6 Best Lubricants for Skateboard Bearings – Quick and Easy guide

If you want to avoid the inconvenience and obstacles on your way to commuting, you better lube your bearings. Here in this article, we have summed up the 6 best lubricants for your skateboard so that you can ride with confidence. 

Why do you need to lube your bearings?

You should lube the bearing regularly because it could cause an accident and damage your board if it becomes stuck. While skating and grease bearing, we recommend always wearing a safe skate helmet. Protect yourself first and then your board so that you could be able to ride it with convenience.

Image Product   Price
Liberty Oil Synthetic Lubricant Liberty Oil Synthetic Lubricant     Check Price
Bones Speed Cream Skate Bearing Lubricant Bones Speed Cream     Check Price
SONIC Super Oil Skate Bearing Lubricant SONIC Super Oil   Check Price
Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant Drip Bottle Tri-Flow Superior   Check Price
Super Lube Multi-Purpose Synthetic Oil Super Lube Multi-Purpose   Check Price

6 Best Lubricants For Skateboard Bearings

A stuck bearing could damage your board and cause an accident. Lube your bearings regularly to avoid this. Thus, we have outlined the 6 best skateboard bearing lubricants for your convenience. 

1. Liberty Oil Synthetic Lubricant

review about Liberty Oil Synthetic Lubricant

100% synthetic liberty oil lubricant is best to lube the bearings of your electric skateboard, longboards, or even bicycle and motorcycle. For the longboard, put the oil on ceramic race bearings. It works in the same way as high-end gun oil. You can run on this oil for weeks, and it will hold up well since the first application. 

  • 100% synthetic and protects the wheel bearing.
  • A good 4 oz of oil at reasonable rates.
  • It is not only confined to skateboard bearings; you can use it for every type of wheel.
  • It comes with a grade applicator which is convenient to use.
  • Wear and tear-resistant
  • 100% synthetic
  • It also works excellent for camera lens helicoid lubricant
  • Great for fishing reels and bearings
  • The quantity of oil is comparatively less
  • It may gum up your wheels
  • Zero weight oil

2. Bones Speed Cream Skate Bearing Lubricant

explain all feature of Bones Speed Cream Skate Bearing Lubricant

To begin with, bones speed cream is the only lubrication you will require to lube your skateboard’s wheels, reels, and bearings. Many lube works excellent for bearings in different conditions, but they all work independently; bones aren’t meant to go on top of your current lube. It works best when you clean your bearings, then apply a lube like Bones Speed Cream. 

  • It works well for bearings and is cost-effective.
  • Bottle of bearing with applicator lid helps you quickly pour the oil.
  • Bones Speed Cream comes with a lifetime warranty meaning this is the final product you must be looking for.
  • You can get a good amount of oil in so less money
  • It is applicable on serviceable bearing
  • To fix the rusted Hot Wheels within no less time
  • Make your wheel speedy
  • Excellent for roller hockey bearings
  • Bones lube may attract the dirt
  • The design of the bottle could be improved
  • Bad packaging

3. SONIC Super Oil Skate Bearing Lubricant

review about SONIC Super Oil Skate Bearing Lubricant

Here is how you can give food to your bearings, reels, and wheels. As this oil is semi-viscous, one drop per bearing is enough to recommend 1-2 drops. It also works well when lubricating previously serviced bearings. You need to clean and re-lube the bearings a second time. This time using only one drop per bearing is enough and performs considerably better. 

  • 100% synthetic formula of SONIC super oil skate bearing make your wheels speed and spin fast.
  • It also protects your wheels from heat and friction and ultimately increases the lifetime of your bearings.
  • It is purely synthetic, so it doesn’t break down or dry out fast.
  • The SONIC super oil skate bearing lubricant’s dropper tip ensures easy application and protects the bottle from leaking.
  • It keeps your bearing fresh
  • As it is semi-viscous so only a drop of it is enough to lube the bearing
  • A good to go oil for any bearings
  • The shape of the bottle may create a hindrance for more oversized bearings

4. Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant Drip Bottle

explain all feature of Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant Drip Bottle

This is something you should have used for a long time now. The non-aerosol version of the Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant drip bottle is more of work because it is easier to apply precisely. This is a kind of dry lubrication, meaning the carrier fluid evaporates after a minute, leaving the lubricating components behind.

