How to Repair Electric Skateboard

Wait, what! Your electric skateboard is not working? And are you looking for tips on how to fix an electric skateboard? We are here to share your worry. 

Electric skateboard is no doubt a better form of convenience for modern times. People love affordability and portability and that’s exactly what electric skateboards offer.

Electric skateboards are used by most teens to go to school and colleges. More often people prefer electric skateboards over traditional boards as their utmost desire to learn skateboarding. 

But one day on the way back home your electric skateboard breaks down. This is the most unfortunate situation if you are out of riding out of nowhere. You can’t see any mechanic or physical help real soon.

So now it’s you and your board. You should have basic knowledge about how to fix a broken skateboard. Here in this article, you will find a full-fledged summary of what factors affect the working of electric skateboards, how you restore a skateboard, and what company fixes electric skateboards. So continue skimming!

Why your Board Stopped Working?

The first and foremost thing for the treatment is to diagnose the disease. Examine your e-board completely and whether the part is not working. Contemplate and double-check every part of the board deeply. If your board is facing problems in starting then your battery is might be out of juice. Similarly, if the speed and range are not the same as before then there must be an issue with the trucks or motor. And if you are not able to operate your remote well, then there might be a problem with the wiring of an electric skateboard. The common issues that you may face are:

  • Your board might not turn on. In this case, charge the battery of the board and wait for a bit. Try to turn it on and see if it’s working. If not, then communicate with your manufacturer.
  • Sometimes you observe a misalignment in your tires and trucks. You can usually correct it by making some minor alignments. If still, you can’t see the result then you may need to buy the new tires or trucks. 
  • Most of the time, the range of the board is not going well. For that try to drain the battery of the board completely and then charge it. You will see a difference.
  • When your board produces an unacceptable sound while braking try to adjust the belt tension. Tighten the belt with the help of tools and allow a sequenced working to the belt of your board.
  • Squeaky trunks turn your ride into a drastic experience. To make your movements more lateral tighten or untighten the trucks of your board. 

So look, it all depends upon the health of your electric skateboard. If your board needs a minor fixation, fix it by yourself. But if see it doesn’t work then the best possible solution is its maintenance. Take your electric skateboard to its manufacturer or the company that deals with repairing electric skateboards and giving new life to your board. 

What Company fix an Electric Skateboard?

Though many companies repair electric skateboards. But “Emobility Repairs” is that one that can have your faith. This company deals with the repairing of electric skateboards, electric scooters, e-bikes, and one wheel. They aim to get the riders back on the road. So if you face any kind of hurdle and inconvenience in getting your electric skateboard repaired, fill their repair form to get a quote. Emobility Repairs is a certified company with trained repair agents and owns an inventory of parts for most of the popular brands. So if you are using Teamgee electric skateboard or Backfire electric skateboard, you can still get your board repaired from them. 

So if you feel a minor issue in your board go for its maintenance and repair. When you keep up the thing well it definitely lasts longer. So follow these tips for the maintenance of an electric skateboard to avoid any kind of inconvenience on your way. 

Tips for the Maintenance of an Electric Skateboard

  • Up keeping of an E-board

If your board stopped working out of nowhere it’s because you don’t use it very carefully. You need to maintain your board very often. To increase the lifespan of your electric skateboard you need to take its proper care and feed it with maintenance after a couple of days. As of now, you need to repair it by yourself you should consider its cleaning first. Blow the air through certain parts and see if some particles are creating trouble. Dust your board and go for deep cleaning.

  • Deep Cleaning of an Electric Skateboard

Cleaning is a must for every single thing available on this planet. Hence it is equally important for electric skateboards. Take a damp cloth and clean the exterior of your board deeply. Clean the tires and the trucks with a brush to remove dirt and sand residuals. Remember, prevent damp cloth or water from entering the electronic parts of the board. 

  • Battery Maintenance

The battery’s up keeping and maintenance is the hard thing to accomplish. Most of the electric boards own a very good range of battery life but you can extend its life span through special care. Always switch off the circuit before and after putting on the charging and discharging of an electric skateboard. Keep up with its battery life by charging it once every month if you are not using it. 

  • Adjust bolts and Nuts

Riding on all-terrains and off-road gives jerks and jolts to your board. Due to the high pace of vibrations bolts and nuts might loosen up and results in damage to the board.  So with the help of a tool kit adjust the bolts and screws of your electric skateboard before every ride. 

  • Motors and Wheels

When cleaning the wheels/motors, make sure no water gets into the engines. It is important to keep water, sand, and stones out of the engines. Even if your board is waterproof still you have to avoid water inclusion in the sensitive parts of the board. If the profile of the wheels is less than 5mm thick, replace the wheels. Keep the All-Terrain set-tire up’s pressure between 35 and 50 psi.

Once you keep up your electric skateboard with keen care there would be less chance of its repair. But still here is how you can repair your electric skateboard all by yourself. 

How to Repair Electric Skateboard?

Sometimes the situation won’t allow you to see the repair or maintenance agent. For that situation, you should prepare yourself completely. Learn how to deal with an unexpected situation. At least you must have a know-how about the parts of an electric skateboard so that you can sense the problem. Because in the middle of the road you need to do it by yourself.

Simple problems like loose nuts and trunks, misaligned wheels, and peeling grip tape can all be tugged, modified, and amended. However, when your battery and other electrical components start to malfunction, it’s time to seek professional assistance.

Repair and Service

As now think it’s not your game to win then sent it to the manufacturer for repair. Always prefer the manufacturer company for the repair over any local repair agent. Because a mother better knows the pain of his child. So the original company could better deal with the problem.

Unfortunately, if your brand doesn’t support the repair of the board then look for any reliable and certified company that deals with the repairing of an electric skateboard-like Emobility Repair. Sent your board very often for its service as it will lessen the chance of damage. 


Firstly, try to maintain your board with great care that it won’t face any issues while riding. Give it time to time service and clean it regularly. Take close care of battery maintenance and charging. Tighten the nuts and screws very often and see if there is any abnormality. If you cannot sense the problem then seek professional help.