How to Waterproofing your Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboards were designed for plain and dry paths – but if you got to ride on a wet surface, you need to make sure your board is waterproofed within a short period of time.

Electric skateboarding is mainly preferred to commute smaller distances, including a ride to college, a grocery shop, a market, or a nearby park. So preferably, electric skateboarding is considered reliable, mostly for kids and teens. 

There are a lot of electric skateboards that are primarily designed for kids and their ease. To get an idea about the best electric skateboard for kids and teens.

Before we look at how to waterproof your electric skateboard, let’s examine whether the electric skateboards have built-in waterproofing capabilities. A lot of people wonder, “Are electric skateboards waterproof?” 

Are Electric Skateboards Waterproof?

Honestly, most electric skateboards are not waterproof. They are made commonly for the daily rough and dry commuting. We could consider it as a drawback in the making of electric skateboards. Electric skateboards should be waterproof originally, so people don’t need to waterproof them lately. 

However, some e-boards come with high-quality water-resistant material. Water-resistant allows a rider to ride the board on a wet road and in the rain. Again water-resistant boards are not solely waterproofed boards because they resist water penetration to some extent and not completely.

So this article would help you get the list of best waterproof electric skateboards in the market, and if you already have a board, you can DIY waterproofing your electric skateboard. 

Best Waterproof Electric Skateboard

To get the best waterproof electric skateboard, deeply observe the features of an e-board. The deck of the board should contain fiberglass coverage. The tires and trucks are also covered with fibreglass, and the lid of the battery should be made up of pure metal that prevents water enclosure in the battery. Here is the list of Best Waterproof Electric Skateboard in the market:

  • MaxFind Max 4
  • Enertion Raptor 2 
  • Blizart Huracane
  • Skatebolt Tornado
  • WowGo 3
  • Evolve Carbon GTR
  • Boosted Plus
  • Meepo 3
  • OneWheel 
  • Ownboard Mini KT
  • Jedboard AWD 
  • Inboard M1

How to Waterproofing your Electric Skateboard?

Waterproofing an electric skateboard is totally a personal choice. If you need to make it a permanent edit, you may require an extensive alteration. Here, you need to understand one thing, why waterproofing of an electric skateboard is required?

The answer is quite clear! We need to waterproof an electric skateboard in order to run and ride in the rain and on the wet roads. In summers, kids want to enjoy the rain along with electric skateboarding. So for that purpose, one may need to waterproof an electric skateboard. Hence, to DIY waterproofing your electric skateboard, you would require a commonly used material. 

Materials Required to Waterproofing your E-board

It is obvious whenever you amend or recreate something, and you would require material to make it better. Likewise, to waterproof an electric skateboard, you would need the following things:

  • Heat shrink Wrap
  • Thicker Shrink Plastic
  • Grip Tape 
  • Spray Paint
  • Waterproof Sealant 

These are the things required to wrap the e-board entirely in a waterproof covering. You can cover the board either using household materials like plastic sheets, heat shrink-wraps, or sprays and chemicals. But here, we will let you know about the easiest and reliable way of waterproofing your electric skateboard. 


It’s easy to waterproof an electric skateboard at home. It would be best if you had a few heat-shrink wrapping sheets that serve as a window treatment in the winters, a grip tape to close the water’s enclosure, and finally, a spray paint. Follow the below-mentioned step to waterproofing your electric skateboard:

  • Wrap the battery of the board individually in the heat shrink wrapping sheet.
  • Now cover the whole deck of an electric skateboard upside down with the thicker shrink plastic.
  • Remember you need to tighten the sheet as much as you can, leaving no space for water to get in touch with the board or its battery.
  • For extra coverage, tape the edges of an electric skateboard with grip tape. This will make it even more reliable. 
  • Finally, coat the whole board with black metallic spray paint as it is water-resistant, and it will double-maintain your board from the rain and drops. 

Everyone owns their very personal way of waterproofing an electric skateboard, but this method is quite convenient above all, and it reliable enough. You do not need to break the bank to waterproof your electric skateboard. With no less money, you can turn and customize your board to its fullest. 


Another crucial but costly way of waterproofing an electric skateboard is to get the waterproof sealant and line it with the battery and the board. In this way, you lock the water entrance towards the battery and hence make it able to work in the rain. Remember, this method is only applicable for fiberglass coverage boards. But if you own a wooden deck board, you may need to cover the deck with waterproof sealant too. 

Points to Ponder

Here, everyone looking to waterproofing an electric skateboard should understand certain things like which part of the board requires in-depth coverage and which part can go well in the rain. So as far as trucks and tires are concerned, they are made up of polyurethane material. PU is water-resistant, and one can easily enjoy the ride having PU or even rubber tires.  

Whereas the deck of most of the electric skateboards is made up of Canadian or maple wood that is hard to introduce in the rain. Some boards contain an extra fiberglass coverage that makes them water-resistant.  But if your board doesn’t contain extra fiberglass coverage, you need to DIY waterproofing your electric skateboard. 


Electric skateboards are a convenient way to do daily outdoor chores. So to make your board runnable in every kind of situation, make it waterproof. In this way, you can turn your ordinary electric skateboard into a temporary, semi-temporary, or semi-permanent waterproof electric skateboard.