To put it another way, it’s not greasy. While rotating the chain, generously apply it, aiming for the chainplate rather than the middle of the pin. Then wring it out with a cloth to get rid of the excess. 

  • Great oil perfectly works to remove dirt and corrosion.
  • It penetrates fastly, so you don’t need to worry about its working.
  • It helps to clean the bearing and eventually makes them easier to speed up the wheels.
  • Great for locks
  • Also known as a quick fixer
  • The applicator makes easy application
  • Not a slick oil
  • The bottle design is a bit of a pain

5. Super Lube Multi-Purpose Synthetic Oil

review about Super Lube Multi-Purpose Synthetic Oil

Super Lube is a multi-purpose synthetic oil used to lube up bearings, wheels, engines, camera lenses, machines, and many more.

Dry your bearing and lubricate with super lube, and reassembled the parts of it. Then it would perform well for a long time. Try to apply it thinly and regularly brush the springs to get out all the dirt and junk.

  • Cleans the junk and trunk.
  • Also use to maintain the autos, cars, and trucks.
  • Comes in a 4 oz bottle with a dripper neck
  • Slippery stuff
  • Good for squeaky situations
  • Non-toxic and odorless oil
  • High-quality lube
  • Good to go for every type of engine
  • Some of the users called it grease and not oil
  • The consistency of the lube is compromised

6. Squeaks Gone All-Purpose Lubricant

explain all feature of Squeaks Gone All-Purpose Lubricant

SqueaksGone helps to reduce friction and friction-related heat. It also adheres to the surfaces from dirt and protects them from rust, corrosion, conflict, and wear for a long time.

You may not need to replace the squeaky bearings of your skateboard; apply Squeaks Gone on it, and the squeak will be gone. Unlike other products, it does not necessitate repeated applications because it attaches to one-time therapy that lasts a long time.

  • Squeaks Gone helps you get rid of all the dirt and debris, and with one-time therapy, you can through out all the squeaks.
  • It is safe to use because of its odorless and non-hazardous qualities. 
  • It lasts quite a long time on metals specifically. 
  • Great for home use without a smell of garage.
  • No muss, no fuss, no squeaks
  • Worth the money because of its recommendable qualities
  • One drop stops the squeaks
  • Drop applicator could create a hurdle for miniature bearings
  • Quantity is quite less


Proper maintenance of anything is essential to keep the product alive. Hence, the same rule applies to electric skateboards. Lubrication generally reduces friction and makes you able to ride fast and smoothly. 

So, If you don’t want to face the inconvenience caused because of bearings, lubricate your board as soon as possible. You should lube the bearing on a regular basis because if it becomes stuck, it could cause an accident and damage your board. 


Q- What lubricants can I use for skateboard bearings?

A- Bones Speed Cream, Tri-flow, and other comparable lubricating oils are good choices. It will also work with motor oil. WD-40 and 3-in-1 are examples of rancid oils. When using oil, two drops are usually plenty but it is more slippery, you can go with one drop.

Q- What is the best lube for bearing?

A- Although oil is used in some applications, grease is the preferred lubrication for 80 to 90% of bearings. Grease is primarily composed of mineral or synthetic oil, with thickeners accounting for the remainder of the grease volume. O depending upon the purpose of bearing, select the lube or grease. 

Q- Can I use olive oil to lube my bearing?

A- Sewing machine oils skate bearing grease, and electronic oils are a few lubricants that work well for skateboard bearings. Avoid using heavy oils to lubricate your bearings. Avoid fats, including vegetable oil, olive oil, and automobile oil because they are not meant to fulfill the purpose.