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We know that when it comes to choosing one of the best Envy scooters, things are not always clear given the different models to choose from. This process is also a long one, which is why we have decided to lend you a hand by giving you the answer you need right away. We have carefully studied the benefits of each model of scooter, and after reviewing a lot of data we came to the conclusion that the Envyscooters KOS series 6 load is something you should know. This machine is equipped with several professional features such as a nylon brake system for extra safety. In addition, you can rely on this comfortable and durable scooter because of its aluminum construction. The fact that the scooter is designed for intermediate and advanced riders means that its characteristics are of the highest quality. If you can’t buy this model, consider the Colt Envyscooter series 4 scooter.

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If you look at the reviews of Envy scooters to see which model suits you best, the following selection is certainly useful as it contains our best examples of the most popular models from this manufacturer.

KOS Series 6 Inverters Load

For those looking for a high quality and versatile Envy scooter, the brand offers this KOS Series 6 Charge model, which has a number of improved features on a professional level. One of the first things to mention about this particular aircraft is that it can be used by mediocre and advanced pilots without any problem. You can also take it with you for transport immediately after unpacking.

If you are looking for a scooter that you can ride in the park, but also on the road, then this cool model is definitely the one you should rely on. When it comes to durability, you don’t have to worry because this is a sporty class – 7 aluminium bull bars make it both durable and lightweight.

In addition, the manufacturer has not forgotten the comfort of the user, which is why the appliance has been added to the sturdy 160 mm long handles. This ensures a very solid and comfortable grip for every rider who wants to use the scooter for touring.

You may also want to know that the deck is also built in aluminium, while the efficient nylon braking system provides extra safety, as both the front and rear plates are fitted with nylon inserts.

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The KOS Series 6 has an aluminium top that makes it lighter and a new headboard design that adds strength and durability.

The cool design will undoubtedly attract the attention of other motorcyclists, thanks to the oil paint, the cargo cop logos and the matte black elements.

It works perfectly both in parks and outdoors, and any advanced or non-experienced rider looking for quality features and benefits will certainly enjoy it.

This can be a great gift for a family member, especially if it’s someone who really loves scooters.

  • Other

It is not necessarily one of the cheapest Envy scooters, as it is equipped with many high-quality features.

This machine is very easy to assemble, but if a teenager wants to use it, he may need a little help.

Series 4 Colt Scooter

This scooter is one of those Envy Colt’s specially designed for the passionate rider on his way to the intermediate level, and its fine workmanship makes it a solid and reliable alternative. This series of beautiful sporty metallic finishes and fresh graphics make it a very cool option that is sure to attract the attention of all riders.

Because many of those who use this scooter are quite young, the manufacturer has adapted the approved Colt steel bars to the right height to meet their specific needs. It may also be interesting to know that the handles are designed to be both comfortable and durable and because they are 160 mm long, they guarantee the right coverage.

In addition, Colt’s robust, bulletproof forks are suitable for wheels up to 125 mm in diameter, while the extruded aluminium core is made from high-quality polyurethane to reduce the risk of viscosity loss.

Thanks to the high quality of the aluminium deck, you can be sure that the scooter is able to handle many difficult situations. In addition, the beautiful finishes and graphics ensure that this scooter does not go unnoticed, especially in the park where other enthusiasts meet.

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Thanks to the efficient nylon brake system, which includes front and rear inserts, you don’t have to worry if it’s a dangerous device.

You’ll also be pleased to know that the 4 Colt series is equipped with 110 mm wheels that give it both the stability and manoeuvrability needed for laps.

This device is specially designed for young motorcyclists who still discover the pleasure of riding a scooter and for people at the intermediate level, making this product universal.

The manufacturer has made several improvements to this scooter to ensure that you get a high quality scooter that can be used for a long time.

  • Other

If you want to receive them as a gift, make sure that the delivery service wraps them, otherwise the surprise may spoil.

This machine can be too high for very young riders.

Scooter 1 Series 2 Scooter

The One Series 2 is one of the available Envy scooters, specially designed for young drivers who want to discover all these comfortable cars. The difference with this particular model is that it is highly adaptable with spare parts, so that it can be adapted to the user’s needs at any time. This means there is no need to replace it too quickly.

Although this is an entry-level model, it has some serious features that will help any young rider acquire the desired skills faster and with greater confidence. For example, the unit is equipped with high-strength steel rods for extra rigidity, while the handles are 160 mm long, making them easy to grip.

The scooter uses 100mm high quality polyurethane wheels, which reduces the risk of noise and improves performance. So the rider can not only rely on the necessary stability, but also on training tricks in the park.

The aluminium deck makes the whole scooter light and controllable and at the same time stable, so you don’t have to worry. Moreover, the quality of the finish and the cool design will certainly make it fun for any young cyclist to spend time on a scooter and hang out with friends in the park.

  • For

Because this model has also been upgraded, it has an efficient nylon braking system, which means that both the front and rear parts are equipped with these inserts.

The 19.5-inch aluminium deck is wide enough for safe and comfortable use, especially for beginners who still like to ride a scooter.

