9 Tips To Make Riding Your Electric Skateboard More Enjoyable – Updated

Electric Skateboard is a very helpful invention for people which comes with excitement for the consumer. Riding the electric skateboard has to be one of the most enjoyable experiences. You can take your skateboard anywhere you want and will reach your destination much faster and in style. 

Kids these days love riding electric skateboards but before getting into it they must know how to ride it properly because it can be frustrating in the first few days before you can get used to it. Electric skateboards are adding spices to bland daily routines of going to school or work with its thrilling features and all new amazing technology.

Tips for riding an electric skateboard

Here some of the points that will help you not only in riding but also getting the most fun out of it. To help get you started with your new electric skateboard, we’ve put together a few quick electric skateboard tips for beginners and advanced electric skateboard riders.

Learn about the skateboard

The first and foremost thing is learning. Read all the instructions carefully to understand the working of the skateboard and also understand its features. Electric skateboards offer a lot but that’s up to us to fund out how to get the most out of it for an amazing ride.

Find your stance

Although there isn’t any right way to stand on the board, people have named foot placement such as ;

  • Regular stance:

 The left foot is forward, toward the nose of the board.

  • Goofy stance:

 Leading with your right foot.

It’s all about finding what suits you while riding the skateboard so don’t think about any stance. Go with whatever feels more comfortable as in the end joy and pleasure is what you seek and if you aren’t comfortable then there is no point. Choosing the right stance makes riding easier and less stressful on your mind and body.

Work on your posture

With these fast electric skateboards, you have to play safe whether it’s your first time or not. Finding the right balance is very crucial otherwise a lot of injuries can occur and stand on top of the skateboard with confidence is very necessary to handle it properly.

For beginners, it is very important to understand how to stand on the board, where many think a stiff posture is the best way to go, which is, in fact, dangerous and not recommended by professionals. On the other hand, standing firm is the right way as it makes you more comfortable and helps in maneuvering.

With the right posture and balance, riding becomes easier, for that keep your hands out all the time and keep a slightly upright posture for proper balance. Your body will eventually respond to the right posture and with continuous practice, it will be the fundamentals of your riding.

Practice daily 

Skateboarding comes with patience and practice, to get better keep practicing every day and don’t be afraid to make mistakes as mistakes are the indications of improvement. To add more fun try doing some tricks with it which won’t come easy but with practice, everything will get easier. Many professional skateboarders started skateboarding for fun and with practice eventually started making living out of it.

Find inspiration from improvements you see every day and start building your hard work around it to be able to get a good grip on skateboard riding.

Add fun with carving

Carving on a skateboard is the act of making big, fast turns in the corners of transitions. On flat surfaces, the carving is easiest on a longboard or carving board, but with practice, you can learn to carve a bowl on a shortboard. Starving isn’t only done by my movement of the feet only but requires the whole body to play through the turns to handle the board and shoulders play a very important role in it. It’s all about going with the flow.

  • Keep your head straight.
  • Arms out.
  • Knees bent.

This will help keep balance on the board while carving. By looking straight you have a view of where you are going and by default, your body will follow the mind.

Carving gives you a lot of thrills while riding which is a bit difficult to do at first, for me, it’s one of the best things to do especially if you have an electric skateboard as it is easier to maneuver.


Keep your skateboard fully charged before the ride to get maximum torque, good speed, and climbing power. Know about its working and for how long will it last, some boards have power-saving modes which give you a long time to ride but performance decreases when the battery gets lower. 

So before buying any electric skateboard review its battery conditions and performance which helps in selecting the perfect board for you.

Skateboarding Partners

Everything is easier and more interesting with friends and the same is the case with skateboarding. Find friends with the same passion and vision and start practicing with them. Two brains are always better than a single brain, similarly, tips and instructions from friends around you will help a lot in riding, and it’s always more fun.

Explore exciting places 

With electric skateboards, your limitations are less and you can go anywhere without any difficulty. Let’s say there is a place where you could not go previously but now you can explore it easily and spend some time to find out more about that place. This enhances your exploration skills and adds to your personality when you have fewer limitations. To know you could carve the longest distance all way long on all-terrains and off-road.


Always make sure to wear proper kits before riding and follow road protocols to ride safely. Speed thrills but maturity is to keep things under control by safely riding your skateboard which is for fun and only is used for this purpose. Make sure to ride properly for the safety of yourself and your partners.


Electric skateboards give you the ultimate look and it’s changing the conventional ways of traveling with thrills. Follow our tips given above to enjoy and ride safely. 

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