7 Best Helmets For Electric Skateboard – Updated 2021

Have you ever thought about why helmets are so necessary for riding an electric skateboard? Have you ever examined the importance of safety tools? And have you ever thought about what would happen if you don’t wear a helmet for a ride?

It is important to wear a helmet for riding an electric skateboard to ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones. Helmets protect the rider from any major head injury.

Helmets guard a rider throughout the ride and help maintain balance and focus on the ride. Hence, it is necessary to wear a helmet before you go flying an electric skateboard. 

In this article, you will get a comprehensive list of the best skateboard helmets for youth. Even these helmets can be owned by aged individuals, it solely depends upon the choice of the rider. Helmets are meant to protect the rider and ensure safety, so skateboard helmet protection has been given keen importance. 

Best e-skateboard helmets

Image Product Details   Price
Triple Eight Dual Certified Skateboard Helmet Triple Eight Dual Certified Skateboard Helmet made from EPS foam lining Check Price
TurboSke Skateboard Helmet TurboSke Skateboard Helmet ABS Shell and EPS foam Check Price
MONATA Skateboard Helmet MONATA Skateboard Helmet micro sweat absorbance fabric in it Check Price
Flybar Skateboard Helmet Flybar Skateboard Helmet Fitting is applicable for both child and teen Check Price
Apusale Skateboard Helmet Apusale Skateboard Helmet ABS strong and hard outer shell Check Price

Why Helmet is Necessary for Electric Skateboarding

People consider electric skateboarding to lap around the town or to go for long rides. Most of the youngsters prefer electric skateboarding to go to the schools and parks.

Whereas, the professional use it for winning the races and competitions. Hence, we understand that the use of electric skateboards varies from person to person.

Consequently, electric skateboarding is common among every age group i.e. teens, adults, and professionals. So to safeguard the life of every single individual helmet is compulsory.

A helmet protects the head and brain of the rider from major injuries because we can never predict a misfortune. So a wise man should always be prepared to face any kind of uncertain situation and an aspect that deals with such situations are a Helmet.

Hence, if you are that wise person, start using a helmet from today and make it a habit for now and ever!

Helmets prove as a Savior in Electric Skateboarding

Whenever you step in for a ride there is a probability of falling or crashing. You can not affirm a safe and secure ride without safety tools.

Electric skateboards fly at the top speed of 58 mph, so imagine if you fall during this high-speed, what could happen! You can even lose your life. Henceforth, you can not take any sort of risk on your way to school or town. 

Helmets, knee pads, wrist pads, robust shoes, and other safety elements are important for casual cruising. To get a better understanding of which safety products are worth using check the best and affordable knee pads.

Top 7 Helmets for Electric Skateboarding

A helmet that contains a reliable packing material, a strong ABS shell, and fine straps and clips are considered the best helmet for electric skateboarding.

So if you get all the possible benefits in one product, that should be a must-have for you. To make it easier for you, we have gathered a list of the top 7 best helmets for electric skateboarding that will save your life from any big damage.

1. Triple Eight Dual Certified Skateboard Helmet

review about Triple Eight Dual Certified Skateboard Helmet

A helmet that ensures a safe landing even at the speed of 20+ mph should be a must-have in the bag pack of an electric skateboard rider. Triple Eight helmet is the best seller product because of its specifications and outstanding capabilities. Let’s have a look at top-notch features of Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet:

  • Certification tends to be a major point in choosing the product. Triple Eight helmet owns dual certification i.e. ASTM Skate Safety Standards and U.S. CPSC Bike.  
  • Triple Eight helmet protects you from injury because of its ABS impact-absorbance shell that is made up of EPS foam lining.
  • Triple Eight is known as the best skateboard helmet for toddlers and even for adults.
  • This helmet is commonly used for every type of adventure that could be electric skateboarding, biking, scooters, longboards, kiteboards, etc.
  • If your head is smaller than normal, this helmet gives you extra sweat saver fit pads for a personalized fitting.  
  • The adjustable chain straps make it an even more comfortable and easy-to-use product. 
  • Preferable for both male and female
  • It saves your life
  • Reduces the risk of any major injury
  • Comfortable and light-weighted product
  • Not adjustable for extra-large heads
  • It lacks insulation for skiing or rock climbing