The beautiful and elegant design is not hidden from other riders.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a family member but don’t know what to get, this scooter should be at the top of your list.

  • Other

You can make sure that the scooter is well built before you use it for the first time.

As this scooter is specially designed for young riders, you should check the dimensions before ordering.

KOS 6 series Enviscouter Shower

If you’re looking for one of these great scooters, you should definitely take a look at the 6-Series Soul alternative, as it meets the highest standards required for advanced riding. You can also add aftermarket items and high level details if you want to customize it for a better experience.

One of the things any enthusiastic driver should know about this device is that it features a new stealthy chrome and black color scheme. It also rolls on hollow polyurethane cores for a smooth ride and is specially designed for intermediate and advanced users.

Of course you can drive with her on the road without any problems, but the park will not be a problem either. The design also includes other practical features, such as 160 mm wide chrome strips which, together with the nylon ends of the strips, provide extra comfort. The forks are also compatible with 28 and 30 mm wheels, giving them the necessary versatility.

From a safety point of view, this is one of the Envy pro scooters that has a very effective nylon braking system.

  • For

The stylish design and finish make this scooter something that will attract the attention of any rider, so you will certainly appreciate this aspect in addition to the many features it offers.

The new head tube design improves the overall strength of the device, while the high-quality aluminium bridge can test new tricks thanks to its lightness and durability.

Since the handles are designed to be durable and comfortable, you don’t have to worry about that.

This machine uses hollow polyurethane wheels, which means that the operator can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride in different conditions.

  • Other

If the wheels need to be lubricated before using the scooter, remove the front axle.

It is not the cheapest solution you can choose, but it has many possibilities.

Scooter 1 Series 2 Freestyle Scooter

If you look at Envy scooters and are looking for a model that takes into account both price and quality, then you are in luck, because this freestyle scooter from the 2 series scooters certainly scores points. One of the first things you’ll notice about this model is a cool design that any young rider is sure to appreciate.

The device is intended for young motorcyclists who still discover the pleasure of riding a scooter, but it is very good that it can be configured with spare parts. This means you can easily adapt it to the driver’s needs for a long time, which also makes it an economical solution.

Although the scooter is designed for beginners, don’t think it doesn’t have high quality materials and parts. For example, the rods are made of high-grade steel, which works perfectly to ensure the durability of the device. In addition, the long handles provide a better grip and are soft for extra comfort.

You will also be pleased to know that the deck is made of high quality aluminum, making the whole scooter more stable and easier to handle.

  • For

The high quality construction is designed for long life and the graphics give this device a cool look.

This 2-Series Freestyle Pro is equipped with the manufacturer’s nylon brake system, which means you don’t have to worry about security as the front and rear parts are equipped with special inserts.

The 19.5-inch long and 4.7-inch wide deck is comfortable, but also offers the necessary stability, so there is no need to worry.

This machine is specially designed for beginners and is equipped with many safety features, including a very efficient braking system and comfortable steering wheels for easy operation.

  • Other

You should check the measurement data to make sure that the instrument is suitable for the altitude.

Make sure that the wheels are lubricated before first use, which also means that you may need to remove other parts to do this.

Our complete purchasing guide

The world of scooters is a lot more complicated than some of us think, especially when it’s completely new in everything that comes with it. It’s true that teenagers and young people generally like to ride a scooter and show off all sorts of tricks, but there are many professional riders who do it for a living.

So if you have a child or family member who is passionate about this activity, you can show your support by buying a new scooter as a gift or simply learn more about these practical vehicles that have found their way, especially in motorised versions, in the lives of many adults.

One of the first things you might want to know is that scooters can be delivered by manufacturers as complete units, which means that they are ready to go. It is not necessary to do a lot of assembly work to make the unit work, and this part essentially consists of securing the rods with a clamp.

Really enthusiastic drivers may be tempted to build their own scooter, i.e. a completely individual car, but if the driver still likes this activity, such a time-consuming approach may not be the most appropriate solution. Moreover, it can be much cheaper to build a scooter from scratch than to choose a finished model.

  • Drive types

Young and novice scooter riders generally begin their experience outside or on the driveway. At this stage, users still get used to the car and explore the limits of their possibilities, without too many turns or jumps. This type of riding means that the scooter doesn’t slide to its limits, so every model will do the job.

As riders gain more confidence in their skills, they get used to performing various tricks and jumps, which means the scooter has more pressure to carry. In this case, stronger clamps, larger axles and wheels can certainly benefit the driver by providing more stability and strength.

Finally, street bikers can also enter specialized parks, which means that their units are exposed to even more pressure, and in this case you have to look for bigger and more powerful scooters.

  • Driver size

This is important when riding a scooter, because young and small riders cannot perform the same jumps and stunts as bigger and more experienced riders. It also means that young riders don’t need the same heavy scooters as experienced riders. In fact, depending on the age and level of qualification, in many cases they are quite difficult to manage.

Models with smaller axles, shorter stringers and 100 mm wheels are generally better suited for novice drivers, while models with wider stringers, 110 mm wheels and larger axles are better suited for advanced drivers under the age of 15.

