usually, the range of an electric skateboard depends upon its battery timing. The greater the timing of the battery the maximum range an electric skateboard could cover. So as a regenerative braking system recharges the battery of an electric skateboard it expands the range of an electric skateboard.

According to research (Boretti, 2013), the efficiency of an electric skateboard to capture the energy produced by regenerative braking varies between 16% to 70%.

Knowing the worth of a regenerative braking system, everyone wants to own a product that works according to the regenerative braking system. People buy things that are sustainable and long-lasting.

So here we need to identify the lifespan of the regenerative braking system. Because when we think of regenerative braking system, we hear a query, “Do regenerative brakes last longer?

The lifespan of Regenerative Brakes

Regenerative braking is the reusable spec of an electric skateboard that lowers the risks of an early exodus. Regenerative braking is known as the cutting-edge feature of an electric skateboard that helps recharge the battery while driving.

It reduces the base brake wear that allows a system to last longer. Whereas, other traditional braking systems such as dynamic and friction braking fails to serve the function after plenty of time because of a continuous impediment. 


Regenerative braking is an advanced technological system integrated into electric skateboards. It helps recharge the battery until the next ride and makes the ride comfortable and reliable for the rider.

Hence whenever you plan to buy an electric skateboard, prefer the one that comes with regenerative braking. Because regenerative braking system has changed the concept of electric skateboarding and its complications.