2. TurboSke Skateboard Helmet

review TurboSke Skateboard Helmet

Protect your head from any harm by using this number 1 best seller TurboSke Skateboard Helmet. It gives you full ventilation without compromising the head coverage. It is the subtle and best product to have your hands on. Major specifications of TurboSke Skateboard Helmet are:

  • ABS Shell and EPS foam lining glued to the inner core of the helmet makes it comfy and secure.
  • You can always remove the EPS liner and wash it when needed.
  • The weight of the TurboSke Skateboard Helmet is 14 oz that way more light to carry in the hands. 
  • TurboSke electric skateboard helmet contains a flexible sizing ring that expands for larger heads and contracts for smaller head sizes. 
  • The air vents easily make your ride comfortable and airy.
  • Appropriate for kids and adults
  • It gives a great fit
  • Lightweight and comfy
  • Contains Staple-piece aesthetics that gives a classic look
  • A long and narrow helmet for unusual sizes

3. MONATA Skateboard Helmet

review about MONATA Skateboard Helmet

Do you want to look stylish and secure at the same time? MONATA skateboard helmet is the right choice for it. The helmet is made up of cool and attractive graphics to facilitate your looks and contains secure supportive material to ensure your safety. The amazing features of the MONATA skateboard helmet are:

  • Like other helmets, the ABS shell of this helmet is durable and sturdy with extra inner coverage of EPS foam liner. 
  • It contains 11 passive ventilation holes that keep you cool during the hot summers and secure from heatstroke.
  • You can always adjust the fittings as per your need whether you are a bulky-headed man or a small chirp. 
  • One of the exclusive features of the MONATA skateboard helmet is its micro sweat absorbance fabric. This lining prevents your skin from sweat and helps you enjoy a more comfortable ride.
  • MONATA skateboard helmet is again appropriate for every type of cruising adventure. 
  • Hard Protection Shell
  • Greater breathability
  • A sturdy helmet with washable and removable lining
  • Sizing is an issue in this helmet

4. Flybar Skateboard Helmet

discuss feature of  Flybar Skateboard Helmet

A good helmet with reasonable pricing that ensures the safety of the rider is good to have on the bucket list. This Flybar skateboard helmet is good for kids and teens. Some of the features like longevity could be improved in this helmet but the rest is a great product according to its pricing. Features of Flybar skateboard helmet are:

  • The plastic clasp under the chin of the helmet supports the facial stability of the rider and prevents it from any major jaw injury.
  • Flybar electric skateboard helmet is rugged and is good to go for every type of ride.
  • The EPS liner again gives a comfortable experience to the rider.
  • Fitting is applicable for both teens and adults. 
  • A good appropriate helmet for both kids and teens
  • Top-notch quality and remarkable style
  • Fits well, looks good, and priced right
  • The longevity of the board is questionable
  • The chain straps may fry earlier
  • Clips are not very sustainable

5. Apusale Skateboard Helmet

review Apusale Skateboard Helmet

A perfect helmet available in eight different colors maintains the outlook of the rider along with the safety. The Apusale skateboard is considered the best skateboard helmet for toddlers. This helmet is safe and trendy to buy. Top-notch features of this amazing Apusale skateboard helmet are:

  • For kids, the security of the helmet should be double-checked because it’s sensitive enough for the tots.
  • Apusale skateboard helmet contains ABS strong and hard outer shell with EPS liner to ensure comfiness and security.
  • It is light-weight i.e. 12.3 oz and is best fit for kids because toddlers cant handle weight.
  • Side release buckles can quickly fasten the belts and fits properly on the subject. 
  • Head adjustable system
  • 12 vents breathable and comfortable design
  • Proven better starter helmet
  • The knobs and straps could be improved
  • The plastic covering of the helmet may break down on the closure
  • Helmet may unclasp