Of course, experienced riders who can appreciate a more aggressive style usually go for scooters with big wheels, big T-bars and big bridges. These units are specially designed to withstand the rigours of the pipe and can in some cases be custom built.

  • Handles, rods and forks

Now that we’ve covered the most important aspects related to scooters, it’s time to go into the technical details and see what different elements of such a unit we’re working on. Pens are the first thing we are going to talk about, because these elements are very important for riders who want to show different figures.

Some are actually quite complex, so it is very important for the safety of the driver to have a good grip on the handles. If your hand slips, the trick doesn’t work and you could get hurt. It is therefore very wise to choose handles that are both comfortable and sturdy, and whose special design provides a secure grip.

The style and size of the bars depend largely on the rider’s personal preferences and level of experience. In addition, there are two basic materials to choose from, namely steel and aluminium. They also depend on the rider’s preferences, as they have similar performance.

The fork is one of the most important for every ride, as it requires a compression system that is firmly attached to the handlebars. There are also two options from which you can choose between cordless forks and threaded forks. The former is considered by many to be the best alternative because it offers more power and performance.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is Envy a good brand of scooter?

If you ask someone with a passion for scooters whether Envy is a good brand, you will certainly get a positive answer. In recent years, the company has made a name for itself through the high quality of its products and its versatile design.

Whether you plan to use the scooter for touring or just want to learn how to ride, you’re sure to find the right model for your portfolio. In addition, it is important to know that the scooter industry is still developing, so companies not only need to stay one step ahead of the competition, but also offer a new generation of scooters adapted to their needs.

Most Envy scooters are manufactured with many innovative features to test all boxes and provide a reliable solution for riders of all experience levels.

  • Who owns Envy scooters?

If you’re not familiar with this brand yet, you may not know that Envy scooters were first launched in Melbourne, Australia under the brand name Blunt. At that time, this industry was just beginning to emerge and few companies offered their crews such comfortable cars.

However, interest in driving has increased over the years and Blunt Scooters (as it was called in some parts of the world and still exists today) has started to produce complete scooters in addition to the parts already on the market.

The original team consisted of Mitch Boldri, Max Peters, Warwick Banon, Brandon Smith and Adam Rouse. Although these names may not mean much to someone unfamiliar with the field, they do carry weight in the scooter community. Their teams have expanded worldwide and in 2011 Blunt became the Envy brand for Australia, Canada, South America and the United States.

  • What is the weight of the Envy scooter?

The weight of the scooter depends on other factors, such as whether it has additional functions that can influence this indicator. If you use spare parts to customize your scooter to your preferences, you can get a lighter or heavier scooter than when you use it directly.

On the other hand, Envy scooters have measures that have been tested to ensure the most efficient performance and comfortable ride. For example, if you choose Series 7 Prodigy, it will weigh about 8.92 pounds. Other models may be lighter, such as the complete KOS Charge Series 6 scooter, which costs £8.37.

It’s important to consider the rider’s needs and physical strength when choosing a new scooter, but it’s a good thing that Envy models offer the right balance between performance and efficiency to achieve the desired performance.

  • What kind of scooter jealousy do you have?

Handlebars are an important element for any rider who wants to surpass their own performance and perhaps even want to participate professionally. If the handles are not comfortable and reliable, i.e. a firm grip on the scooter when performing complex tricks, the rider will not achieve the desired result and there is a risk of injury while riding.

Envy knows this all too well, because the brand is constantly looking for innovation in its products. You can be sure that all the scooter’s standard handles are equipped with the required level of efficiency, especially as many models are equipped with TPR V2 handles.

They have been completely redesigned to be longer and offer the space to catch them for crazy combos. The handles of Envy scooters are usually very long, have nylon rod tips and are very smooth.

  • What makes Envy scooters different from other brands?

Envy scooters are very popular with experienced riders, and there are several very good reasons why they are so popular. First and foremost, the company offers products made from the highest quality materials, which is very important for scooters dealing with many difficult situations in the hands of advanced and experienced users.

The importance of design is not forgotten either, as most models are available in a wide range of fresh, handmade colours, so that almost every runner will find its favourite alternative.

Given that the modern scooter industry is growing and will continue to develop, the company also offers a wide range of models suitable for riders of all experience levels. Whether you’re a professional user or a young teenager just starting to understand, Envy has the right product for every business need.

Originally known as Blunt Scooters, Envy is a brand that has been around for years to prove its quality in the long term. The company is popular because it offers innovation and quality in one device at an affordable price.

It also supports the sport in general, thanks to the advanced developments and the many Signature Rider models it offers. We can be sure that the company will continue to focus on research and development so that future generations of drivers can benefit from their driving experience.

In Europe and the United Kingdom these scooters are still known as Blunt, while the Envy brand can be found in Canada, the United States, Australia, Asia, South America, Africa and the Middle East.

However, they are the same high-quality products under two different names. So if people all over the world want to use it, it’s a great performance indicator. And if you want a fully customised device, you can do the same with Envy’s generous range of accessories.

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