6. OutdoorMaster Skateboard Cycling Helmet

review about OutdoorMaster Skateboard Cycling Helmet

As the name describes OutdoorMaster skateboard helmet is the best fit for outdoor adventures. The quality of this helmet is suitable for mountain riding, cycling, and inline skiing. You can get this multi-purpose helmet in a reasonable range with tons of benefits, such as:

  • It contains impact resistance that makes it durable among other helmets.
  • The outer covering is made up of ABS strong shell with EPS removable liner.
  • This Outdoor Master skateboard helmet is skin-friendly and is good to use for any type of adventure. 
  • You can freely and securely ride and roam around using this comfortable outdoor master skateboard helmet. 
  • Good quality in budget helmet
  • A perfect stylish look
  • Light-weight, sturdy with extra fitting pads
  • Padding at the chin strap
  • No fine adjustment knobs
  • Because of low height, it might not fit large adults
  • Might be uncomfortable to wear for exceptional sizes

7. INNAMOTO Skateboard Helmet

review about INNAMOTO Skateboard Helmet

It is known as the perfect skateboard helmet since it is the highest-quality helmet, having an 84% 5-star rating and features that benefit both genders. INNAMOTO comes in six different pastel colors that can be worn by both genders. Innamomoto is considered a safety helmet that provides comfort and safety. It is characterized by the following basics:

  • The only helmet that contains internal tightening mechanisms facilitates every type of user.
  • The internal dial makes it useful for the skinny or bulky heads to adjust in.
  • The flexible straps make it even more comfortable for adjustments. 
  • The known fashionable helmet is good for both girls and boys and adds extra charm to their personalities. 
  • Multi-impact helmet
  • Safe, comfortable, and sleek
  • Right pricing with nice adjustability
  • Snuggle fit
  • The cushion is not very satisfactory
  • Sizing varies from person to person


You do not want to get injured by electric skateboarding, so you are advised to wear all the necessary safety gear when practicing this adventure. Use helmets on a priority basis to avoid fatal injury to your head.


Q- Are Triple 8 Helmets good?

A- Known for their unmatched quality and unique design, Triple 8 helmets are considered among the best quality helmets available. Due to the Dual-Certification of the Triple Eight Helmets and after a thorough security check, they are considered superior products with a strong capability of saving the lives of their users. Thus, Triple Eight helmets are recognized because of their excellent quality.

Q- How do I choose a skateboard helmet?

A- The best helmets contain different qualities that should be checked before choosing a helmet. Those qualities include a snug fit, comfy inner liner, stronger ABS outer shell, adjustable straps, and moveable clips, etc. If you get all these basic features in a helmet then you should go for it and choose it. 

Q- Do pro skaters wear helmets?

A- We see this as a common practice among professional skaters. According to one of the renowned skaters Anderson, “Wearing helmets isn’t cool for adults. It takes out most of the danger that we face in skateboarding.” He also affirmed that “he always and always wears a helmet.”

Q- Why Do Skateboarders Don’t Like Helmets?

A- Some of the regular skaters don’t like to wear a helmet because they are comfortable and confident enough to cruise around without a helmet. Remember they are experts in skating. But if you are a beginner and want to practice electric skateboarding, there would be a high probability of falling so you should wear your helmet. 

Q- Do I need a helmet for longboarding?

A- The answer is quite clear! Yes, you need a Helmet for every type of adventure. Even when you are going down the hill or skiing on the snow helmet is necessary to protect your brain. If you use your longboard for skatepark stunts you may imagine the rate of risk, hence it is obvious to wear a helmet. 

Q- Is it illegal to ride a skateboard without a helmet?

A- According to law, a person under 18 who rides an electric skateboard is intended to wear a helmet for riding. So for kids, it is legally substantial to wear the helmet while riding an electric skateboard. 

Q- Which type of ride requires a helmet?

A- Any ride associated with electricity requires a helmet. So an electric skateboard definitely needs to wear a helmet. So remember, any ride that has an electric motor requires a helmet.